GOP Turns Deaf Ears to Calls for Saving California Schools

Five Million Californians Call for June Vote to Save Schools: GOP Refuses to Listen

Addressing Governor Brown, the State Assembly and Senate, parent activists urged fast action:

“Let the public vote on a tax extension measure in a June Special Election.” – Hoi Yung Poon, Parents for Great Education (PfGE)

“As a lifelong Republican and Californian, I urge California Republican officials to live up to their vows to do the people’s business. Do not distort words. Give the voters who elected you some credit, put the continuance of existing taxes to a vote of the people, not to special interests from out of state.” — Rauly Butler, banker and PfGE member, Orinda, California.

Last week more than 58,000 Californians and 49 state grassroots groups (representing 5 million members statewide) sent letters letting their legislators know that they are ready to vote to save our kids and save our schools. We can’t allow worst-case budget cuts to happen. The Sacramento Bee reports that conservative billionaires from another state, the Koch brothers, are trying to interfere in the business of California and prevent the June vote with an arm-twisting video aimed at undecided holdouts.

“Our public schools are at risk of losing significantly more funding–an additional $5 billion will be cut from K-12 if the revenue measures do not pass. That’s approximately $625-$900 per student. This is a critical time for our children’s education and for the future of California. We must have the opportunity to vote,” said Hoi Yung Poon, (PfGE).

“The hard-working families, businesses, teachers and students of Central Coast Senate District 15 have always had strong support for public education. All our Central Coast voters from Santa Cruz to Santa Barbara understand fully the consequences of an all-cuts budget. Respect our voters and our democracy. Let voters decide if they are willing to renew a $250.00 total tax per person to preserve the future of public schools for our children,” said Cynthia Hawthorne, a school board member and a parent in Santa Cruz.

In November, 2010, California voters rejected a cuts-only approach to the budget. Now a handful of legislators could make the difference to a June vote, or continue standing in the way. These holdouts enjoyed educations at California public schools and universities like UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Santa Barbara, and now they want to pull up the ladder of opportunity behind them. Instead of listening to constituents, California state legislators are listening to rich oil men based in Kansas who have already meddled in state politics in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio.

“I’ve personally delivered 100 letters from students of all grades to our legislators in Sacramento. They want books, science lab equipment, smaller classes, more time with the teacher, restored library hours, art & music, field trips and more instructional time. They’re asking for a 21st century education and we are going back to a 19th century education. We need to stop the subversive influence of non-elected outside special interests over the Republicans,” said Kimberley Beatty, San Diego parent and a PfGE member.

cynthia liuGOP members of the Assembly and Senate: stop choking off progress in our state. You didn’t get the message in 2010 and you still don’t get it. More than 5 million Californians say we want to vote in June. We want great schools for our kids, and we’re willing to keep taxes at current levels to do it. Make us choose between your cuts-only approach and our kids, and we’ll choose our kids every time.

We’re Ready to Vote. Now Stand Aside So We Can

This link contains a list of 49 organization logos sheet, that was circulated to legislators last week.

Cynthia Liu and Parents for Great Education

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  1. says

    BTW, writing to lawmakers is a total waste of time, they don’t even their mail except to look for LARGE checks. The best way is to do just what you are doing. Write editorials in public news forums, post comments the way that I am doing now, and have protests in mass with the name of the offending lawmakers on the signs. Recalls are a necessary part of the process. If our voting machine can elect one of them into power, the same machine must be ready, willing and able to take that offending individual out for breaking promises.

  2. says

    The teachers should recall Jerry Brown for issuing 22,000 pink slips while giving prison guards a big, fat contract. If you give him more tax dollars, he will build more prisons and possibly put YOU into it. There are 54,000 non violent prisoners who could be released right now at a savings of billions of dollars. He’s the one who passed the harsh determinate sentencing laws that caused the current overcrowding crisis. He certainly has not held the guards accountable for the murder and medical neglect by state employees taking place inside the prisons. We can do much better than Jerry Brown.

    Please “Like” my page on Facebook, “Liberals to Recall Jerry Brown” so that at the very least we can bring out the issue of him busting the teacher’s union while increase the job security of prison guards by denying education. Fodder for war, fodder for prisons, that’s Brown’s vision for our children.

  3. in_awe says

    Of course Jerry Brown could be fair about the right of the voters to be heard and place a cuts only alternative on the ballot along with his extend the tax proposal. According to the recent Public Policy Institute of CA poll in March, the movement to push the extension has lost 8 percentage points of support since January and is trending down from the 46% level it had last month. Professional analysts say if you start with less than 50% support before the campaign starts, then you are pretty well doomed to lose. So much for everyone wanting to extend the taxes.

    The Democrats in Sacramento will offer no new ideas for reining in spending since they are banking on forcing the tax increase one way or another – no matter that the voters oppose it. And I remember the promises made by these same politicians when the biggest tax increase in US history was laid on the taxpayers of this state – we’ll reform ourselves, we’ll never let this happen again…trust us! Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

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