Kote moun yo ye?

Maybe I’ll dance some more? Maybe I’ll sing some more.
Gotta get this energy out of my body some more. This screaming pain out my mind more. From my head that can’t handle this, I’ll bring it down to my belly juices, uncoiling pure energy back up. That’s never let me down yet…

Feel like shedding these boots.
I going barefoot now
Apologies to HLLN at the outset
Time to shed like the arching rainbow of Ayida Dan Wedo.

I’m here now.

It’s been a while y’all
Maximum respect Atigbon Legba
Three snaps from the heart
I’ve been in another world but you all still holding it down
Ancestors hear.
Nathan P: its madness sheer madness.

Should have been on this stage with y’all
showing my respects to the un-fragmented bloodline.
Instead, I’ve been out here stepping to the evil, almost forgetting the soul scene. Danm!

I’m in the memories of Nuyorican Poets Cafe days gone by, of Connecticut Urban Artists days gone by… with Sylvia hosting us in the church basement. Remember that Anna?
It was before the Vampire Empire kidnapped Aristide in plain sight telling lies.
Deported him back to Africa.
Before they turned Desalin’s land into the welfare nation.
Flow interrupted.

Yeah Ngoma, seeing you and Iyaba (41 Times) Ibo Mandingo brought back times before they so rudely interrupted and the DNA coursing Black through me wouldn’t allow suburban amnesia but to keep it real getting off the stage to step with the People onto this other stage…

But I missed you.
I do this piece in praise to you.
I miss all the inspiring poets, the conscious Black community that feeds our soul. Re-members the Ancestors who bring us home…

It’s time to freestyle on these blood-sucking vampires, less folks mistake there’s no Ginen Haitians out here, just them trifling Wyclef/Martelly sell-out Negros.

Time to call on Ginen drums
On soul Haiti artists.

So you know,
I’m not talking about colonial Kompa.
Twisted Martelly or Clinton’s Wyclef, who has taken off from where the Ron Brown ilk left off. But calling on real Black artists and progressives from the entire Black Diaspora. Soul artists, in all the mediums, from all the socially-constructed races.

Empire’s vampires are co-opting our people’s consent with celebrity colonialism. With Lalaland’s Sean Penns. Bling bling’s Uncle Toms.

NGO perpetual dependency symphony has turned the Haiti nation into a US Indian reservation. They buy and sell us just as Columbus sold land that wasn’t his to sell. And if you don’t do what Mrs. Clinton says, they’ll take away your visa – your local and international approval, your job – your Uncle Tom position in their imperialist schemes. Like at a US reservation, they’ll cut back on the People’s monthly NGO food/shelter/medicine- rations and allotments.

These missionaries don’t care about stealing your lands behind the Bible anymore. They’ll move you off the land and healthy organic food into Obama and Congressional Black Caucus H.O.P.E sweatshops while their military proxies contaminate the Artibonite River and Haiti’s breadbasket with UN-imported cholera to kill you horribly after they’ve softly and slowly starved anyone left in the future with Monsanto hybrid seeds. They’ve got Paul Farmer to come in as U.N. envoy for this Obama/Clinton/Bush/USAID genocide. And will say – “Obama-is-Black,” “the US has a Black president,” “we’re in post-racial America” – to cut you off when you mention the white supremacy and condescension that’s hidden behind the false benevolence of their charity industry.

Thinly veiled, skinny as Satan’s tail but they’re our partners in health. The embedded media says so. Tell us, ad nausea, how it’s not all that bad because Paul Farmer’s “BETTER” systematic false benevolence distractions is filmed for PBS minds. And those minds are progressive America, you all know that! Anderson Cooper and his ilk dishes it up regularly every six months or so.

Tracy Kidder’s narcissistic books on Paul Farmer in Haiti and that Rwanda one made for the Left by the Left to feed the Left and create more progressive Tarzans are downright convincing. They’re on my book shelves to remind me of when I didn’t understand. His-story is a lullaby that pushes on all the hidden racial codes, they’re hidden press releases for the neophyte Tarzan, Jane and Ron Daniels masquerading behind the Harvard sweater crowd, waiting in the wings for his/her turn on the world’s false benevolence stage to achieve the poverty-pimping global success of the Paul Farmer-doctors-without-borders’ ilk.

Without borders? Don’t believe the hype. Their skin and apartheid minds are the border, the veil behind which they can’t see Desalin’s people.


Ainsley Burrows just left the stage, bringing us back to primordial Black -Jean Jacques Dessalines’ color of liberty. “Ommmm.” Can you feel Ngoma?

Back up on-stage, Sabrina rocks an unexpected but powerful message on the Sudan. “Sudan means Black but being Black is outlawed in the Sudan.” Out in the audience, I’m thinking something similar.

Jean Jacques Dessalines, Haiti’s founding father, said all Haitians, regardless of skin color, shall be known by the appellation “Black.” But over 50,000 whites from the U.S. live in post Bush-regime-change-Haiti, mostly off Haiti’s misery, mostly through donations made to NGOs or from foreign aid to alleviate Haiti’s misery. No borders? They’ll tell you they’re in Haiti, even on the very ashes they’ve made of us, to make things better and don’t see color or borders in Dessaline’s Black Haiti. We’re invisible, see. They don’t see Black, nor the reservation lines patrolled by the UN, nor the sea chain formed by the U.S. Coast Guards and war ships, nor the color-coded NGO distribution lines. Selective blindness reigns. That’s why Mrs. Clinton can jet down to Haiti and tell President Preval to put in hard right-wing Martelly and Manigat who both support the Duvalierists and their death squads and have no interest in changing the system or ending the UN occupation or pursuing the interests of the people of Haiti ahead of foreign interests. The Clintons along with the Bushes under Obama are pushing Haiti to swallow the fraudulent elections where the majority Black has been disenfranchised. The puppet Haiti parliament divested itself of any power anyway, so it doesn’t matter who gets elected in these fraudulent, U.S.-rigged elections. The United States of America along with the IMF, WB, UN, OAS and all of their tools put together an extra-judicial entity, called the Haiti Interim Reconstruction Commission. Haiti is today a legal protectorate, run by a foreign-made entity that is the legal ruler of Haiti right now and is made up of people who were not elected by the people of Haiti. This same international community allowed for the recent return to Haiti of little-Hitler baby Doc Duvalier who along with his father killed between 60 to 100,000 Haitians from the year 1957 to 1986. At the same time Obama forbids Aristide, the first duly elected President of Haiti, to return because Obama says if he sees us Black majority, this would disrupt his US-rigged elections in Haiti.

Kote moun yo ye?

It’s time to freestyle on these blood-sucking vampires, less folks mistake there’s no Ginen Haitians out here, just them trifling Wyclef/Martelly sell-out Negros.

Time to call on Ginen drums.

It’s time to un-mask these buffoons, take them on lyrically where there’s no rule ’bout how we murder Tarzan, Jane and his coup d’etat Uncle Toms.


So great to celebrate your life in poetry Nathan P. – this Happy crossroads where we meet at Humphreys. Brings back precious memories, connections. Some, long forgotten. I remember that this Grammy-award winning entertainment client of mine once owned Humphreys. Days gone by, of old school R&B songs, more than Surface bling but with lyrics to sang to and music and rhythms and real melodies that didn’t assault the body and mind that we could dance to, all night long. Happy times. “Only you can make me happy…” How did time go by so fast, Nathan P.? It’s madness, sheer madness!

Iyaba, my Black Mandingo, where you at? I was there, back when your signature piece “41- times” was just hot off the presses. We worked on the same stage, well it was not even a stage. I was doing pieces from the Red, Black and Moonlight series when you first performed “41 Times,” still reading off the paper, at an Urban Artist show…with Sylvia hosting us in the church basement. Remember that Anna?

Now everyone knows 41-Times flows in Iyaba very pores – he can sing it, move with it, teach us how to turn around reeeeeeeeeeeal slow with it.

To the beat y’all…”It takes 41 bullets to quiet your fears… 41 times I grew in your eyes. 41 times to shoot me to size. 41 times you thought you saw a gun. 41 times I didn’t try to run…41 times from four different cops, 41 times before one of you thought, STOP, stop, stop…I have three boys with melanin in their skins…I have three Amadous…What can I do?”


What we can do, is know, in our deepest of hearts, that the vampire energy that feeds off Amadous’ blood, that feeds on Haiti’s misery will come to an end because we’re here to rise and face it. We won’t cop out. Sell-out to suburban amnesia or turn the other Christian cheek.

No welfare nation shall be permanently imposed on Haiti to feed the narcissism of Superman, Tarzan or Jake Sully and his Uncle Toms. We’re taking down Avatar Haiti. We are clothed in our own sacred tree. We’ve walked around in our own homeland since first kidnapped out of Africa. It can’t be severed from us, amputated from us, no matter how many of our limbs they take in man-made or exacerbated earthquakes, disaster capitalism’s imposed crises or its profit-driven reconstructions. For we are one. One love grounded in the African Ancestors, indivisible with Janjak Desalin’s indigenous army. We’ve now gone viral.

How we live is important, not how soon or late in life we die. Martin Luther King said longevity has its place but it’s not Africa’s sole priority at the expense of justice and truth. No. We are Vodun, lifting up sacred energies with our life-force not bringing death.

You will never see a Haitian go and bomb anybody out of desperation and demoralization. We will proudly endure. Claiming back Haiti’s natural resources, gold and oil. Rejecting charity and imposed Clinton/Bush/Obama grinning Sambo-making dependencies. We need no gifts of what’s already ours from the white man. Se pa kado blan te fè nou, se san Zanset nou yo ki te koule.

Haitians are a very peaceful people. We’ve never attacked anyone. But we are not the type of people to turn the other cheek as the beast of oppression eats us alive behind their mask of benevolence.

Ezili DantoWe know that because of what we stand in,
because of what we stand for,
all the nations are in Haiti right now masturbating on our imposed pain, trying to pull up our roots,
sever us from our own soul and lands. But wild scattered seeds can’t altogether be uprooted.

The greatest battle on earth is being fought right now in tiny Haiti. And when Haiti wins, the whole world will change. The whole world will win because people will see if the weakest nation, this Black nation, can step up to the most powerful and cruel vampires on earth and win, then they too can win. Nothing is impossible, justice is possible everywhere.

Call: Kote moun yo ye?

Response: Nou la!

E, e, Mbomba, e, e! Kanga Bafyòti. Kanga Mundele. Kanga Ndòki. Kanga yo!

We’ve got work to be.

Ezili Danto
man apil, chay pa lou


  1. I am so pleased to see this here, and I am hoping that Ezili moves forward with what will surely be a powerful piece of performance art.

    (I tried to vote 10/10, but it went to 9…)…let’s give this 15 out of 10!

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