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Stupidity or Treason

“Donald Trump is a traitor against America!”
“Any naval officer who puts the well-being of his command and sailors above the re-election of the Donald is committing treason!”
“White people supporting #BlackLivesMatter are committing treason against their race!”
“Men who applaud #MeToo revelations are traitors against other men!”

In this age of hyperbole, each such statement must be delivered at full volume, punctuated by at least one exclamation point. Rational discourse over reasonably disputed issues is no longer patriotic. Reliance on such things as facts and logic is, at the very least, unpatriotic, but more usually is labeled "treason".

Statements by deep state scientists are really efforts to undermine the authority and reputation of our glorious leader, and thus the government of which he is the immortal figurehead. That is treason!

Isn’t it?

Back when they were developing our new nation, our Founding Fathers considered this issue. They were all too familiar with the royal prerogative to arrest and prosecute people for insulting the crown or its agents. John Peter Zenger was prosecuted in New York colony in 1734 for the offense of publishing the truth in his colonial newspaper.

King George’s government routinely took political targets away from the North American colonies for trial, to places where the King found more compliant juries and where colonial journalists had a harder time covering trials.

Our Founding Fathers decided that they wanted to create a government of laws, rather than repeat the European model of government by royal monarchical fiat. They drafted our Constitution as the new nation’s fundamental law, to which other laws would be subordinated. And they specifically defined what treason would be. The Constitution provided a legal definition of, and limitation on, what could constitute treason.

Article III, Section 3 of the new Constitution provided: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Article III, Section 3 of the new Constitution provided: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Stealing from the government is not treason. Lying to your constituents is not treason. Denying science is not treason. Raping women, no matter how young, is not treason. Having to pay for sex is not treason.

When alt-whities claim that President Obama committed “treason” by becoming President (twice) even though Republicans claimed he was born in Kenya, they are wrong. What such people really mean is that President Obama committed treason by becoming President although he was a black man. But the Founding Fathers, who probably never envisioned a black man becoming President, didn’t include being a high achieving black man in their definition of treason.

The Founding Fathers wanted treason to be serious and clearly related to attacking the nation, on behalf of national enemies. They wanted to avoid the problem of a mad king accusing people of treason simply because he feared or disliked them.

Levying war against the U.S. sounds pretty clear. The Constitution says that only the Congress can declare war. But we’ve pretty much abandoned that provision, since the end of WWII. The nation now generally lets the president go to war when and where he wants to. President Reagan decided that we needed to conquer and humble the threatening nation of Grenada, and acted to do so without bothering Congress for permission.

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What if a nation decides to kill another nation’s soldiers, sailors, fliers, and civilians not with lead bullets shot out of guns, but with bullets of RNA protein strings, wrapped in fat?

Traditional wars involve nations shooting at each other to kill each other’s soldiers, sailors and fliers with bullets. But what if a nation decides to kill another nation’s soldiers, sailors, fliers, and civilians not with lead bullets shot out of guns, but with bullets of RNA protein strings, wrapped in fat? Americans love fat. So offering us anything wrapped in fat is a good way to get us to take it.

With the world’s largest military, with numerous “war colleges,” our military studies such possibilities, and figures out ways to defeat such efforts. For example, our main military academies, The Air Force Academy, the Navy’s Annapolis, and the Army’s West Point all train our next generation of military leaders. Each of those would be a very valuable target for any enemy hoping to wage successful war against the USA.

With that in mind, when a viral pandemic started to sweep the world, our military planners laid out ways to protect our future military leaders. One decision was to send students home, to study online, with instructions to isolate themselves from contact from potential carriers of the new virus. Any foreign leader who wanted to infect, and possibly kill, our future military officers by getting them while they were on campus was stymied.

Until a U.S. enemy, Russian Czar Vladimir Putin asked the Donald for a couple of favors. Czar Vlad suggested to the Donald that Russia and the USA should celebrate the April, 1945 meeting of Soviet and U.S. troops at the River Elbe, marking the splitting of Germany, and hastening the end of WWII. The Donald, liking any military commemoration, readily agreed.

While they were chatting, playing to the Donald’s irrepressible vanity, Czar Vlad also commiserated with the Donald losing the opportunity to speak to the West Point graduating class. With such good security at West Point, why should anyone worry about a tiny little virus? At a time of national worry, even panic, this would be a grate chance for the Donald to display personal courage, and defiance of the virus. He should call the scattered student body back to West Point, and have them sit together to listen to the Donald speak, to honor the Donald.

So, at the suggestion of Russian Czar Vlad, a national enemy, the Donald has overruled his top military planners, and has ordered the West Point graduating class, our next generation of officers, to gather at West Point to listen to one of his invaluable orations. Caterers and other serving workers will be assembled from the most active Covid-19 hotspot in the nation. And the Donald has said that he wants to minimize any social distancing.

The president of the United States has agreed, with the Czar of an enemy nation, to defy both medical any military planners and gather our best and brightest young military officers in an event where they can be highly likely to contract the tiny virus bullets that can be as lethal as any traditional bullets. It was the plan of our enemy. But our president has agreed to try to spread Covid-19 to our officer corps.

Trying to kill U.S. military officers, with bullets of lead or bullets of RNA is, levying War against them. Trying to infect U.S. military officers with Covid-19, at the suggestion or request of an enemy nation is adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Czar Vlad will celebrate his greatest military victory, without a shot being fired, while the Donald celebrates what he imagines will be the adulation by the West Point community and his brilliant graduation address.

At about the same time, the Donald ordered his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to confiscate 5 MILLION masks that the V.A. had ordered, to protect its injured and aging warrior patients. Again, this was a step with a direct consequence of exposing injured military personnel and retirees to a deadly threat. Whether Czar Vlad also initiated this step is, as yet, undetermined.

Not wanting to leave the civilian population unaffected, when it was revealed that America’s slaughterhouses had become Covid-19 hotspots, featuring lack of protective equipment and practices, the Donald ordered that contaminated slaughterhouses that had been shut down re-open, so that their Corona Virus could be shipped to stores across the nation.

Following a foreign enemy’s suggestion to intentionally inflict Covid-19 death on an entire class of our military officers, and acting to similarly inflict death and injury on already hospitalized veterans is both “levying war against” our nation and “giving aid and comfort” to a national enemy.

Tom Hall

Donald Trump has committed, and continues to commit treason against the United States.

Tom Hall