Good for You, Ron Paul!

Ron PaulCongressman Paul,

Thank you so much for your courage in standing up for WikiLeaks at a time when so many seem intent on killing the messenger. Your statement, “In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.” should be posted around the world.

Just think what we now know about Afghanistan due to WikiLeaks: that the CIA operates a secret army, that US Special Forces are in Pakistan, that Task Force 373 was a secret hunt-and-kill operation, that corruption can’t be ended because the US ambassador says its the government that’s corrupt. Or Yemen: that we are bombing another country and lobbying to have Yemen’s leader take credit.

Dozens of these cables should be followed up with Congressional oversight investigations. Instead Republicans like Peter King, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin are calling for the death penalty and increased penalties for anyone providing “material assistance” to WikiLeaks, including the offering of legal advice.

tom haydenDemocrats mostly are running for cover, or hoping the moment will pass. Cyberwarfare has been launched from a special Pentagon site without even a Congressional expression of interest. USAID employees are being warned not to print or retransmit any documents. Columbia University is warning its students not to post any documents if they hope for employment in the federal government.

This is one of those witch-burning moments. Thank you for standing up before the flames.

Tom Hayden

Tom Hayden is the author of 17 books, a former California state senator and a longtime peace activist.

Republished with the author’s permission.


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    I guess if stealing secrets is okay, then you would not mind being on an al Qaeda hit list:
    Of course, you can claim they are all spies, but:
    “Dr. Vahedi, a U.S. citizen, returned to Iran in 2008 to visit his parents’ graves. Authorities confiscated his passport because his sons worked as concert promoters for Persian pop singers in the U.S. who had criticized the theocracy.

    The cable reported that Dr. Vahedi decided to escape by horseback over the mountains of western Iran and into Turkey. He trained by hiking the hills above Tehran. He took extra heart medication. But when he fell off his horse, he was injured and nearly froze. When he made it to Turkey, the U.S. Embassy intervened to stop him being sent back to Iran.

    “This is very bad for my family,” Dr. Vahedi told the New York Daily News on being told about the leak of the cable naming him and describing his exploits. Tehran has a new excuse to target his relatives in Iran. “How could this be printed?”

    If you think openness is always prime, tell us all about your private relationships and every opinion you have of anyone close to you. Do not expect revelations of private opinions of diplomats to be anything but destructive to international relations. What next? Praise for those who gave away our secrets on the hydrogen bomb? Sing us a song of praise for John Anthony Walker:

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