Sarah Palin: The Veep to Nowhere?

sarah-marilyn-palin.gifWell, those old guys certainly know how to shake things up!

John McCain surprised everyone by doing something – well- surprising! He yanked into the national spotlight Rush Limbaugh’s favorite female governor, Sarah Palin of Alaska. She’s an attractive, young, schoolmarm, executive type who could be, by age, John McCain’s daughter. A gutsy choice from what was thought to be a too-old, toothless maverick. John made up for lost time when he reached deep into the VP pool and pulled out “Sarah the Barracuda.” He now has a new set of choppers! A set which is the envy of pit bulls worldwide.

With this choice it becomes clear that John has been answering those middle-of-the-night phone calls. But was he only dreaming when he heard a deep, authoritative voice intone, “If you want my people onboard you better give them some red meat to sink their teeth into. Someone who listens to me. Someone who comes with no ifs, ands or buts.”

John listened obediently and John jumped. He jettisoned Joe Lieberman, his first choice for VP. He took a big breath and, in the time it took to say, “I want to win – regardless,” he swallowed the entire Religious Right – hook, line and sinker.

Governor Palin was received with a vociferous ovation from the Christian soldiers. Gushed Rush, “Sarah Palin: babies, guns, Jesus. Hot damn!” I searched the crowd to see if anyone was waving palm branches. I listened for the blare of trumpets. I began imagining that the delegates sounded like the St. Paul Xcel Center Tabernacle choir. Was that a halo around her head? Judging by the reception given this political unknown, John must surely believe that his late night message came from the Big Guy upstairs.

Governor Palin is now the poster candidate for the religious right. Rush was exuberant, “From now on McCain is McBrilliant!”

And what is all the excitement about?

Governor Palin doesn’t even support abortion in the case of rape or incest. God may speak to her and abortion will be outlawed and/or banned by a Constitutional amendment. She was free to choose to bring her autistic child into the world and her unmarried daughter has the choice to carry her fetus to full term. Mrs. Palin would deny that choice to others. She opposes comprehensive sex-ed in public schools. She’s said she will only support abstinence-only approaches. (Oops!)

Gay/Lesbian Rights:
Mrs. Palin supports the 1998 Alaska state constitutional ban on gay marriage. And while she finally signed the court ordered same-sex partner benefits bill, she fought rabidly against them. Governor Palin said, “We believe we have no more judicial options to pursue. So we may disagree with the foundation there, the rationale behind the ruling, but our responsibility is to proceed forward with the law and abide by the Constitution.” The Governor opposes hate crime laws that protect gay men and lesbians.

Iraq: Governor Palin told ministry students that the United States sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from God.”

Big Oil: Governor Palin has close ties to really Big Oil. In an address last June, the Republican vice presidential candidate also urged ministry students to pray for a plan to build a $30 billion natural gas pipeline in the state, calling it “God’s will.”

United States of America: As recently as six months ago, Governor Palin supported the fringe Alaska Independence Party, a group who wants Alaskans to vote on secession from the United States.

Creationism: Governor Palin wants creationism taught in public schools along with science.

Global Warming: Palin doesn’t believe that humans contribute to global warming. “I’m not one, though, who would attribute it to being manmade,” she said.

carl-matthes.jpgLibrary Books: Governor Palin asked the library how she might go about banning books because some had inappropriate language in them. According to Time, “news reports from the time show that Palin had threatened to fire (the librarian) for not giving ‘full support’ to the mayor.”

The Bridge to Nowhere: She supported the Bridge to Nowhere, before she opposed it. Governor Palin claimed that she said “thanks, but no thanks” to the infamous Bridge. But in 2006, Palin supported the project saying that Alaska should take advantage of earmarks “while our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist.” And while the bridge went nowhere, the federal money stayed in Alaska and was used for other projects.

Pit bulls, barracudas, God, pregnancy and guns, these are the big issues of the day heralding even bigger change in Washington. Who knew?

by Carl Matthes

Carl Matthes is a native of Los Angeles and has lived in Eagle Rock for over 40 years. He is a former president and a current Board member of Uptown Gay and Lesbian Alliance. He is a former columnist and a current advisor to the Lesbian News, the oldest lesbian publication in America. He was editor of the GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) newsletter and a former GLAAD National Board member. He has also been a Board member of AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

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  1. JuliaH says

    McCain and the Republicans have foisted this inexperienced and unqualified person on the American people and are trying to slip her in the back door without her having to pay a cover charge or show her ID.

    At this moment a flock of Republican lawyers has been sent to Alaska to dismantle the so-called “Troopergate” episode, she isn’t allowed to answer questions from the audience at her pep rallies, she’s been scantily interviewed and has only been presented with soft-ball questions, and we are being distracted and mislead at every turn when anyone asks a solid question of Sarah Palin or asks for accountability or the Republican party’s reasoning for their reckless and dangerous candidate selection.

    We are in a national and global upheaval that will require express experience in economic and foreign affairs, among other things, and it is painfully clear that Sarah Palin has little or no experience in either of those areas but somehow she is apparently encased in Republican bubble wrap.

    This is simply “Bush in a Skirt” fakery, a flimsy shotgun candidate brought onto the Republican ticket to pull the wool over the eyes of the American people just to win the White House. This isn’t country first and this shouldn’t be “aw, just give her a chance.” This is not the point in history where political parties should be shoving their VPs headlong to the fore with training wheels.

    Why is Sarah Palin getting a free ride? Why do the Republicans have her locked up in a virtual makeup bag surrounded by clouds of face powder? Why can’t we have the so-called “straight talk” here? What keeps us so lock-stepped in the complacent flock-of-sheep mentality, voiceless and flaccid?

    Bloggers need to go a step further! Rather than continue to feel helpless, we need to start writing!

    US House of Representatives:

    US Congress:

    Also, PBS is running a poll of potential voters asking whether the country thinks that Sarah Palin is ready and qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States. My vote was a resounding NO!!

  2. Su says

    And if you check what I wrote, I didn’t condemn you specifically for spreading the misinformation – just noted that this misinformation is being spread.

    But with all due respect, Carl – “support” leaves some room for ambiguity, doesn’t it? How did her support manifest itself?

    Interesting factoids indeed about the plane’s intended purpose. (I assume you mean Frank Murakowski.) Still, as progressive “political spinners,” I think we need to make sure our spin leaves no open holes.

  3. Su says

    The information about her being a member of the Alaska Independence Party has been discredited – the campaign produced her voting records. I wish people would stop spreading this misinformation, since it makes people question what IS factual.

    Also not on this list: they continue to insist she sold the governor’s private jet on eBay for a profit. She did *list* the plane on eBay. It didn’t sell. It was eventually sold through a plane broker, for a loss of several hundred thousand dollars.

    • Carl Matthes says

      Dear Su…

      My article does not say that Governor Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party. What is factual is what I wrote, i.e., “Governor Palin supported the fringe Alaska Independence Party.” Sometimes political spinners refute a fact my introducing a seemingly irrelevant contradictory fact” i.e., voter registration forms. Governor Palin only mentions the first part of the jet/Ebay. As she wants to appear to be anti-government waste. Please check the original reason for purchasing the jet which was to transport Alaska’s excess prison population to Arizona instead of using commercial transportation. Please check how Republican Governor Murkaskey began such heavy usage of the plane that the original purpose was abandoned.

    • Carl Matthes says

      Dear Su…

      Thanks for your comment. Please check what I wrote, I didn’t say Palin was a member of the Alaska Independence Party, I wrote that she “supported the fringe Alaska Independence Party.”

  4. Gregan says

    And the DUMB Karl Rove, DUMB American voters are eating it up….and McCain/Palin are stealing Obamas CHANGE message right before the eyes of a sleeping America….VERY SAD INDEED!!!!

    If the American press had any backbone they would EXPOSE this FARCE to win the DUMB VOTE.

  5. DMcD says

    Check my thinking here if you will ;

    She calls herself a “Pitbull” ——
    Pitbuls are “dogs” ——
    She is a “female” —–
    Therefore she is a “female dog”, right ?
    A female dog is more commonly known as a — [ fill-in the blank ].

    Her words , not mine (although by her words and deeds, I agree with her self-description).

  6. Moose49 says

    Something else the voters ought to know:

    During Palin’s first campaign for mayor of that cosmopolitan metropolis, Wasilla, she proclaimed that she would be “the first Christian mayor” of that town. The incumbent whom she ran against’s last name? Stein. Never mind that he was raised a Lutheran. She was making a play for the anti-Semitic vote.

    As Stein told The New York Times:

    “I thought: ‘Holy cow, what’s happening here? Does that mean she thinks I’m Jewish or Islamic?’ ”

    Add to that Palin’s past support of Buchanan.

    And the fact that just two weeks ago, she attended a church service at which the leader of “Jews for Jesus” spoke, and her minister (Rev. Wright, anyone?) lavished praise on the organization.

    Every American Jew — and every opponent of anti-Semitism and bigotry — ought to confront John McCain NOW on his appalling choice of a running mate.

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