Sarah Palin, The Movie?!

sarah palin blows kissSarah Palin Movie, “The Undefeated”

A full length documentary about Sarah Palin is scheduled to debut in Iowa soon. Of course, it is no coincidence that Iowa happens to be the state that will kick off the 2012 presidential campaign.

According to reports, the two-hour documentary was produced by conservative film maker, Stephen Bannon. Bannon is the writer and director of a trilogy of conservative documentaries which chronicle the Tea Party movement and features conservative operatives such as Ann Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Lou Dobbs and Tom Coburn.

Initially commissioned by Sarah Palin to produce a series  documenting Palin’s rise to power in Alaska, Bannon decided to step it up and produce a full-length documentary, according to RealClearPolitics.

RealClearPolitics, which broke the story, said Bannon went further than what he was commissioned to do, saying he would instead produce a feature film that presents Palin in a highly favorable light that he would finance himself for $1 million. Bannon, who has established himself as a conservative filmaker is an ex-Goldman Sachs banker. According to the article where the story of the film broke, Bannon wants to rebuild Palin’s image in the eyes of  voters who may have soured on her.

Jack Cafferty of CNN recently asked his audience, “With the GOP so weak, should Sarah Palin run for the presidency?”.  In the video shown here, Cafferty reads a sampling of the responses he received.  Judging from the comments, there is no shortage of voters who are sour on Palin.

sharon kyleBut ever since Palin’s introduction to the national scene,  there has been wide speculation on whether  the former Alaska governor would run in the 2012 presidential race. In recent months, there hasn’t been as much coverage of Palin in the media.

So just when it appeared that Sarah Palin was fading away, she’s back, this time on the big screen in a full length motion picture whose aim is to paint her in a favorable maverick-y light. But that might be so easy especially with the release  of the tell-all book by former Palin aide, Frank Bailey.

Sharon Kyle


  1. Celia says

    “The Undefeated”? Who are they kidding? Of course she was defeated! Talk about a loser in denial!


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