Sarah Palin v. Bill Moyers: Take the Survey

Bill Moyers 4,889
Sarah Palin 1,543,755

So what’s this, you ask? It certainly isn’t the scorecard for some ridiculous game. Nor is it their annual salaries: Sarah Palin probably makes more than that.

These are the number of  fans each has on Facebook. I know it’s hard to believe, but Sarah Palin has more than a million and a half and Bill Moyers, whose last show aired this week, has fewer than 5,000 people who have clicked “I Like” on his Facebook fan page!!

So what does this mean and why should we care?

Well, millions of people around the world are using Facebook and other social networks to communicate in a variety of ways. But one way,in particular, is the focus of this message.

Not everyone is cut out to be a community organizer or a grassroots activist. Most people don’t have the time or the inclination to pass out fliers or start a website or even write a letter to their congressional representative. But the Internet has given us fascinating new tools to create community and exercise power online.

The jury is still out on how effective these new mechanisms will be, but it’s worth noting that one of the first things Sarah Palin did after resigning as governor was to set up a Facebook page. Today, we’re asking you to participate in a survey that will help us to better understand how you use new media to exercize your political muscle. . .

Take our six-question survey

Survey Results

There are many striking differences between the Progressive movement and the Tea Party Movement, but one of the most striking is corporate funding or, in the case of the progressives, the lack of it. However, like in the early  sixties when television changed the rules of the game for politicians, the internet and social media are having a similar impact today.

Without on-line participation and donations, President Obama would likely still be the junior senator from Illinois. We are seeing more political pundits hailing from on-line publications such as the Huffington Post or Talking Points Memo.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that the internet has the power to level the playing field in many domains but we have to use the tools that have been placed before us to make that happen.

Corporate power and influence continues to grow not just domestically but globally. Today,  corporations control mainstream media. Many believe corporate power has taken over our government.  The recent Supreme Court decision in Citizens United  v. FEC gives corporations freedoms historically reserved for the people.

ISharon Kylen the Death and Life of American Journalism, authors Robert W. McChesney and John Nichols argue that “the problem is rooted in the longstanding tension between advertising-supported, profit-making media and democracy sustaining journalism”.  Without a crystal ball, it’s hard to know where we are heading but, if we believe in the lessons history can teach us, we know that democracy is unsustainable without an informed citizenry and journalism that puts a spotlight on the powerful.

Social media and sharing information on-line may be one of the few options available to the citizenry to combat the power of the corporations.  Let’s use it.

Sharon Kyle
Publisher, LAProgressive




  2. Thomas T. Panto says

    As long as the deregulated corporate, chemical, biological, military industrial complex OWNS our national Media outlets and selects, funds, advertises the candidates and politicians of THEIR CHOICE, Americans will not have the information or the freedom to vote for the candidates of their own choice.

  3. Mark Douglas says

    Yes, Palin has the stupid vote locked up, if she runs. Don’t laugh, the stupid vote really is the most important political block today, and every politician knows it. It’s a legitimate group, and they have every right to vote, and in democracies, the politicians must appeal to them. Palin is particularly good at energizing the Stupid Vote — to actually get them out voting, going to rallies, and sending in money.

    Only Mike Huckabee presently has a chance of taking 40-50% of the stupid vote FROM Palin. But Huck has that insane “Fairtax” in his pocket, which is a fairytale farce, where they plan to “tax the government” for most of the revenue spent by government. It is so insane, their own leaders have hidden from hearings under oath for 13 years. But stupid people eat that kind of stuff up. If Palin adopts the idiot Fairtax — Huckabee has no excuse to run.

    Fox news has done a great job pushing both of these candidates, Huck and Palin. In fact, they are both employed by FOX.

    For some reason, Fox has pretty much rained on Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. Hannity has taken an apparent dislike for Ron Paul.

  4. Donna says

    Wow, Lee, it appears you didn’t read the article. Geez! No one is comparing Palin to Moyer. They are comparing the energy Palin is able to stir from her base using today’s technological marvel – social networking. Moyer’s fan base is only recently gravitating to Facebook and others like it.

    As for Facebook being a “hook-up” spot, do your homework. My grandparents, son, uncles, aunts, best friends, colleagues, and husband are all on Facebook. They are NOT there to hook up, well, my son may be, but his girlfriend might have a thing or two to say about that.

    Using Facebook is the next best thing to being there in person. In fact, since I live nearly 700 miles from my personal inner circle of family, Facebook has become the place for us to share photos, catch up on new additions to the family, and schedule gatherings, as well as debate our politics. An open-minded progressive would know that already though.

    Now, where were we? Down with Palin! :)

  5. Lee Rowan says

    This is yet another article that makes me wonder who at LAProgressive is being paid off by the neocons.

    Moyers v. Palin? SHE’S OUT OF HER LEAGUE. Moyers is a genuine journalist with a vocabulary, coherent thought process, and an IQ above room temperature. Palin is a trainwreck.

    NEWS FLASH: FACEBOOK IS NOT THE END-ALL AND BE-ALL. “Social networking” is largely college kids trying to get laid. I would not have looked for Bill Moyers on Facebook because, frankly, I didn’t think he’d stoop to it.

    • says


      No one is claiming that Moyers and Palin are in the same league and should be compared intellectually or in their value to society.

      The point is that a great many more people pay attention to Palin’s every hiccup — on Facebook but everywhere else as well — than they do to anything Bill Moyers does.

      And while Facebook and Myspace may have started the way you describe, as hookup tools for youngsters, I think you’ll find that lot of people of all generations are using it for a wide variety of things, including political activism.

      — Dick

    • Marshall says

      All that you said is true. What you did not say is Moyers is a far left progressive. I would try and save him from a run away bus is I could, but would not stick around to tell him who I was.

      The fact that Palin has more youth on her page is telling. She is new news and Bill is old news but I admitt I am surprised.

      If you add the left and the progressives together, they can elect a local person but not a natioal one. Most of us think of ourselves as conservative.

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