1. Hayden’s piece is informative and puts things together, but then it falls apart near the end where he tries to let Brown off the hook on fracking by speaking vaguely of an imagined ‘long-term inability of environmentalists to fully immerse themselves in the priorities of environmental justice’. Well, what are those priorities? Why should they induce any common-sense leader or policy-maker to frack first and then reap the predicted catastrophe – and only then impose a moratorium?
    We environmentalists don’t see either the practicality or the morality or indeed the overall social profit of first waiting for a fracking catastrophe to then ‘vindicate’ us.
    Vindication is not what we’re after. We simply want to save all Californians’ environment (especially our ground waters) – and indeed its long-term highest economic value – from being unalterably wrecked, degraded and polluted.

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