Seismic Shifts: Haiti freestyling to murder Tarzan, Jane & their Uncle Toms

Part Two – Naked Divinity

Maybe I’ll dance more? Maybe I’ll sing more.
Gotta get this energy out of body some more. This screaming pain out my mind more. From my head that can’t handle this, I’ll bring it down to my belly juices, uncoiling pure energy back up. That’s never let me down yet…

Feel like shedding these boots.
I going barefoot now
Apologies to HLLN at the outset
Time to shed like the arching rainbow of Ayida Dan Wedo.

I’m here now.

It’s been a while y’all
Maximum respect Atigbon Legba
Three snaps from the heart
I’ve been in another world but you all still holding it down
Ancestors’ hear.
Nathan P: its madness sheer madness.

Every day, we struggle. We don’t stop. We can’t give up. We are the Haitians, from the womb to the tomb our lives is about struggle. What keeps us moving is the legacy of the Ancestors, the strength in our veins inherited from the most courageous people in the world.

Because I eat everyday, have electricity and access to clean water,
because I have some resources and passports, it is my obligation to give voice to the Haitian who can’t speak, who have been silenced, who are dying from UN-imported cholera or indefinite preventive detention in Haiti’s prisons behind this UN- occupation.

It is my honor to suffer their humiliation and I do.
There’s lots of repercussion for standing and speaking truth to power.
It’s no joke.
What I leave the world is the work I have out here.
Tomorrow I don’t know if Empire’s vampires will silence this voice.
But today I stand and I will not live on my knees. I believe that this is what every Haitian who is conscious enough to continue to fight will tell you.
Ginen Haitians will tell you that at a particular level where we know who we are from way back before time began, we understand that Ginen poze. That means our spirit is calm, at peace. Outside worldly graven images, Ginen poze.

We are spirit at our most authentic source.
We know as spirit and in truth to behold our own naked divinity, even on these ashes, we see. Understand the wisdom of Solomon.

We have to fight in this dualistic physical environment, but all the time as we fight the New World vampires,
as we struggle,
we understand that the work that Haitians did in 1804 allowed all Blacks on this planet to eventually not be chattel slaves. We understand now that when we win economic justice this time, the whole world will win again.

Kote moun yo ye?

Nou la!

Yes, yes we are dying.

Yes, yes they are using biological warfare, whether it’s cholera, contaminated vaccines, Monsanto hybrid seeds or starving us with their agricultural policies, food aid destroying local farmers or hammering the suffering more with refusing to remove earthquake rubble for over a year, or imposing fraudulent elections or deporting the people’s voice back to Africa. Still, we understand death is not the worst thing that can happen to us. We are the Haitians, Janjak Desalin’s descendants.

We understand that how we live, how we use our energy is more important than living as zombies. We live only to lift up energy that’s sacred, worthy of being resurrected, elevated by the Haiti generations to come after we’re gone. That’s Haiti’s cosmology, redemptive way, its resurrection way. This liberty or death. We choose eternal liberty. Know how you live and use your lifeforce is more important than death. We are Vodun. Lifting up sacred energies with our life force bringing life not death for the next generation to inherit.

The vampire energy that feeds on Haiti’s misery will come to an end because we’re here – Nou la – to rise and face it.


Look out on an October’s day
With eyes that know the darkness in my soul. Then you’ll understand. How Janjak Desalin, the greatest hero to ever live, suffered for humanity, our sanity. How he set the Black world free. But they could not love him because he was a Black savior, a real savior. The first to put liberty into application in the Western Hemisphere. The Vampires could not love him though his love was true. And on a dark October’s day
on that old Pon Rouj bridge. They took his life like haters often do.



  1. Georgianne Nienaber says

    I am so pleased to see this here, and I am hoping that Ezili moves forward with what will surely be a powerful piece of performance art.

    (I tried to vote 10/10, but it went to 9…)…let’s give this 15 out of 10!

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