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Another day, another shameful and cowardly distraction from the President of the United States of America.

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Because nothing exudes camaraderie and stability around our United States armed forces quite like an arbitrary and discriminatory ban against transgender troops.

This latest piece of red meat thrown to Trump’s fundamentalist Christian religious extremist supporters is even more outrageously hypocritical given the enormous multibillion-dollar spending package shoehorned in for our armed forces. How exactly does it make us stronger if not every American who is able, fit and willing to serve in the armed forces can do so, yet it's considered a bipartisan beacon of sanity to ramp up the war drums even further?

How exactly does it make us stronger if not every American who is able, fit and willing to serve in the armed forces can do so, yet it's considered a bipartisan beacon of sanity to ramp up the war drums even further?

The answer points to dishonorable distraction - divide and conquer, pit your countrymen against one another. These are not the tactics of an American President, they are the petulant whims of an emotionally brazen man-child cum wannabe dictator using the late-Friday night "lede-burial policy-announcement" cliché to cover up an endless parade of uber-embarrassing and revelatory leaks, firings, and his own aberrant and repellent personal behavior.

The fraudulent Christian extremist theocrats, now eyeball-deep in the swamp that Herr 45 saw fit to fill with the sewage of his own criminal buddies and Washington's most vile swamp creatures, needed a handwave as Dear Leader's cavorting with porn stars and Playboy Playmates come to light. The same geniuses who clamor for an All-Jesus military see no irony in their starry-eyed adulation of an authoritarian tool who combines the criminality of Richard Nixon with the once-reviled sexuality of Bill Clinton. At least he never had the nerve to be born with gender dysphoria!

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The anti-trans bigotry is especially outrageous considering the fact one is statistically more likely to be harassed in a bathroom by a red-state Republican senator than they are a transgender person. And as one of our respected transgender clients of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and a former member of the U.S. Military can attest, the divisive edict yields absolutely no considerable advantage on any front and, in fact, damages not just our troops but our country as a whole.

Let’s call it what it is. The Trans Ban is nothing short of base, evil, vile prejudice and bigotry of the most repugnant order. It is being aggressively challenged in the federal Courts and it is doomed to fail due to its glaring unconstitutionality. Trump and his fundamentalist Christian sycophants are joyously salivating with righteous glee, however, once again, they are on the wrong side of history.

“Make America Hate Again”; how disgusting!

Yesterday, March 25, 2018, was also National Medal of Honor Day, which was of course abused by a bone-spur ravaged, 5-time draft deferment president who adores the iconography of the U.S. military without even the remotest understanding of the ideals and core principles it is sworn to protect. He assumes it to be petulant, random, dictatorial and governed by ad-hoc edicts which don't even have the luxury of an intelligent mind to justify its brazenly hurtful eccentricity. Instead, Don Jong-un is more focused on ego and empire; mostly ego, of course. Once he criticized the war in Iraq - now he's filling his staff with people who wish to rush to repeat that mistake in unlimited magnitudes. Brand spanking new National Security Advisor John Bolton's unfettered worship of war and apocalyptic fetishization for the unambiguous destruction of our allies, and his boundless Islamophobia are THE true national security threats. And yes, his wet dream, pre-emptive strike on North Korea would spell Seoul’s' destruction faster than any of Kim's unhindered proclivities. Combine this deadly travesty with Trump's own vow to undo the peacemaking Iran deal and Bolton's itchy, jingoistic trigger-finger in that region and the stage is set to send even more of our brave servicemembers to die on the whims of chickenhawk draft-dodgers who glorify war like hackneyed movie bait for Oscar recognition.

But hey, that's okay. At least we'll only be wasting the lives of mostly Cisgendered Christians in this tragic, piteous and wretched pissing contest.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation of which I am the Founder and President currently represents almost 55,000 active duty U.S. marines, sailors, soldiers, airmen, cadets, midshipmen, national guard, reservists and veterans, about 96% of whom self-identify as practicing Christians. Our MRFF clients have faced unconstitutional religious church/state violations and noxious abuse from their military superiors who almost exclusively brandish one particular version of Christianity, fundamentalist Christianity, as a weapon to intimidate, menace, harass, subdue, and terrify their otherwise helpless armed forces subordinates.

Our client base consists of Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Native American Spiritualist, Humanist, Pagan, Atheist, slightly over 18% of all Muslim Americans in the U.S. military, other minority faith and non-faith military members, and just under 1,000 LGBT military members, 12 of whom are transgender people.

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Michael L. "Mikey" Weinstein