Rick Warren: Religion’s Ugly Head

rick warrenOn CNN recently, Rick Warren – a dead-ringer for a previous pious, portly, prejudiced pastor, Jerry Falwell – presides at Saddleback Church, an evangelical mega-structure in Lake Forest, California.

Ol’ Rick, who was being interviewed by Piers Morgan, was promoting the re-publication of his book The Purpose Driven Life. The talk got around to “loving homosexual sinners while hating homosexual sins.” (Where in the Bible did you find that verse, Rick?) And, like Falwell, icon of the Moral Majority era, Rick hates sin – with a passion. Talk about a “Purpose Driven Life!”

Rick may not know it, but he’s giving new life to the mid-80’s Florida orange juice huckster Anita Bryant’s mantra: “hate the sin, love the sinner.” Wow, another Rick Warren success: Anita is “born-again” through Rick’s ministry.

Rick pontificated, “If you disagree with somebody today you’re often called a hater, I don’t really hate anybody.” Well, Pastor Rick, I’m glad you cleared that up. You remind me, though, of President “I am not a crook” Nixon.

Just as Nixon denied the results of his own words and actions, Rick is blind to the fact that his words and actions attack and deny the “true nature of homosexuality.” God created both men and women, period. He also created all of the variations among and between them.

Pastor Rick, don’t you hear your voice adding to the onslaught of hate that contributes to the high rate of suicide among lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth? For some, the “true nature of homosexuality” is based on recognition of life as a gift, compassion for others, love for your fellow human and, if you’re lucky, a love-emotional-sexual relationship with another person. And recently, for some gay men and lesbians, there are marriages and children. What’s not to love, Rick?

Pastor Rick, I really call into question your awareness, intelligence and sincerity when you say, “I have many, many gay friends.” Of course, I may be wrong as I don’t know your definition of “friend.” Or, you don’t understand the word “hate.”

Checking a dictionary, I find that hate is synonymous with abhorrence, abomination, hatred and loathing. It is the opposite of affection, devotion, fondness and love. I can’t believe that I am preaching to one of Christ’s most well-known followers. Especially on love!

Earlier, Rick Warren was on HuffPost Live promoting his book. He spoke about his views on homosexuality. Posted reader comments began having a common thread: money. “Supply and demand at its best. He supplies the sin and his followers supply the cash,” posted one reader. Another wrote, “Rick is a true believer in the trinity…you know, cash, check or credit card. Amen!!”

To show Rick’s blind spot, he did say that he regretted coming out in support of Proposition 8. His regret? He said he made the video for his church members, who had been asking for his stance. The video was then “taken” (without his knowledge?) as a public campaign in support of the measure. Oh, right, Rick. You can preach hate and division behind the church door, to your selected “friends/donors,” but it’s not for general consumption.

Hmmm? Mitt Romney, can you tell Rick something about making remarks behind closed doors to your friends and donors?

When asked if he would still tell his congregants to not support same-sex marriage, the dodging, stalwart pastor said, “I wanted to talk to my own people as a duty, as a shepherd. I’m responsible for those who put themselves under my care. I’m not responsible for everybody else.” I’m sure Jesus is proud of you, Rick.


Several years ago on CNN’s Larry King Live, Rick was asked about his actions and words against Prop 8. Rick was the true politician. He didn’t apologize for his Prop 8 words and actions, but rather apologized for remarks he had given in an entirely different interview. He said, “unintentionally and regrettably (I) gave the impression that consensual adult same sex relationships were equivalent to incest or pedophilia.”

I bet your friends just love you, Rick.

As we are learning, there’s a whole industry of right-wing radio jocks and TV personalities, preachers and organizations, political pros and lobbyists who are raising millions off gay men, lesbians and others. It’s big business. The lgbt community is especially targeted on the basis of the misuse of biblical verse.

carl matthesOne post summed it up perfectly, “Rick Warren is a major homophobic bigot. The bible is not a source for intelligence and up to date information. Just myths and legends. All humans have equal rights!!!!!”

And, as Gandhi said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”

Car; Matthes

Saturday, 1 December 2012


  1. harry wood says

    A little rough I think, what would you say to the same words aimed at you. He is not one of my buds but then again, neither are you. Mom told me not to say anyting about another if I could not say something good. Sorry mom, hope you are looking down on this and forgive me.

    • Carl Matthes says

      Thanks, Harry, for your comment. I think your mom had some good advice. Perhaps if your preacher was calling you a sinner just because of who you are or, that what you do in your personal relationship was equated with pedophilia or incest or, that God really didn’t create you the way you are, even your mom might not take her own advice. She might rise in your defense calling-out Pastor Rick for his anti-Christ behavior and attitude toward you.

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