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SAN DIEGO – Today, the San Diego City Council moved to boost the local economy and increase middle class jobs by expanding the number of local public works projects that pay prevailing wages.

“As a local electrical contractor who pays my workers prevailing wage, I applaud the city council’s decision,” remarked Ed Morgan, President and owner of National Electrical Works. “Their action will not only bolster the middle class in our area and keep more construction jobs local, it will also hold costs down for the city.”

Morgan continued, “Taxpayers will also benefit from more projects being completed safely, on-time and on-budget due to the high training standards and years of experience that prevailing wage employees bring to the job site. These are benefits that everybody can support.”

Studies have shown that prevailing wage can keep high percentages of construction work in the hands of local contractors and workers, increase the quality of completed project, and reduce workplace accidents – all benefits that save tax dollars.

Wes May, Executive Director of the Engineering Contractors Association, praised the city council’s decision, saying, “When hard working people earn a fair wage, they can support their families. This builds the middle class and strengthens the economy – all while we make much needed expansions and improvements to local infrastructure.

“In addition to the immediate benefits to local businesses and families, the long term impact of this new law is that more people – people like local veterans ending their service to the country – will be able to come come to San Diego and have more access to training within apprenticeship programs that will prepare them for a career. A career that will provide income and benefits that will support their family. These are real improvements for real families, and we should be proud of the council’s decision,” May concluded.

Smart Cities prevail is a non-profit organization that provides complete information, research and education on how prevailing wage standards and principals benefit taxpayers, local governments and working families.

Prevailing wage was first established on the federal level by the Davis-Bacon Act – named for its sponsors, Republican Senators James Davis and Robert Bacon. Today, it enjoys the support of people as diverse as Republicans Paul Ryan and Rick Santorum to Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

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