Sarah Palin Racist Sexist Vindictive Mean According to Waitress

Sarah Palin Racist Sexist Vindictive MeanSo Sambo beat the bitch

This is how Republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin described Barack Obama’s win over Hillary Clinton to political colleagues in a restaurant a few days after Obama locked up the Democratic Party presidential nomination.

According to Lucille, the waitress serving her table at the time and who asked that her last name not be used, Sarah Palin was eating lunch with five or six people when the subject of the Democrat’s primary battle came up. The governor, seemingly not caring that people at nearby tables would likely hear her, uttered the slur and then laughed loudly as her meal mates joined in appreciatively.

“It was kind of disgusting,” Lucille, who is part Aboriginal, said in a phone interview after admitting that she is frightened of being discovered telling folks in the “lower 48” about life near the North Pole.

Then, almost with a sigh, she added, “But that’s just Alaska.”

Racial and ethnic slurs may be “just Alaska” and, clearly, they are common, everyday chatter for Palin.

Articles by Charley James:

Besides insulting Obama with a Step-N’-Fetch-It, “darkie musical” swipe, people who know her say she refers regularly to Alaska’s Aboriginal people as “Arctic Arabs” – how efficient, lumping two apparently undesirable groups into one ugly description – as well as the more colourful “mukluks” along with the totally unimaginative “f**king Eskimo’s,” according to a number of Alaskans and Wasillians interviewed for this article.

But being openly racist is only the tip of the Palin iceberg. According to Alaskans interviewed for this article, she is also vindictive and mean. We’re talking Rove mean and Nixon vindictive.

No wonder the vast sea of white, cheering faces at the Republican Convention went wild for Sarah: They adore the type, it’s in their genetic code. So much for McCain’s pledge of a “high road” campaign; Palin is incapable of being part of one.

Tough Getting People Who Know Her to Talk
It’s not easy getting people in the 49th state to speak critically about Palin – especially people in Wasilla, where she was mayor. For one thing, with every journalist in the world calling, phone lines into Alaska have been mostly jammed since Friday; as often as not, a recording told me that “all circuits are busy” or numbers just wouldn’t ring. I should think a state that’s been made richer than God by oil could afford telephone lines and cell towers for everyone.

On a more practical level, many people in Alaska, and particularly Wasilla, are reluctant to speak or be quoted by name because they’re afraid of her as well as the state Republican Party machine. Apparently, the power elite are as mean as the winters.

“The GOP is kind of like organized crime up here,” an insurance agent in Anchorage who knows the Palin family, explained. “It’s corrupt and arrogant. They’re all rich because they do private sweetheart deals with the oil companies, and they can destroy anyone. And they will, if they have to.”

“Once Palin became mayor,” he continued, “She became part of that inner circle.”

Like most other people interviewed, he didn’t want his name used out of fear of retribution. Maybe it’s the long winter nights where you don’t see the sun for months that makes people feel as if they’re under constant danger from “the authorities.” As I interviewed residents it began sounding as if living in Alaska controlled by the state Republican Party is like living in the old Soviet Union: See nothing that’s happening, say nothing offensive, and the political commissars leave you alone. But speak out and you get disappeared into a gulag north of the Arctic Circle for who-knows-how-long.

Alright, that’s an exaggeration brought on by my getting too little sleep and building too much anger as I worked this article. But there’s ample evidence of Palin’s vindictive willingness to destroy people she sees as opponents. Just ask the Wasilla town administrator she hired before firing him because he rebelled against the way Palin demanded he do his job, or the town librarian who refused to hold the book burning Walpurgisnach Mayor Palin demanded.

Ironically, Palin was pushed into hiring the administrator by the party poobahs who helped get her elected after she got herself into trouble over a number of precipitous firings which gave rise to a recall campaign.

“People who fought her attempt to oust the librarian are on her enemies list to this day,” states Anne Kilkenny, a Wasilla resident and one of the few Alaskans willing to speak on-the-record, for attribution, about Palin. In fact, Kilkenny actually circulated an e-mail letter about Palin that was verified and printed by The Nation.

For good measure, Palin booted the Wasilla police chief from office because, she told a local newspaper, he “intimidated” her.

Sarah Palin Racist Sexist Vindictive MeanRunning on Extreme Fringe Evangelical Views
Sarah Palin drew early attention from state GOP apparatchiks when, during her first mayoral campaign, she ran on an anti-abortion platform. Normally, political parties do not get involved in Alaskan municipal elections because they are nonpartisan. But once word of her extreme fringe evangelical views made its way to Juneau, the state capitol, state Republicans tossed some money behind her campaign.

Once in office, Palin set out to build a machine that chewed up anyone who got in her way. The good, Godly Christian turns out to be anything but.

“She’s doesn’t like different opinions and she refuses to compromise,” Kilkenny notes. “When she was mayor, she fought ideas that weren’t hers. Worse, ideas weren’t evaluated on their merits but on the basis of who proposed them.”

Sound familiar? Palin may well be Dick Cheney’s reincarnate.

Something else has a familiar Republican ring to it: Her tax policies, and a “refund surpluses but borrow for the future” attitude.

According to Kilkenny and others in Wasilla as well as Juneau, Palin reduced progressive property taxes for businesses while mayor and increased a regressive sales tax which even hits necessities such as food. The tax cuts she promoted in her St. Paul speech actually benefited large corporate property owners far more than they benefited residents. Indeed, Kilkenny insists that many Wasilla home owners actually saw their tax bill skyrocket to make up for the shortfall. Two other Wasillian’s with whom I spoke said property taxes on their modest, three bedroom homes rose during the Palin regime.

To an outsider, it would seem hard to do, but an oil-rich town with zero debt on the day she was inaugurated mayor was left saddled with $22 million of debt by the time she moved away to become governor – especially since nothing was spent on things such as improving the city’s infrastructure or building a much-needed sewage treatment plant. So what did Mayor Palin spend the taxpayer’s money on, if not fixing streets and scrubbing sewage?

For starters, she remodelled her office. Several times over, as a matter of fact.

Then Palin spent $1 million on an unnecessary, new park that no one other than the contractors and Palin seemed to want. Next, Sarah doled out more than $15 million of taxpayer money for a sports complex that she shoved through even though the city did not own clear title to the land; now, seven years later, the matter is still in litigation and lawyer fees are said to be close to at least half of the original estimated price of the facility.

She also worked hard to get voters approval of a $5.5 million bond proposal for roads that could have been built without borrowing. Anchorage may not be the center of the financial universe but, like good Republicans everywhere, Sarah Palin knows how to please Alaskan bankers and bond dealers.

For good measure, she turned Wasilla into a wasteland of big box stores and disconnected parking lots.

Sarah Barracuda
En route to the governor’s igloo, Palin managed to land what Anne Kilkenny

says is the plumb political appointment in the state: Chair of Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (OGCC), a $122,400 per year patronage slot with no real authority to do anything other than hold meetings. She took the job despite having no background in energy issues and, as it turned out, not liking the work.

“She hated the job,” an OGCC staff member who is not authorized to speak with the news media told me. “She hated the hours and she hated what little work there was to do. But she couldn’t figure out a way to get out of the thing without offending Gov. Murkowski” and the state Republican Party regulars, some of whom were pissed off they didn’t get appointed.

But ever the opportunist, Palin quickly concocted a way. First, she waged a campaign with the local news media claiming that the position was overpaid and should be abolished – despite the fact that she lobbied Murkowski hard to get it. Then, mounting what she saw as a white horse, Palin raised a cloud of dust by resigning from the OGCC and riding away with an undeserved reputation as a “reformer.”

But when a local reporter dared to suggest that the reformer Empress has no clothes, Palin tried to get her fired.

“She came at me like I was trying to steal her kids,” said the targeted reporter, who now works for an oil company in Anchorage. “I heard she had a wild temper and vicious mean streak but it’s nothing like you can imagine until she turns it on you.”

Not surprising since some of her high school classmates still openly call her “Sarah Barracuda,” Kilkenny insists.

Still, as a Republican Party hack Palin managed to get herself elected running under the false flag of a “reformer.”

And what did she bring to the job? No legislative experience other than a city council of a village of 5,000 people, which is smaller than some high schools in Chicago. Little hands-on supervisory or managerial experience; after all, she needed to hire a city administrator to run Wasilla. No executive experience, except for almost being recalled as mayor. A philosophy of setting public policy based on one word: No.

And what has she done since winning the job?

According to Kilkenny, nothing. Well, nothing other than suggesting the state’s multi-multi-million dollar, oil-generated surplus be distributed to residents and finance future state needs by borrowing money. Gee, doesn’t that sound precisely what George Bush did with the surplus he inherited from Bill Clinton in 2001 and we all know in what great shape Bush’s economic policies left the nation.

It may explain why, when asked by reporters, including me, what she thought about Palin being picked to be McCain’s running mate, her mother-in-law replied with a sardonic, “What has Sarah done to qualify her to be vice president?” Of course, when the woman – said by many I spoke with to be well-respected in Wasilla – was running to succeed Palin as mayor, Sarah refused to endorse her, so that may explain the family tension.

As Governor, Palin gave the legislature no direction and budget guidelines, according to the chair of a legislative committee. But then she staged a huge grandstand play of line-item vetoing countless projects, calling them pork. “They were restored because of public outcry and legislative action,” the aide said. “She vetoed them mostly because she had no idea what they were or why they were important.”

But it was enough to get the McCain, who is mostly unobservant of the world around him anyway, to think Palin has a reputation as being “anti-pork”.

In fact, Juneau observers note that Palin kept her hand stuck out as far as anyone for pork ladled out by indicted Sen. Ted Stevens. She only opposed the “bridge to nowhere” after it became clear that it would be politically unwise to keep supporting it, these same insiders assert. Then, Palin fell back on her old habits and publicly humiliated him for pork-barrel politics.

As for being “ready on day one” to be commander in chief, despite the repeated public claims she’s made, the Alaska National Guard commander said that, “she has made no command decisions, other than sending some troops to help fight a few brush fires and march in parades at county fairs.”

“Sambo Beat the Bitch”
Palin is a conniving, manipulative, a**hole,” someone who thinks these are positive traits in a governor told me, summing up Palin’s tenure in Alaska state and local politics.

“She’s a bigot, a racist, and a liar,” is the more blunt assessment of Arnold Gerstheimer who lived in Alaska until two years ago and is now a businessman in Idaho.

charley-james.jpg“Juneau is a small town; everybody knows everyone else,” he adds. “These stories about what she calls blacks and Eskimos, well, anyone not white and good looking actually, were around long before she became a glint in John McCain’s rheumy eyes. Why do I know they’re true? Because everyone who isn’t aboriginal or Indian in Alaska talks that way.”

“Sambo beat the bitch” may be everyday language up in the bush. Whether it – and the outlook, politics and worldview Palin reflects when she says such things in public – should be part of a presidential campaign is another thing altogether. The comment says as much about McCain as it does about Palin, and it says a lot of things about Americans who overlook such statements (as well as her record) and vote anyway for McCain.

by Charley James

Published on: September 5, 2008

Friends: This article has been inundated with comments. The LA Progressive is no longer accepting comments. Please see the follow-up article by reporter Charley James, “Me and Sarah Palin.” –Eds.

Charley James is an American journalist, author and essayist who lives in Toronto.

Reprinted with permission from The Progressive Curmudgeon

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  1. corwin says

    I don’t see my post where I chided you and your readers .Are you not publishing criticisms?

  2. Smitty187 says

    Go one further and write to these commentators or newspeople
    Here is a partial list of some I wrote to today and part of what I wrote,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Dear Editors, Reporters and Commentators,

    Reporting is hard. It must be if so many reporters fail to report obvious newsworthy
    events. There are a few exceptions. Thank you Campbell Brown for being courageous.
    Shame on you Savannah Guthrie for failure to dig. There are others in the mainstream
    who deserve credit and I am sorry if I overlooked you. Maybe you didn’t chime
    in loud enough over the din of loudening lies from the reckless McCain campaign.

    Yesterday Representative Lynn Westmoreland called Senator Obama “uppity”.
    When asked if that was what he meant, he repeated it. “Uppity”. No
    longer is “elitist” enough, but the less nuanced “uppity” is
    what is really meant. This was apparently not considered news worthy, but the questionable
    cries of sexism against Governor Palin are. Really? When asked, a McCain spokesperson,
    Fiorina backed off a bit when asked which allegations specifically were sexist.

    She said the allegation that Palin’s husband belonged to a fringe group and a report
    that suggested she was a Nazi sympathizer for wearing a Pat Buchanan button were
    “problematic” — not necessarily sexist.

    But allegations that Palin is racist and sexist aren’t even given any airtime.
    “Sambo” referring to Obama, “bitch” referring to Hillary Clinton
    and “Arctic-Arabs” referring to Native Alaskans are perfectly fine discourse
    if the corporate media are to be believed. More than one or two people are on the
    records as having heard Palin use those terms with frequency. So vet this:

  3. BCgeorge says

    the ‘preaching to the converted’ stages of the election are over and now we move out to Main Street America. there seems to be a plan to keep Palin well away from any national interviews and possible awkward questions. regardless, chances are that her track record in Alaska and her personal baggage are going to be legitimate factors in November. since 2004 Obama has become a force in the Democratic party and has travelled across the country giving speeches and appealing to all voters. he has addressed national economic issues as well as foreign policy. he doesn’t just talk, he has seen or lived much and understands the plight of the average American. he never hesitates to answer questions. the tragedy of this campaign so far is the people that support Mrs Palin because of her comments and attitude.

  4. Facts Please says

    “Alright, that’s an exaggeration brought on by my getting too little sleep and building too much anger as I worked this article.”

    This whole article is exaggeration and not a single comment has a source that is not mysteriously veiled. This is an obvious hit piece against Governor Palin. Please spare us the ridiculous lies; only a moron would believe an article so one sided as this. If you call yourself a journalist, you are the liar.

    • JamesAcuna says

      Ask and you shall receive: Here is one fact that you can verify for yourself – Palin was for the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ before she was against it. And since she, McCain, and all the GOP talking points are that she was always opposed to it, this amounts to a bald faced lie.

      Here is the paragraph from the article I’m referring to:

      In fact, Juneau observers note that Palin kept her hand stuck out as far as anyone for pork ladled out by indicted Sen. Ted Stevens. She only opposed the “bridge to nowhere” after it became clear that it would be politically unwise to keep supporting it, these same insiders assert.

      Here is the newspaper article (Anchorage Daily News, Oct 22, 2006) with (then candidate for governor) Palin, in her own words (item #5):

      So as you can see, there is one comment that is not myetsriously veiled. Time will tell is there will be more than just this one.

  5. Jake Starling says

    palin will withdraw from the race by the end of September. She will withdraw to “spend more time with her family.” Just like a rePIG, eh?

  6. Anchorage Activist says

    This article is mostly Communist propaganda originated by some American draft-dodger in Canada. While there’s some truth in it, the part about the racism is bogus. After all, Sarah’s husband is part Alaskan Native, and considering the local media scrutiny she’s under, if this nonsense was true, it would have come out long ago.

    Too bad the L.A. Progressive chose to blindly regurgitate this swill.

    • says

      Wow, “Communist propaganda”! Hey Anchorage Activist, what’s it like still living in the 1950’s? And I have news for you about local media — much of the dirt on national figures never comes out until they become national figures and national media stats digging. That’s not always the case certainly. The opposite is sometimes true, like with McCain and the Arizona media, but I can well believe Alaskans mostly haven’t heard the negatives.

  7. Interested lower 48er says

    Shouting Alaskan, I’m thinking more that the people who have something on Palin or the gov’t probably have to whisper, or folks that have to deal with her/them. I didn’t get the impression they meant (necessarily) the basic population.

  8. Moose Eater says

    What a bunch of BS! Where did you get this stuff? I’ve live in Alaska for 30 years an NO ONE here uses the term Aboriginal to describe Natives. Certainly Alaskan Natives don’t use it to describe themselves. Lucille can’t be from here if she thinks that Wasilla is near the North Pole.

    Racist? Are you kidding me? Her husband is ‘Aboriginal”… “mukluks’ a\is a derogatory term? That one is new to me and all of us here! If you need to make stuff up, at least interview someone that uses the local lingo so you don’t look like a complete idiot!

    Part of the GOP inner circle in Alaska? I don’t think so…Didn’t you see Lisa Murkowski bitting her lip while she had to talk up Palin to the national media(Palin being the Governor that beat Lisa’s incumbent Daddy in the Republican Primary for Gov)?

    Can’t say anything about Sarah because the ‘authorities’ will get you? Wait a minute, I thought she was on the Troopers BAD list for cutting their top guy because he wouldn’t cut his budget? Can’t have it both ways!

    The only real person is the article is KilKenny, who now has her name in the news. Isn’t that cute? I believe that was the point!

    Charly James…oh, his picture is there too…isn’t that cute? Are they popular now, almost like a beauty queen or point guard or something? Do they get to move from the nerd table for lunch?

    The only facts in the article are highlighted in blue.

    FYI, I love Sarah, but disagree with her ‘stand’ on several issues and am afraid of what McCain might add to the Supreme Court…so will be voting for Obama.

    • JamesAcuna says

      I’m commenting on your statement that “The only facts in the article are highlighted in blue.”

      There is one fact that isn’t in blue – Palin was for the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ before she was against it. And since she, McCain, and all the GOP talking points are that she was always opposed to it, this amounts to a bald faced lie.

      Here is the paragraph from the article I’m referring to:

      In fact, Juneau observers note that Palin kept her hand stuck out as far as anyone for pork ladled out by indicted Sen. Ted Stevens. She only opposed the “bridge to nowhere” after it became clear that it would be politically unwise to keep supporting it, these same insiders assert. Then, Palin fell back on her old habits and publicly humiliated him for pork-barrel politics.

      Here is the newspaper article (Anchorage Daily News, Oct 22, 2006) with (then candidate for governor) Palin, in her own words (item #5):

  9. Shouting Alaskan says

    I’m an Alaskan who hate Palin, but I have to say that this article is bullsh*t, written by someone who has no knowledge of Alaska. If Alaskans whisper, it’s because we benefit from the corruption of our politicians. We’re certainly not afraid. Alaskans are some of the most candid people in the world. Hell, when I went the grocery store the day McCain announced, the cashier was asking each person what he/she thought about the news, and there was a wide range of answers, none whispered. Does that sound like a populous in fear. This is political reporting at its worst. I want to see Palin defeated perhaps more strongly than the author, but this type of garbage is no help. This is on the same level as “Obama is a muslim.”

  10. Shouting Alaskan says

    I’m Alaskan, and I severely dislike Palin, and can’t bear the thought of a McCain/Palin administration, but this article is complete bullsh*t. Has the author ever been to Alaska? Alaskans are some of the most candid people on the face of the planet, and I’ve never, in my entire life, met another Alaskan afraid of the political establishment. I have several loud discussions about Palin everyday – and no one I know seems to whisper or leave in fear. My family suffered under the Soviet Union – this is the opposite end of the spectrum. Does the author not also know that Alaska is a fiercely libertarian state (left and right), and that not even an “evil” Palin administration would’ve wielded enough power to establish a dictatorial regime? Also, Alaskans know about the corruption, and turn a blind-eye, not because we’re afraid, but because it brings us money! The politicians steal from the lower 48 and make get rich off their sweetheart deals, but overall the average Alaskan gets rich off it. We’re not afraid, we’re complicit!!! Oh, and the bit about the rampant racism – grossly overstated. There are bigots here, as there are everywhere, but it’s most certainly not a culture of bigotry. We celebrate our Native and non-native cultures proudly.

  11. just me says

    No wonder the vast sea of white, cheering faces at the Republican Convention went wild for Sarah: They adore the type, it’s in their genetic code.

    So, it’s not racism as long as you’re talking about white folks? That how it works? Hmmm …

    • Lucidiculous says

      Exactly. And I saw plenty of non-white faces in the audience.

      Regardless of whether you believe that wealth should be redistributed and the US become even more of a welfare state, with absolutely no reward or incentive for hard work or ingenuity, ignorant generalizations about entire groups are in no way helpful to the discussion.

      I suspect few here will understand the reference, but glimpses of Obama’s ideas about social policy have it ringing in my ears: Who was John Galt?

    • Ex-Leftist says

      How many leftists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

      10… 1 to screw in the bulb and the other 9 to complain that the bulb is too white.

  12. Wes C says

    Wow, what a claim! You better have some solid backup with charges like that. I do have to protest however that the GOP is being painted with a broad brush as racist. I have news for you, I’ve been Republican Conservative since I first voted for Reagan and I have personally put my job on the line against my boss (who was from India) because he didn’t want to hire a black man at our company. I judge people by the content of their character and their work ethic, not by their color (I think more Republicans may have learned this lesson from MLK than some of the losers on this posting). So cut the crap with stereotyping and making claims that might not be true.

    P.S. Leave it to the left to start dropping the “Race Card” when it looks as though their Messianic Star might not pull off the biggest fraud in politics in generations.

  13. Roscoe says

    Here is a good reason why you don’t see this on the MSM…….Its “Hearsay”!!!!!! By a bunch of posters who have nothing better to do……Learn time management….Have a nice day :)

  14. Lili says

    I’m sending this to every large newspaper and blog I can think of.This is a disgrace. This woman cannot represent our country. We’ll be laughing stocks of the whole world.

  15. Glenn says

    Anne Kilkenny appeared on NPR radio today backing her letter and story. She has been receiving media calls one after the other in the last days. You are likely to hear more about this soon…

  16. WOW says

    Can you send this article to the main stream media (tv)? I would if I knew how. The entire country should be able to read this article.

  17. Ex-Leftist says

    If this isn’t hilarious leftist propaganda! Great you guys are keeping up the sophomoric style of propagandization favored by the old Soviet Union. An article full of hearsay and unnamed sources which say scary things in accordance with leftist party line about your political enemies? Only the stupids already in the mentally dead orbit of the political left would take this garbage seriously and be upset by it. Look at the herd animals fall in line and express their shock!! “Oh my! I’m giving this article to everyone I know!” GOD you people are daft! This piece isn’t even worthy of publication in the National Enquirer!


  18. Bob says

    EVERYONE is racist in this world except one group, the dumbed-downed, indoctrinated White-Guilt ridden morons who’ve had their brains manipulated by twenty years of fluoride, aspartame and failed public schools.

    And of course the ONLY group which is NOT allowed to be racist are White people! Every other group, Jews especially, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims, you name them, are allowed to celebrate their uniqueness, and more importantly present a unified front for the purposes of economic and political gain.

    I have had ENOUGH of multiculturalism. I can’t take it anymore. I want to live in a Jew-free, minority-free country with ONLY White people. I have had enough of this crap and I am ready to kill or die to obtain Liberty for myself and my people!

    The U.S. is RACIST and biased against White people, and I will no longer pay my taxes, nor support this despicable nation! The U.S. can go to hell. I demand a new White-only nation.

    • richard says

      Bob, Your are joking right?

      I don’t like rap much either and I’m africian-american. This country is still led mostly by “white” people. Yes, most of our US athletes are “black”, and yes the top two US women tennis players are “black”, and yes the world’s top sprinters are “black”. So what…there are still a lot of great “white” athletes – but why do you focus so much on color – are we not all Americans? Yes even though the world’s greatest golfer is half black, and now yes the best choice for president is half black, one is half asian and the other is also half white.
      Your problem is that you want to separate the human race into colors, ethnic groups and maybe nationalities. In fact, mitochondrial DNA proves that all humans on earth are descended from 1 of only 33 different women. The whole concept of “race” is an 1800’s fallacy. The human species is all descended from the first humans who came from the great rift valley of eastern Africa. I have more in common genetically with my blond haired-blue eyed “white” cousins from Europe than with a black haired-brown eyed “black” native Australian. Distance from Africa is the key.

      That all being said – let’s just stick to the issues in this election. John McCain – who I voted for in the 2000 California primary – is a great American. Barack Obama – who is also a man who loves his country, is potentially a great American. I am voting for Barack this time because we need new leadership and new direction. The republicans have had power under Bush and control of congress for 6 of the past 8 years. They have lost all sense of fiscal responsibility – we are fighting a war on borrowed money. This policy alone is insane, and if it continues will bankrupt our nation. Clinton and the republican congress got it right when they slightly raised taxes on the wealthy and by balancing our budget gave us the surpluses that Bush/Chenny squandered. We could have gone to Mars, used the money to reinvigorate our education system and fully funded our k-12 schools like we did in 1950/60’s. I think we also should have invested in renewable energy projects for our schools and government infrastructure. We can no longer run a modern nation without well funded schools, health care for all, etc… We also need to remove the burden of paying for health care off of our businesses and place it in the hands of government so we can be competitive to business in other countries. Health care in not free.

      I’ll give you that we do need to control our borders, and we do need to eliminate wasteful programs. I completely trust a new generational leader like Obama to take us in these new directions we need to go – we do not need any more happy talk like I saw at the republican convention. Our nation needs to return to paying our bills on time with a balanced budget. We need to grow up as a country and be the world leader in more than just our military power. We need to set an example for the rest of the world by being financial adults our children and grandchildren can respect. We need to balance our budget by asking the wealthy to pay their fair share and start now. If our young heroes can fight this war, then those who can afford it need to step up and buy the bullets. Iraq has the money to pay for it’s own defense. We won this battle in the war on terror – let’s move on to Afghanistan, and let the Iraqis take care of Iraq.

  19. SHARON says

    After the speech she gave Wednesday night, I absolutely believe the article is at least 75% true. I have found other websites with other people interviewed that comfirm her management style – my way or the highway. I listened in amazement Wednesday night that a woman that was never on the National radar could introduce herself with a 45 minute diatribe about herself and the faults of Obama. No humility, no warmness. She licked her lips after each negative comment like she was hungry for more. I didn’t consider what she did a speech. Halfway through it I thought I was at comedy central listening to a stand up comic. The snippets of their time in Wisconsin and Michigan showed her using exactly the same lines. She may be pretty and they may call her a barracuda but this isn’t someone I want representing us around the world. Those mean, snarky barbs don’t work with world leaders and I’m sure they are currently laughing at her as a potential VP choice. Then again, maybe not. They would eat her alive and maybe she needs to come down a peg or two. She isn’t the kind of woman I want to be the first female heading our country. I didn’t like her kind when I was younger and I like them even less now. There are bitches and then there are bitches. She isn’t the good kind.

  20. BCgeorge says

    Palin obviously represents the far right wing of the GOP and the centuries old attitude of ‘ root, hog or die’. the term ‘compassionate conservative’ is a oxymoron, just look at the last 8 years of the Bush Whitehouse. the real losers in this election will be the millions of poor, the un-insured, the helpless, the homeless etc. i can still recall Bush’s comment to some fundraiser that he was happy to be with ‘the haves and the have more’s’ McCain and Palin are a perfect duo to continue the Bush/Cheney policies. go Obama/Biden in 2008 and 2012!

  21. JamesAcuna says

    I don’t have all the answers, but here is one verifiable item that is a fact in this article: that she was for the bridge before she was against it. What this means is that from day one, she and the McCain campaign has lied outright about her having opposed the bridge from day one. Now I don’t know about you all, but I like my politicians to at try to lie convincingly, when they lie to my face. Read it for yourselves in the pages of the Oct 22, 2006 Anchorage Daily News, Alaska’s most widely read paper (item#5):

  22. Tony Wilkie says

    I spent some time stationed in Alaska and I approve that many white people are Racist. But there are also just as many who are not. Her husband is a mixed blood so why in the heck is she saying things about his people? She had better cleanup her act before she loses everything she has got. She should resign and do the American people a big favor.

    Thank You

  23. Bruce says

    Hell, I’m the most conservative person I know and I can tell you that McCain has alienated the entire backbone of his party. Most of my fellow evangelical Republicans (and myself) are voting Obama because we don’t want a woman in the white house, godly or no. I thought we made that clear when Hilary was running. I guess not.

  24. David says

    I hope that you try to follow up on this story in order to confirm what the waitress is alleging. Did you find anyone else in the room that will confirm the story? Repeating a story as serious as this is fraught with danger: if it proves to be untrue, it makes the rest of us look stupid and mean. Again, please follow up. Furthermore, if you find that story is false, please report that too.

    God Speed,

  25. Georgia says

    HILTER RETURNS AS A WOMAN – We need to mobilize and educate and donate. The German people buried their heads in the sand and millions of Jews were killed. Obama and Biden are working hard get the message out about whta’s at stake here. We need to work together and beat the BEAST back with information, mobilization, and resources. In other words, we need to be on the ground and virtual community organizers.

  26. VirginiaMom says

    Isn’t Palin’s husband part Alaskan native? Why would she talk that way, then? THe reason MSM probably won’t report on Palin’s alleged remark re: Obama’s victory over Clinton: journalistic standard of confirmation by 2 independent sources. According to the account given by the waitress (who is park Alaskan native), everyone sitting at Palin’s table roared with gales of hilarity at her racist remark. Thus it will be “she said” vs. “she said.” This is an explosive story, though.

  27. DiBaskin says

    Wow! Palin is almost making Cheney look good. This needs to be flashed on all news channels. How can McCain call for an open Government when he is trying to silence the Media regarding this women. We have a right to ask questions about an unknown person. People have sure asked enough questions about Obama.

  28. Lucidiculous says

    Isn’t Todd Palin, her husband, one quarter Eskimo?

    This is ridiculous and it scares me that people who actually show up and vote based on the uncorroborated eye witness account of a mysterious “waitress.”

  29. NancyP says

    Who knows if the “Sambo – bitch” comment and others like it can be sourced by other individuals? She does speak for a large percentage of the population if she did say it. It might hurt her in the eyes of a few Republican-leaning well-to-do suburban white women who wish to believe that they are not even a little bit racist, but only concerned about lowering taxes.

    I daresay she will be kept away from unscripted events with television present, so that the “open mike moment” doesn’t occur.

  30. Fiona M. says

    I’ve sent this story to everone I know. It’s just unbelievable that someone like this could be win the nomination of a major US party in this day and age, and most of the media promotes the deception.

  31. Ann Reiniger says

    Doesn’t Alaskan oil belong to everyone in the United States. Why do only Alaskan residents share the profits?

    • jen says

      Because the state owns the mineral rights to the land the oil was found on and decided to use some of the profits to start the permanent fund for permanent residents of the state. Any oil found on federally owned land would certainly belong to everyone in the US.

  32. says

    Wow. If any of this is true– and if some brave people in Alaksa are willing to come forward– then Palin is toast.

    Very nice work. If you’re prepared to stand by it publicly you might want to shop it around to Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartmann or Keith Olbermann.

  33. PJ says

    Now, since you’re so good at publishing stories from people who refuse to give their real names… which in my mind equals BS, maybe you can interview some of Obama’s friends from the old days. You know the ones he went to school with, the ones he was in law school with, the ones in the IL legislature. Not only won’t they give their last names, they won’t even open their mouths. That is what I call FEAR!

    I’d love to hear from the guy he spent time with in Pakistan. How about it?

    A waitress repeating a story she may or may not have heard… not important!

  34. gone says

    Well, you are talking about a man who has finally found his soul mate. Both Palin and Mcsame hate women. Just ask Cindy.

  35. undecided says

    Is this just from a unhappy waitress who doesn’t like Palin. If you go to Illinois and look around you will find the same type of people talking about Obama also.

  36. dudette says

    Uhm Charley,

    Much as I’d love to see teh Caribou Barbie sent back to the frozen north, her hubby is 1/8th y’upik – which makes her kids 1/16th “Artic Arab”- so I’m thinking something is fishy somewhere.

    • Jessica says

      Please do not mistake the act of marrying outside your race as proof of anything. My co-worker is married to an Asian woman and he has plenty of negative things to say about Asians. My brother was married to a Caucasian woman who referred to African-Americans as the “N” word.

      It should be noted that both of the aforementioned people had children with their spouses.

  37. Diamond Jim says

    I can attest to the barely post-neanderthal attitudes of Alaskans, their racism and the good-old-boy networks that run everything, having once lived there 8 years myself. I even worked as a temp for VECO after the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Even then, VECO was said to stand for “Vastly Entrenched Criminal Organization.”

    Anyway, I just want to to add, it’s no surprise Palin is in favor of drilling ANWR, and she definitely seems OK with drilling Bristol.

    • Human says

      Yep, and as an escapee of North Dakota, I’ll say it’s the same way there too… And North Dakota is about to start pumping some of the biggest oil reserves in the world, so the madness has just begun.

  38. Katz says

    I love Ron Paul.
    The rest are the same.
    So, my point is, who cares?
    Obama or McCain, makes no difference. Neither one is good.
    The lessor of two evils, is still evil.
    They all work for the same people, except for Ron Paul.
    Look how the GOP treated the delegates for Ron Paul. Just google it, it is sad to see our entire democratic system taken over, this way. Don’t worry whether she is a whatever. She is. So is he. So is the other guy. So is that other guy. They are covering up 9/11.
    They know better.

    • Georgia says

      I like Ron Paul’s honesty and class, BUT Ron Paul is not willing to be honest about his connections with white supremacist groups. And some of them are not bad but I just wish they would spend more time emphasizing education.

      I’m AA and I think the rhetoric of JJ kept blacks down. I feel as though some of the white supremacist are doing the same thing to their people. That’s the part I don’t like.

    • English teacher says

      You wrote:

      “The lessor of two evils, is still evil.”

      What about the renter of two evils?

  39. Edward says

    Some interesting facts, unfortunately sprinkled with left-wing nonsense.

    I love this one:
    “The GOP is kind of like organized crime up here”
    HAH! What the hell do you think the definition of government IS?!?!

  40. says

    I was raised in Alaska and my family still lives there. It is true, Alaska is filled with people who are “rough around the edges” and march to the beat of their own drummer. But to say that “everyone who isn’t aboriginal or Indian talks that way” is absurd. Alaskans may be wild and untamed, much like the state they live in, but they are not all racist, bigoted or uneducated.

  41. Fred Williams says

    What a load of crap! A bunch of totally ridiculous allegations, virtually all made by unnamed (and probably invented) characters. This isn’t journalism…it hardly even rises to the level of blogism!

  42. Leigh LaTour says

    I do believe she is a ruthless and nasty political climber who retaliates against all who do not share her views, but the Palin family does have some documented Native American ancestry. Although it sounds like the quotes would be in character for her, she and the GOP can probably defend against the Alaskan Arab thing, unless there is some pretty well documented proof she said that.

    The press has to keep digging. She is definately a life-long liar and a hypocrite, so there is a ton of dirt around her. She brings to mind those high school girls who never grow out of being socially manipulative and power crazed back-stabbers. No matter how scared of her retaliation the locals may be, a friendly enough reporter with a tape recorder and the bucks to buy a few beers will have a field day in the bars.

    The future of this country could depend upon independent journalists to do all of the real investigating of this unvetted and scary fraud.

    • aa says

      your description of her is exactly what i was thinking. just had not put it in the words that you chose. she does seem like a manipulative person. her non-verbal language is so loud and clear. very arrogant and such an opportunist. fraud is what i call her. someone sent me a lot of pictures of her that were somewhat embarassing to think that she might be a vp.

  43. Ex Alaskan says

    I was raised in Alaska and my family still lives there. I will admit that Alaska is a remote wild place filled with people who march to their own beat, but to say that “everyone who isn’t aboriginal or Indian in Alaska talks that way” is a ridiculous claim. Yes, many Alaskans are a bit rough around the edges, that is what draws many of them to that untamed land, but that doesn’t mean they are all uneducated, racist or bigoted.
    The only reason people talk that way is because those of us who know better don’t call them on it.

  44. Palindrone says

    I thought I’d heard it all when I learned she wanted to ban TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD but this in-depth article has it all. She’s toast.

  45. Brianna says

    I only had to hear and watch her for a few minutes to see that she could be extremely dangerous. You could smell her corruption.She is
    power hungry for all the wrong reasons. This information must get out. Right now she is in Alaska for a few days. Wonder what she is up to? Shredding, bribing or threatening people? She has already jumped in front of McCain after his nominating speech. Does McCain really know the real Sarah? Or is he just bamboozled by her ass and feeling like a young buck again. These two want to lead the nation? Wake up sheeple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Carol Williams says

    I knew right after I saw her speak that she is the female George Bush. Not only do they believe in the same things, they even have the same facial mannerism……I’m not sure what to call it, kind of a combination of pursing the lips and jutting the jaw after making a statement……..McBush/Georgette

  47. Former journalist says

    This is just as bad as the National Enquirer! No — it’s worse, because people should decide how to vote based on something close to facts, not irresponsible writing.

    Charley James quotes an unnamed source (“Lucille”) for a very irresponsible quote attributed to a public fiqure. He then quotes an unnamed insurance agent for more slander. He then goes on to rewrite a long list of old news items with his own political commentary. (To his credit, the one redeeming link is the link to the Anne Kilkenny article, which is balanced and fair.)

    Reasonable people can disagree with Palin on the issues (I certainly think she is wrong on the environment in multiple ways), but anyone linking this article is promoting libel.

  48. Vamply says

    If we only had some of her comments on tape!! It doesn’t surprise me though. The thing is, the republicans know they’re going to lose in November so they’re preparing her to be the Republican Hillary Clinton for 2012. Remember, McCain didn’t want her BUT the inner circle of republicans (Charlie Black) did!

  49. Truth and Justice says

    Wowzers! Gee willikers. She is a Racist. The Republicans are vicious and arrogant. The Republicans are like organized crime. People in Alaska are scared to speak honestly. Is this a third world country? The Republic of Alaska? Or, the 49th State in the United States of America.

    Truth is most Americans would not support Sarah Palin as VP, if they knew the truth about Gov. Palin.

  50. DS says

    Isn’t Sarah Palin’s husband an Alaskan aborigine? Doesn’t make sense she would slur that group, since her children are half-aborigine.

  51. Chris says

    Unfortunately, however credible this may be, unless you can provide verifiable sources, this is just heresay and won’t be picked-up by the mainstream media.

    • JamesAcuna says

      I can’t speak for this entire article, but since you asked for verifiable sources, here is one item in the article that is undeniably true – Palin was for the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ before she was against it. And since she, McCain, and all the GOP talking points are that she was always opposed to it, this amounts to a bald faced lie. Now in my book, that is not a very good way to introduce your new candidate of the ‘family values’ party, to the world.

      Here is the paragraph from this article I’m referring to:

      [i]In fact, Juneau observers note that Palin kept her hand stuck out as far as anyone for pork ladled out by indicted Sen. Ted Stevens. [b]She only opposed the “bridge to nowhere” after it became clear that it would be politically unwise to keep supporting it[/b], these same insiders assert. Then, Palin fell back on her old habits and publicly humiliated him for pork-barrel politics.[/i]

      Now here is the actual newspaper article (Anchorage Daily News, Oct 22, 2006) with then (candidate for governor) Palin, in her own words (item #5):

      Look, there is alot of trash talk flying back and forth as usual. But in my experience, this does not bode well for Palin. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. I suspect that as the November elections approach, more unsavory news, more to do with her governing than this racist track, will become exposed and substantiated in the national media. This one attempt to spin the facts already show her to not be the person she presents herself as, and I think that is likely to be the tip of the iceberg. If more of this stuff pans out, then she isn’t fit to wield such power.

  52. Steve says

    The stakes are too high and skepticism too deep for you to put this stuff out there without named sources. I don’t like Palin, but sorry, this just comes off as petty mudslinging.

    “Sambo beat the bitch?” Come, on. Get your source to stand up and make this claim publicly. I’m sure plenty would step forward to protect the bearer of that revelation.

  53. Jen says

    Because hearsay by a unnamed waitress in a restaurant is not credible journalism. How about I send this same guy an anonymous tip that I heard you said something and then he prints it?

  54. Mooser says

    For God’s sake, the woman kills and eats mooses! The Republicans have nominated a cannibal for vice-President.
    Anyone who would eat a moose would eat a child.

    • enuf says

      “Anyone who would eat a moose would eat a child.”
      OMG that is so funny. It is a fact that I was not aware of before now, but then every day is something new to learn in this campaign. Now we find out that McCain not only wants to pick some snide sarcastic ultra-conservative hypocritical dumbass who makes G. Bush look like a peace loving liberal, but he is also distancing himself from the GOP at the same time. Sorry McFuddled but it’s not going to work.

  55. plooger says

    Good article, Charley, but I’d like to see more re: the following two points…

    Ironically, Palin was pushed into hiring the administrator by the party poobahs who helped get her elected after she got herself into trouble over a number of precipitous firings which gave rise to a recall campaign.

    Exactly what, then, was the division of work between Palin and the new city manager? Republicans have been making hay that Palin’s mayoral experience is executive experience qualifying her for the President, but she shared the mayoral position with a city manager where her predecessors flew solo?

    Also, has Palin or any surrogates, since her introduction last Friday, claimed that she lowered her salary as mayor of Wasilla? If so, this would be *yet another* exaggeration/falsehood in regards to her already thin record.

    For good measure, Palin booted the Wasilla police chief from office because, she told a local newspaper, he “intimidated” her.

    Could you be more specific in regards to what “intimidated” means? From what I’ve read, it may have been that he was just so much taller, bigger that she was passively intimidated by him; that is, he did nothing actively to intimidate her.

  56. Mrs,Law says

    Great story, please send it to Michael Baisden show. So his listeners can hear it. After hearing her boring speech. I decided to become democrat. Thanks for letting fellow americans starve and loose there jobs. Mr.Mccain, You worked in the senate for over 20 years. You did not help then and you dodged the bullit for the victims of Katrina. HIS wife has a hefty account$$, any chance she wants to share with the economy(not) or is she buying a baby toy for the knocked up 17 year old, whose mom is to busy to recognized that her teen was having sex in her home instead of being an honest teen. Palin is all about herself and her family is proof of that. Not to mention having a baby after 40, the outcome for a child being born with down syndrome is High, it out numbers the amount of people in her town.Bottom line if you going to run for office. Clean your house before you can clean our country. Sorry Mccain as a female who owns a lot, has kids, 2 mentally challenged, whose spouse retired from the USAF. plus a soccer mom does not qualify me to be your running mate. Palin here are a few things to add to your agenda for the week to come. Have a talk with your teens about being virgins until age 21! tell you 17 year old that she is not a good role model, just because you were allowed to run the home while you flew around. Ask your husband to assist more in raising your kids. Just let him wear the pants in the house sometimes, lipstick mom.

  57. Roo says

    Thank you so much for your insightful article! Alaskans are upset with Palin, and afraid to speak out against her!

  58. Gabi says

    Why are you trashing this fine and decent woman on the vague word of some person who obviously has a grudge against her?
    You should be ashamed.
    I know God does not play any part in your lives but He does in hers.
    If Obama is your chosen messiah you need all of our prayers.

  59. An Alaskan says

    What a crock of bs from someone who has never been up here in AK. BTW, Sarahs husband is part Native Alaskan and she has the support of all the native groups up here.

  60. Cassie says

    What a bunch of crap. Of course no one is willing to go on the record with these fantasies. It’s fun to see you Marxists twisting in the wind like this, though. Apparently “Caribou Barbie” really scares the pee out of you.

  61. Andrew says

    This is all really compelling stuff. Unfortunately I don’t see enough credible evidence here to take it seriously.

  62. Jeff C says

    Way to sink to the level of gutter writing just like the KOZ, you are printing hearsay as fact. Sarah has you so worried. I am loving every minute. She will wipe the floor with Biden the buffoon in the debate. This kind of desperation just makes me more confident that “Sambo” won’t tarnish the White House.

    • Rose B says

      Wow, Jeff C. Another one just like her. It’s amazing how proud your kind of people are of your bigotry and narrow-mindedness. What a pathetic embarrassment of an American you are. I bet you are a strong “Christian”, too, just like Sarah Palin. I think both of you need to revisit the New Testement and get a refresher course on the true meaning of humanity, compassion, and Christianity – not to mention re-think your definition of an American. You sound more like a Nazi, and I feel sorry for you.

    • Diana says

      Sorry sweetie news flash that Sarah women is on the job trainging right now, why? Because she don’t know the job. What the hell do we want her in office for? Just like Obama said he’s not running against her, he’s running against McShame. She is being used by McShame and all those good old boys. Other words she’s getting played and you as well. It’s only a distraction and I’m so glade we have someone who has the good judgment not to fall for that crap not this time baby. You guys had your chances and what did you do to this country ran it in the whole.
      We will be laughing all the way to the white house on Jan. 20, 2009 just made my hotel reservations today. Your more then welcome to come and wathch history.
      As I recall McShame was worried and had to go and do something stupid out of fear. Not this time baby.
      Be blessed,
      Obama/Biden 08. Doing it with class and I love it everyday.

  63. jess says

    no way! the WAITRESS said it? and only gave her first name? It MUST be true! You all are so smart!

    and scared….ROTF!

    Lucille, no less!! Dan Rather would be so proud….

  64. chuck says

    wow!!! i hope this isn’t true. i admit knowing very little about alaskan politics, but this is very disappointing. there needs to be some verification to determine if this is indeed accurate and if it is; it should be brought before the media in a greater light. i’m an obama supporter, but we don’t need this (another rove type, but a female; now that’s scary). it’s cool though because obama is no creme puff when it comes to political muscle. he can always turn to chicago political muscle which trumps anything palin has been exposed to in a remote state like alaska. remember, he trumped the clintons and that was no small feat. i predict if this is true; palin’s real personality will be exposed and i mean really exposed. the former mayor daley and his son can play some serious hard ball and obama is from illinois.

    • Juanita says

      I don’t know whether the article is based on truths, but it’s NOT impossible for Palin to “hate Eskimos” while being married to one. My stepmother married my father, a Mexican, and has two sons with him. But she regularly made racist comments re Mexicans anyway. Go figure.

  65. Sonja says

    Ok, maybe I am not psychic; however, listening to Ms. Palin the other night prompted me to dust off my copy of “It Can’t Happen Here”. Highly recommend reading this before TOMORROW!

    I also enjoyed a more recent spin “It Can Happen Here”.


    And thank you. How appalling.

  66. henry says

    Is this for real and confirmable? Are these people willing to sign sworn statements? I’d have to say if this were true and provable, then this would be very big news.

  67. Chad says

    Throw this out everywhere, people. We need it on videotape, audiotape, transcript, whatever. People with this kind of attitude, and the willingness to use this kind of language have no business being in leadership positions in our country.

    I grew up with this kind of crap, now I have to deal with it from my vice presidential candidates? Hell with that!

  68. Bob says

    You people should be ashamed publishing this. You dig up unsubstantiated rumors from her enemies and call that news.

    I smell desperation.

    • Diana says

      We don’t know this women and to think that she could be a heartbeat away from being commander and chief, it’s sad and it needs to be exposed. I want to know all the dirt on her, because she can’t be that perfect, there has to be something and I know the more she talks and the more we read and hear we will know the truth.
      I understand the truth hurts, but it will set us free. McCain sorry you know what didn’t do a good job all he saw was her ass and he said go get her.
      Well anyway there is something about her that just don’t set right with me.

    • TB says

      What do you mean unsubstantiated? The article names two people by name. One is Arnold Gerstheimer, and the other named Lucille who is a waitress. If you have such trouble believing it, why not e-mail the article’s author?

    • Darla says

      You should talk … how about: Obama is a muslim or Michelle hates America … there are so many lies told by the Republicans that there isn’t enough space in this box to list them all.

      John McCain spends a month assassinating Obama’s character then has the gall to blame Obama for the McCain tactics because he didn’t “do town hall meetings” with him. I’m still waiting for the “clean campaign” John and Cindy promised. What a JOKE!

  69. Jas says

    I agree wholeheartedly with the article, and I’ve read the email that he mentions from Kilkenny. Unfortunately, some of the language of the article is lifted straight from that email without adequate citation, IMHO.

    Otherwise, get this stuff out there where more eyes can see it!

  70. James says

    Really? They hate her? That explains why she has an 80% approval rating in her state – FROM DEMOCRATS.

  71. elmer says

    No wonder the vast sea of white, cheering faces at the Republican Convention went wild for Sarah: They adore the type, it’s in their genetic code.

    Hmmm. Sounds like shorthand for Obama-speak “typical white people.” It’s pretty clear who the racist is here.

  72. Dash Riprock says


    This is disappointing, but I’m not surprised at all. No wonder she rushed back to Alaska after the convention- She has a closet full of skeletons to disappear.

    • dyannne says

      Not true. She appeared in Wisconsin and I believe Michigan too today with John McCain. I’m no fan of Palin’s. In fact, I abhor her positions. But let’s be sure of our facts. Because if we spout lies and misstatements about her, people won’t believe the truth when they hear it. Please people. It’s important to get your facts straight.

    • Vir says

      I heard all the computers and against jews tapes are all erased and missing!!! this is a scary appointee hand picked by extreme right wing leaders. Mccain is only a puppet. she is female Cheney she is the real deal. repubs lied in the UN and lied to americans about war. don’t put anything past them. they do scare people to win elections. remember made in america anthrax appeared to elect bush the second time. certain people blindly follow the pied piper.

  73. Josh says

    ummm…her husband is part native. These web sites are a joke, completely nonsense. If all the crap they say about Palin is true, then why do the majority of Alaskans love her? I live in Anchorage, by the way. So I actually do know what I am talking about

    • Sarah says

      I hate when non-Alaskans write about Alaska. They can never get it right. I lived in Alaska for nine years. Maybe I didn’t hang out with the right crowd (I am not a Republican), but I never heard the kind of slurs this article mentions.

    • janice says

      You asked why Alaskans gave her an 80% approval rating…could it be the $1200. she gave every man, woman and child from oil revenues? That’s a good way to establish a “base”.

      • Kathleen says

        I’ve seen some stupid things on websites in regards to this election, but THIS comment pretty much tops them all.


  74. David Duke says

    It’s about time the Republican party put an admitted racist on the ticket!

    McKKKain/Palin for a restoration of White Christian AmeriKKKa!!!

    • joy says

      just the fact that you made this indoesment should send shivers down the spines of hard working TRUE AMERICANS. I for one will take every chance I have to debate the Sarah lovers I will come in contact with over the next two months. The reps sure can take the prize for getting out the stupid vote.

  75. Nick Danger says

    This would be a huge story if “Lucille” was a verifiable source. As it stands, it’s just another easily deniable rumor, or possibly a GOP plant intended to be picked up by left-leaning blogs and discussion forums, with the goal of embarrassing them.

    If there were in fact people at other tables within earshot, there are witnesses who can corroborate the story. Unless one or more of them, or “Lucille”, come forward with their real names and verifiable details of the incident, this one will be shrugged off as another mean-spirited attack by the left.

  76. Chris says

    If this is true, it’s damning. It’s over. I hope you’re prepared to work with major news sources to corroborate this story, because you’re going to be hearing from them, and the bloggers, in droves.

  77. Anony mous says

    wow, this is good shite! Why can’t i read stuff like this on the MSM? AP, reuters, you listening? I hate your globalist controlled media b.s. This is the real deal, good stuff!

    • SouthernYankee says

      Why hasn’t this article been sent to mainstream papers to pickup on. I bet if sent it to Keith Olberman at MSNBC he would say something. I don’t know how to send this article. I have a feeling this woman will withdraw anyway. She is to mean and know one wants a more extreme right religious person to be one step away from the president’s office. I just don’t think people will elect her.

    • Carol Williams says

      I knew as soon as I saw her speak that she was the female George Bush. Not only do they share the same “beliefs” but they even have that same facial mannerism……I don’t know what to call it but its a combination of pursing the lips and jutting the jaw after making a statement……..McBush/Georgette

      • Robin Dicken says

        Mussolini had that expression too… like “yeah, I said it”. Arrogance and hatred are not leadership qualities. Caribou Barbie needs to be sent packing back to the Great White South.

      • iam funny says

        That’s because George Bushs’ speech writer wrote the speech for her and she was intensely coached and practiced. Scary, no?

    • Emmi says

      Oh, here we go. The whisper campaign begins. How obama of you all.

      No one is going to buy the waitress with no name and the official who isn’t supposed to talk to the press (but, they’ll talk to Charley – oh, how RICH!)

      But you know what- go ahead. Play the race card from the bottom of the deck. You are being watched and with every move you make against Palin- you only strengthen McCain.

      Here, I thought Obama was smart. NOT.


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