Sarah Palin Chides Students at CSU Stanislaus

sarah palin winksSarah Palin spoke at California State University Stanislaus in spite of the controversy that arose when her speaking contract at this pubic institution was arranged out of the pubic’s view.

As Joseph Palermo’s article this April reported,  thanks to “two CSU, Stanislaus students, Alicia Lewis and Ashli Briggs, the public was finally able to get a glimpse behind the curtain of Sarah Palin Land. Attorney General (and gubernatorial candidate) Jerry Brown has promised a thorough investigation.”  Palermo went on to say, “These two young people should be commended for their civic mindedness and citizenship.”

However, in this clip, Sarah Palin does anything but commend them for their civic mindedness.

Sharon Kyle, Publisher


  1. Robert A. Letcher says

    I don’t hate Ms. Palin. But I do fear her–greatly. I also fear her followers. Two plus two equals four, for good reasons; not just because her “the liberal media” says so. Similarly, some tasks require deep understanding; for example, you do have to be a rocket scientist to do the work of a rocket scientist. Glosses on history, such as much of the substance of Ms. Palin (also Ms. Bachmann) provide too-easy explanations for complex problems. Simple-mindedness holds little promise for remedying such problems, no matter which side of Alice’s looking glass Ms. Palin finds it convenient to look through.

    • Marshall says

      I find it interesting that as more and more of you in America try to turn the US in the direction of Canada and Europe, they now try to turn in the direction of the America of yesterday.

  2. CaptJach says

    What’s worse is how many agree with this twit. She’s only a spokesmodel for a very right wing military and her purpose is to provide distraction. This is nothing but “Bread & Circuses” which is a 2000 year old Roman trick. Sarah Palin is a slut for the military industrial complex who sold us to China decades ago.

  3. majii says

    Palin’s biggest problems are her mouth, and her refusal to study anything. She is a vicious, vicious woman. I don’t know which U.S. you’ve been living in since Palin hit the national scene in 2008, but it certainly doesn’t seem you’ve been living in the reality-based U.S. Palin spreads divisiveness and hatred wherever she goes. She was at Stanislaus to celebrate the university’s anniversary. One would think the main topic of her speech would have pertained to that subject, but, no, she launched another attack on President Obama, who I am glad, pays her no attention, and she attacked students who ATTEND the school she had been hired to honor. These things are not signs of a “nice” woman, they’re signs of a sore loser, and a low class individual. There’s nothing wrong with Palin helping the school to raise money for scholarships, and she could have proven it by not charging a speaking fees, don’t cha think?

    Palin needs to concentrate on developing her positions on policy issues which requires educating herself. If you’ve heard one of her speeches, you’ve heard them all. I can tell you’re a Palin supporter because instead of offering a viable defense of Palin, you sink to her level and go on to attack individuals who have nothing to do with her speech at Stanislaus. Neither Boxer, Pelosi, or Waxman were on the program at the university. Another “tell” that says you’re a Palin supporter is an immediate dive into labeling your fellow citizens “Nazis.” These two things indicate to me that you really don’t know exactly WHY you support Palin other than the fact that you’ve decided to get on her bandwagon because you don’t like the political party that is currently in power. I didn’t vote for George W. Bush, but I never went so far as to disrespect him or the office of the president as Palin has. Neither you nor Palin are patriots. You’re anarchists who are extremely upset because you’ve lost a few national elections, and because of this, you want your country back, a country that hasn’t gone anywhere since January 20, 2009 @ 12 Noon. Although you’ll say it isn’t true, you have the same rights today as you’ve had since January, 20, 2009. The only problem is that the party you prefer is not in control, so you feel it is right to tear the country apart and adopt a simpleton as a role model. It is your right to do so. After all, this is still America, and your rights are still intact.

  4. Karen says

    If Ms. Palin had couched her criticism in terms of free speech, I might be moved. After all, when I was a grad student there were demonstrations at Cal and UCLA when our conservative governor at the time didn’t want students to hear a speech from Angela Davis, lest they be indoctrinated to communism.
    However, she criticizes as a waste of time student investigative activities in search of truth otherwise unavailable, and these activities are a part of being a scholar, even if the truth is something so seemingly trivial as who paid the honorarium of a mindless critic of liberal values.
    As for the misinformed and ill-spelled comment by Elaine, I guess it speaks for itself about the followers of Palin and her ilk.

    • Marshall says

      So your point is all views should be welcome and the listener can make up their own mind? I can agree with that, although it would seem by the posts here it is not how most of you really think. All of you should read the words of your enemy in order to understand them better. There are fee here with which I agree but I read your words anyway in the hope of understanding.

  5. Wetherby says

    Isn’t this intimidation of the students? This multi-millionaire politician with extreme right-wing views is paid to come to their campus and belittle them in her speech, marking them for hostile treatment by those she influences amongst the school faculty and administration?

  6. Elaine says

    What is wrong with you people? Sarah Palin is not a bad person. I do not understand the hate all of you have for her. She raised $200,000 for the school. Is that not helpful? You people put up with a liar like Pelosi, who has done more harm to the country then any other speaker of the house ever, Boxer who request a General to call her Senator & not Mam, which is what they are trained to do in the Military, what a witch, then Waxman who struts around like a little Nazi & abusing his powers. Cannot believe you have the audacity to complain about a woman who is no longer in politics & helped raise money for your colleges. No wonder people say people in California are weird, because their are some of you that are!

    • CaptJach says

      Please sit down & shut up. Enough is enough. You are not normal and all you do is annoy others. If Sarah Palin is your hero, please go and talk to Teabaggers. Stupid is not an accomplishment.

    • PSzymeczek says

      She did not raise money for CSU-Stanislaus; it is a state university. She charged them at least $100,000 plus transportation and lodging. Since CSU-Stanislaus is a state University, it’s contracting process should be open so that California’s taxpayers can see where their money is going.

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