Why Romney Isn’t Trusted

gop on the couchThe demand is growing for Mitt Romney to disclose the 23 still-secret tax returns he turned over to the McCain campaign in 2008. Don’t worry. If the unpleasant details aren’t released by Romney soon, they will almost certainly be bannered as “breaking news” by a leading newspaper or television network, sourced from “well-placed Republicans” who supported McCain in 2008.

The Romney campaign raises profound questions for voters and the media. Voters do not like or trust Mitt Romney. Political commentators should thoughtfully consider why. The presidency is the most important job in the world. Commentators should question whether Romney’s career suggests that he possesses the qualifications of political integrity, compassion for all Americans, and decisiveness of command to be president and commander in chief.

Jon Huntsman called him the well-lubricated weathervane. Rick Perry, among others, has called him a vulture. More than one senior figure in his party has accused him of lying. Several GOP primary opponents said he cheated in dirty campaign ads. A growing list of Republicans have called on him to disclose his tax returns. Primary opponents warned he could be hiding harmful truths therein. His own staff called him the Etch A Sketch candidate. These are serious charges. They come from Republicans.

The matter of Romney’s youthful bullying is important, not because of his youthful indiscretions but because of the lessons he might have learned from the episode that are reflected in his public life. What kind of bully needs a group of pals to pin down the victim while he imposes his cruelty?

Why was Romney not more severely punished by his exclusive school? Did he learn that if you have a rich and powerful father, you play by special rules for those with money, and that the only thing that matters is to say and do anything to get what you want?

Mitt Romney’s brief governorship is no qualification for the presidency. He was one of the worst job-creating governors in the nation. His healthcare law, which he celebrated alongside Ted Kennedy, was a model for the Obama program. Now Romney runs away from his healthcare law faster than an Olympic sprinter. He did not run for reelection. He would probably have been defeated by a Democrat.

In business, we know Romney made handsome profit from firms that outsourced American jobs. We know he exploited offshore opportunities in Swiss banks, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda. We know Romney has disclosed fewer tax returns than any presidential candidate in decades. He plays by special rules. What is he hiding?

The presidency is different. Any politician can say the president should not kill bin Laden in Pakistan. But with America facing great danger, only the commander in chief can push the button to order the kill. President Obama did. Mitt Romney would not have, if he believed what he proposed.

The presidency is different. Obama made the big call to save the auto industry and countless jobs in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa and other states. Romney denounced him. When it worked brilliantly, Romney deceitfully claimed credit.

Romney was for abortion rights. Now he would overturn Roe. Romney was for gay rights. Now he is against. Romney claimed credit for the mandate. Then he denounced it. Romney said it was not a tax. Now he says it is. Except when Romney does it. Then it isn’t.

Brent BudowskyRomney said he was to the left of Ted Kennedy. Then he was to the right of Newt Gingrich. Romney slandered Rick Perry when Perry was humane about immigration. Now Romney hugs Marco Rubio. But he does not support the Rubio proposal. Even Rubio no longer champions the Rubio proposal. Cowardice is contagious.

On the matter of whether women should receive equal pay, Romney takes both sides in the same sentence!

I rest my case.

Brent Budowsky
The Hill

Posted: Thursday, 11 July 2012


  1. JoeWeinstein says

    Early on in summer 2008 Obama promised to use public financing; then broke the promise. Etc. Folks are correct not to trust Romney’s consistency of policy, but there are big problems with Obama’s too. He was going to save us from climate change, but three months after the Cop-out-haven conference he was advocating not only burning more oil but indeed oil extracted in a most risky way, from the deep sea. Even in his latest State of the Union speech he spoke of ‘all energy sources’ as if all are equally good when in fact some are quite bad and others are quite good. When it comes to intransigent Republicans at home and intransigent ayatollahs and imams abroad, Obama has come across either as a perfidious knave or as a common-sense-less fool. To judge from the effect of his policies, all along he’s wanted to help the tea-partiers and Islamists, or else he sincerely and foolishly believes that you deal with implacable foes by caving in, by pressuring not them but rather your friends.

    I have concluded that in good conscience I cannot support either guy. Honest Dems, yes, in as many Congressional races as possible. But neither of the Obramneys.

  2. Hwood007 says

    I can not find the same report you made on the current PotUS.  I see a lot more questons about  his qualifications based on the same time frame of the last election.  You are putting a great deal more effort into vetting Romney now than you ever did for the current holder of this office.  Romney has been in public a lot more years than the curent PotUS and base on what I see on TV, he is being smeared in public and you would raise hell if I spoke of the current office holder with the same words.  In fact, the public can find little info on the current office holder before his election and there is tons of info on Romney and what he has done. But hell, I went into combat so you could say what ever you wanted, but do try to do better.

  3. Clarabu77 says

    I hope and pray that your assessment of the Romney camps’ actions does indeed garner the attention of the people that it should. The rallies for the Republican party during our last national election reminded me of the sheep in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. As long as we allow the so-called media to pander to this type of cheap shot sound bite, we will not have an informed public. The media is bought and paid for, this has become horribly obvious to many. Where will the truth be heard?  TWEET IT!!

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