Santa Clarita Councilman Tells Anti-Immigrant Protesters He’s a Proud Racist

Santa Clarita Councilman Bob Kellar

Yesterday, The Los Angeles Daily News featured a video of Santa Clarita councilman Bob Kellar informing a group of cheering protesters rallying against immigration that he is a “proud racist” who considers being called a radical a “compliment”:

We have got to wake up America. I know you guys are engaged and you understand. But I’m telling you this is serious. And if I sound like a radical, thank you. I consider that a compliment…The only thing I heard back from a couple people was “Bob you sound like a racist.” I said, “That’s good. If that’s what you think I am because I happen to believe in America. I’m a proud racist. You’re darn right I am.”

Watch it:

Though Kellar insists his remarks weren’t intended to “express animosity towards non-whites,” local Democrats describe Kellar’s comments as “symbolic of the Republican Party’s attitudes toward immigration in general.” The rally was organized by several California anti-immigrant groups including the Santa Clarita Valley Independent Minutemen, the Santa Clarita Tea Party, and designated hate group Save Our State.

andreaDuring his speech, Kellar also stated that “if we would just deal with the illegals, we wouldn’t have a deficit in the state of California.” To a certain extent, Kellar’s analysis isn’t that far off the mark. A recent study by the University of Southern California found that passing immigration reform which includes the creation of a path to legalization for unauthorized immigrants already in the United States could yield up to $16 billion annually for the state of California.

Andrea Christina Nill

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  1. Carole Lutness says

    Here is what I said at the SCV City Council meeting last week:

    Good evening City Council members. I am the chair of the SCV Fair Elections committee, formerly known as SCV Clean Money for Better Government. Tonight I am addressing my concerns over remarks that Councilmember Bob Keller made at a recent Minuteman Rally about being a ‘proud racist.’

    I share his concerns about our lax INS system. I do not believe we should have open borders. We should have a well funded system that actually controls who comes into our country. But Bob, you remind me of the old lady who came into her kitchen to find a swarm of invading ants. Furiously, she stomped on every one of them. The next morning there were even more and the next even more. Frustrated she tried everything – plugging up the holes, putting out traps, spraying. But still they came. Then one day her visiting granddaughter came into the kitchen and said, “Grandma, I think they keep coming because you have sugar on the table.”

    Bob, you are looking the wrong way. You need to look at who is putting the sugar on the table. The primary reason people risk their lives to come here is to work. The largest employer is our gigantic agri-business that pays our politicians handsomely NOT to adequately fund our INS and border patrol system. Why? Because they want cheap labor and they want to put the accompanying costs of cheap labor onto the public for school, health care, etc. It’s a bargain for the corporations to contribute to politicians to make sure they have their ready supply of cheap labor. And they encourage Bob Keller and groups like the Minutemen to keep their eyes on the ants.

    To solve this problem we must attack the real problem – the hijacking of our democracy by special interest money, primarily the bankers and big corporations. Last week the Supreme Court made a decision to eliminate any restriction on corporate money being used in federal elections. This decision spells, I believe, the end of our democracy unless we can work quickly to put laws in place that will temper the consequences. Our campaign finance reform committee has been working on this issue for five years.

    Last week, the Signal, which I consider the house organ for City Council, Newhall Land and other developers, ran two front page articles on the Minuteman Rally. Yet they ignored our CA Fair Elections meeting where the statewide Chair of that organization and a vice-president of the State League of Women Voters spoke about this most important proposition which will be on the June ballot. If passed anyone wishing to run for the Secretary of State’s office can run using public campaign financing rather than take money from outside sources or use their own money. This is a vital piece of the puzzle if we are to temper the influence of gigantic international corporations and banks on our electoral process. Yet the Signal chose to promote the Minuteman Rally and ignore this meeting.

    I would like to invite the public, all of City Council and the Signal to our next SCV Fair Elections meeting next Tuesday, February 2, at 7pm at Caruso’s in Canyon Country to learn about this proposition and get involved in cleaning up the sugar on the table.

  2. Blake says

    If illegal aliens get amnesty, their net burden on public coffers increases. Yes, they’d pay somewhat more in taxes (since receiving wages in “tax-free” cash would be curtailed), but they’d cost a LOT more in public benefits, because they’d have legal access to more of those programs. The net cost increase to the federal budget would be about $20 billion/year. Similarly increased burdens would accrue at the state level.

    Regarding their larger earnings if legalized, that doesn’t do the rest of us any good, since almost all the increase goes to the legalized illegal aliens. And to the extent they’re the same low-skilled workers they were before, paying them more for the same output actually hurts the rest of us.

    The above considerations involve merely crass economics. There are plenty of other strong reasons — environmental, social, and the very livability of our society — that the best outcome for Americans would be the departure of all illegal aliens (and their children) for their home countries.

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