Sarah Palin and Fox News

What many of us felt was destined to happen was announced yesterday.  Sarah Palin is being hired by Fox News.  Time for you guys to weigh in.  Is this a match made in heaven? Or is this exactly what the  late night shows needed —  more material.  Give us your take on this turn of events. Here’s a short poll to fill out.  And please give us your thoughts via the comments section as well.  We’ll turn this into an article for Sunday’s LA Progressive.[poll id=”20″]


  1. Lorraine says

    The more exposure Palin gets the more people will really see how idiotic and superficial she really is. I say bring it on!

  2. annieR says

    The only way even Fox will be able to tolerate her is by giving her a script in advance and prompting her during her appearances. She is too empty-headed even for them. The way she wallows around in her responses will be an embarrassment. How they handle her will be obvious. If she suddenly becomes articulate and rational, clearly, the material is being fed to her.

  3. Mike Varady says

    Near the end of my other post I said “. . .only on left. . .”
    That should read “only SLIGHTLY on the left.” Sorry. Mike

    • says

      No need to apologize Mike. Your comment makes some very good points especially about the need for the likes of Barbara Lee, Amy Goodman, etc to be interviewed. But as the publisher of this site, I know that Sarah Palin’s name causes people to click. Everytime we run an article about her, our traffic increases and we gain subscribers. In the long run, my hope is that this will benefit the progressive effort. But it’s really an unknown at this point. Thanks for reading and thank you for giving such great comments.

  4. Mike Varady says

    I believe the Republicans are trying to make us over into
    the Untied States of America.
    Palin — she of the Brain to Nowhere — is going to be a growing problem. The angry right wll continue to grow, using, I think, Hitle’s blueprint on how to go from small to domination. This woman’s following will come from teabaggers and other half-knowledgeable (or even less) people who place their faith in their leaders rather than looking at, then thinking about, both sides and then coming to informed decisions. We laughed at Bush while he tightened his grip on us, and the Republicans, with this woman, will do the same. Jokes are not jokes when they get power.
    And Oprah and the other interviewers have much to blame for this; they lionized her and legitimized her with each interview. By ethical standards they ought to do big interviews with progressives such as Barbara Lee, Cynthia McKinley, Maxine Waters, Naomi Klein, and Amy Goodman (and many males). Buth they won’t, because at the present time someone any more than only on the left is verboten on shows, while someone extremely right is interviewable.
    I think Palin’s slogan, when she runs again, should be:


    She could proclaim it loudly and proudly from her new pulpit, that network whose executives are so stupid they don’t even know how to spell their own name: It should be FAUX news network. (Pronounced: “foe.”

  5. lou says

    every male i know digs sarah because she is soo photogenic. they will love to see her.hey-she looks great…more cleavage would be better…
    they will also listen to her about as closely as they listen to their wives…”yes, dear, yes dear, yes dear…” as the wife blathers
    about drapes and baby showers, paint chips and fabric swatches.
    it’ll be “world according to jim” agin-while they stare at her cleavage.
    fox hires pop controversialists for profit. why are we having a serious conversation about mrs palin anyway????
    she showed her manipulative mean spirited side with that death panel nonsense, and her record in AK is pretty dismal.
    her limitations grow more and more apparant the more she opens her mouth. am i a bigot if i say “beauty pageant brains, are you really a blonde in disguise?????”
    i’ll have to ask harry reid.

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