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Betsy DeVos is dumber than Jethro of the Beverly Hillbillies, and she’s t-Rump’s Secretary of Education. Don’t ponder that too long. Jethro’s career goals were brain surgeon or fry cook, and he never made good on either. I once sat next to a fry cook after work on a BART train in San Francisco, and had to move to another car. As for brain surgeons, I imagine Ben Carson or Betsy DeVos botching a brain surgery as badly as Vincent did Lester near the end of Pulp Fiction.

I also wanted to be a brain surgeon or fry cook when I was young, but never made good on either. But I think I’d be a better Education Secretary than either Jethro or Betsy DeVos. She needs a nickname. “Nick” just doesn’t fit. How about, “The Wicked Witch of the Wrong?” She’s a key component of t-Rump’s Cult of Personality Disorder. Her family was charter members before there was one, and her brother is the mercenary king who sicced his troops on Portland from the legacy Blackwater Corp.

But we were talking about witches. I dream about sex with good witches and always have. Does that mean hydroxychloroquine is right for me? One of t-Rump’s medical or spiritual advisers (and he doesn’t know the difference) said that people with problems have dreams about sex with witches and demons. I’ve been outed. I have problems, and I love good witches. I can’t help being what I am, and I have rights too. But there’s not a handy label for my kind like LGBTQ, POC, CIS, Gender Neutral, Non-Binary or whatever. I’m just an old fashioned male heterosexual and anti-disestablishmentariainismist, who loves good witches. Guess what I just added to spellcheck?

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t-Rump wouldn’t have been a good fry cook or brain surgeon either, but he’s good at what he does. That is if you think sheparding the world to the Eve of Destruction is a good idea.

Betsy DeVos is a bad witch, one of the worst. We’re waiting for Glinda the Good to show up and drop a house on her, or melt the bitch.* I use that word a lot. There are a lot of them, and I’m one too. If that word makes you squeamish, I can offer a working definition: “A female homo-sapien, who abuses her social, political, family or corporate standing to take unfair advantage, or wrongfully and gratuitously hurt others, while profiting or gaining from it. Some do this for mercenary reasons, others for advancement, gain, or consolidation of power. Reference to a female dog (trad.), but also a colorful term to describe a person of either sex engaged in a spirited debate. One who stands his or her ground in the face of relentless peer pressure for the sake of integrity. One who argues, while failing to listen. A difficult person, who is not easily manipulated or intimidated." So these words are more complex than you may think, and they DO have their place in our social conversation. I'm a real bitch about it!

t-Rump wouldn’t have been a good fry cook or brain surgeon either, but he’s good at what he does. That is if you think sheparding the world to the Eve of Destruction is a good idea. A lot of his constituents are anxious to get to the Apocalypse portion of their Evangelical devotion. What’s Biblically ironic is that t-Rump’s symbiotic, Israeli partner in global destruction Bibi, is doing his corrupt best to hasten the Apocalypse in the Holy Land itself! I gotta say, these Messianic Jews and Evangelical Jews are sure getting their money’s worth from t-Rump and Bibi. Is it any wonder that their communities blow the curve for Covid outbreaks in the US and Israel? Woops, I’m getting political, and that offends some people’s sensitivities. Like those who were never comfortable with the outcome of the Civil War or that two-state solution thingy.

scott prosterman

t-Rump and Bibi are scrambling brains in hot grease, and flinging the stuff all over their countries and the world. It’s like Jethro became a brain surgeon after getting fired from his job as a fry cook, and got elected president or prime minister.

H. Scott Prosterman