Sarah Palin at the Tea Party Convention: She’s Baaaaack

The Tea Party movement held a national convention this week with Sarah Palin delivering the keynote address.  Palin, who ran as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate in the 2008 presidentional election, has become the darling of the movement, as was evidenced by the rousing applause and howls coming from the audience throughout her almost hour-long speech.

When asked if the Tea Party movement should become an independant third party or be absorbed by the Republicans,  Sarah Palin replied, “The Republican Party would be really smart to start trying to absorb as much of the tea party movement as possible because this is the furture of our country. The Tea Party movement is the future of politics and, as I said before, this is a beautiful movement because it is shaping the way politics are conducted. You got really both party machines are running scared because they’re not knowing what are we gonna do if we don’t have tea party support. They know that they won’t succeed.”

According to Judson Phillips, founder of Tea Party Nation and the driving force and organizer of the convention, the endgame for the Tea Party movement is to have a conservative house and conservative senate.  During the Q & A session after her speech, Palin suggested that the  top three things the movement should focus on is reining in spending, jump starting energy projects, and allowing America’s spirit to rise again.

Although leaders of the movement claim they were dissatisfied with many of Bush’s policies, the movement did not actually emerge until after President Obama was sworn in.  According to reports in several main stream media outlets including USA Today, most protesters want to pressure the governement to reduce spending. But the organization has also had ties to the “birther” movement to remove Obama from the White House because they claim he is not a U.S. citizen.

Some have written off the Tea Party’ers or Tea Baggers as the far right-wing fringe, too radical to garner the respect of the mainstream. Still, the movement continues to get air play on Fox and, according to Palin and others on the right, is a reflection of the sentiments of a large contingent of Americans.  They frequently refer to the movement as the “voice of the people”.

Sharon KyleWhen asked if the movement was broad enough to attract conservative democrats, Palin replied, “they’re already peeking in — it’s pretty cool to see some of the Blue Dog Democrats peeking under the tent and finding out what is this movement all about and, holy geez, I’m scared if I’m not a part of this.”

It has been reported that the Tea Party Nation plans to take advantage of the opportunities to gain more political power because of the opportunities afforded it as a result of the recent United Citizens v. FEC Supreme Court Decision.  In light of this, how  should progressives respond?  Please give us your comments below and fill out the poll

Sharon Kyle
Publisher, LAProgressive

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  1. Terry Nash says

    Extreme views and actions keep everything splintered. The splinters then fester and become infected. Even on the Progressive Democrat side we need to be aware of extreme self-centered splintering. Madam Sarah promotes and relishes the chance to splinter wherever she is “used”.

  2. says

    I’m sorry, but if Sarah Palin is the candidate for president three years from now, It is going to make my life a whole hell of a lot easier. If she wins it would make my life a dream. As a blogger, I will never again have to touch my computer keyboard. These things will write themselves.

    I know this sounds exceedingly selfish on my part and I am ashamed to say it in so public a forum. I hope she never goes away. For the self-described political satirist, she is the gift that keeps giving and giving and giving….

    Tom Degan
    Goshen NY

  3. Donna says

    Because I don’t think any of us have any of this (politics and patriotism) completely figured out, I “Peeked under the tent” and was not impressed with anything Judson Phillips, Amy Kremer, Keith Skoda and David DeGaralamo presented. It was a hodge-podge of jabs and inaccurate claims coupled with a good serving of bad organization. I watched a re-run of the event on CSPAN. Palin’s speech was nothing more than an extended cheer…she was a cheerleader in HS right? She did make some interesting points but most of them were simple regurgitations…nothing original. I sincerely hope they did NOT pay her $125,000 for that speech.

    I don’t think the Right wants to claim this group quite yet. They’re already splintered. Still, at least they’re talking and getting involved. Bottom line, I believe these people love their country – our country – and I simply know the solution lies of all our problems lies in the middle with a bonafide compromise.

    Course, neither side is willing to give that up, eh?

  4. Marie Russell-Barker says

    These are people that was developed when the Insurance Companies bused them in to disrupt the Town Hall Meeting, Most of the them have no ideal of what it is that they stand for. These are confused people who think something is being taken away from them. With out a central ideal on what they stand for they will soon die out.

    Ex politicians wanted to make it about them and what they stand for, but I don’t see that what I see is some people that was feed a bunch of things that most did not understand, especially since most of it was lies, like the statement that was made through out their marches concerning Medicare, and the lie regarding there was a death panel.

    Fox News started the Tea Party, and half of those people did not and still don’t know what the original Tea Part represented. There is the Birthers, these are people that are prejudice, don’t think that Obama should be the President of America, the president should always be white. These are the ones who hate all blacks and think that they should stay in their places.

    As one can see there was a lot of people at these so call Rallies, but not a single ideal to follow, radical politician angry because they no longer hold a place in the government and more than likely was voted out because of some disgrace of office. I think for the most part, most of these people will wake up and think how Palin, and others are using them to get what they want. If they ever find out what Sister Sarah stand for right now it looks as if she stands for herself. Glenn Beck’s days are numbered, people are not completely stupid even if they have never attended a school and once that happens he can kiss that show of his good, and It will happen!

  5. Nancy Ingalls says

    The verb “reigning” suggests royal authority. The verb “reining” would be used in the phrase, “reining in spending.”

  6. Pat Allen says

    I don’t find it surprising at all that Palin would be the darling of this movement. She is shallow and uninformed and so is the movement.

    There is nothing wrong with standing up for change in this country and for responsible use of taxpayer dollars. That is not what this movement is about. They are about protecting the wealthy, white in this country through disinformation and misinformation.

    They likely actually believe their own talking points but every time I listen to one of them speak I am left with the impression of how little they actually represent the general populace and how shallow the message. And then there are those who are downright lying particularly about the President. Shame on them. They will never represent me.


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