Republicans Go to the Bench

damon dunnNewt Gingrich, in conjunction with the shameless Republican Party and The New Majority PAC, has recruited obscure candidate Damon Dunn to challenge Secretary Of State Debra Bowen in November. Damon claims to be a former Pro NFL player, but he was basically a bench warmer for the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets.

Like Mega Bucks Meg Whitman, he has not participated in the electoral politics, having voted only one time in his life. Despite his lack of credentials, he is a darling of the Republican Party, making appearances on Fox News, receiving large campaign contributions, and making stump speeches in Orange County where he resides.

He takes pride in being one of the very few black Republicans. Los Angeles County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle, and Orange County Supervisor Bill Campbell also endorse him.

The New Majority is a powerful, wealthy, national Republican PAC based in Orange County. It is also providing the following campaigns with support; Meg Whitman for Governor, Carly Fiorina for Senate, Mike Villines for Insurance Commissioner, Tony Strickland for State Controller and Mimi Walters for State Treasurer.

Nyabingi KutiNew Majority backs the following congressional candidates; Mary Bono Mack, Brian Bilbray, Duncan Hunter, John Campbell, Darrell Issa and Ed Royce.

Nyabingi Kuti

Nyabingi Kuti’s background is technical, creative and political. Originally from Chicago, he worked in the music industry as a sound engineer and producer for 15 years. Currently he has two feature screenplays with spiritual and political themes completed. His political background covers a range of Democratic Party campaigns, from Jesse Jackson for President in the 1990’s to Mike Gatto for State Assembly currently. He is a member of Progressive Democrats Of America and One Nation Working Together and can be reached at

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