Sex Slavery: We Mustn’t Ignore This Story

Kevin Bales gained notoriety when his book, Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy, was published in 1999. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, the book launched Bales onto a path he hadn’t planned. A one-time college professor, today Bales, is a self-described abolitionist.

Asain GirlIf you thought abolitionism was a relic of the past, the sad truth is slavery is just as prevalent in modern times as it was 150 years ago.  Although we often think of slavery ending with President Lincoln, the U.S. Civil War, and the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, according to “Free the Slaves” a non-profit organization founded by Bales, there are more than 27 million slaves in the world, many of whom are in bondage right here in the United States!

I became aware of the child sex slavery industry when I stumbled upon a documentary on Link TV.  The documentary told the story of several sex slaves in Asia and the international sex slave industry that is supported, in large part, by successful American and European businessmen. These men, who are often thought of as pillars of their communities, take trips to places like Thailand, the Phillipines, Burma, and Ceylon specifically to participate in sex slave tourism. According to the documentary and other reports, a large percentage of these men engage in sex with children as young as 5 years of age. (Read more here about ending the child slave sex industry.)

It is difficult to hear about this. I personally had a hard time listening to the little girl tell her story but as hard as it is to know that this is going on, our continued inaction serves to support this appalling industry.

The people at Free the Slaves are committed to finding ways to eradicate this and all other types of slavery.  They have developed a 25-year plan that attacks the problem at the ground roots level with participation from governments, consumers, businesses and international organizations.

Sharon Kyle

Please support this cause.  If you want to learn more  go to:

  • ECAPT International

Coalition To Abolish Slavery and Trafficking

Sharon Kyle
Publisher, LAProgressive


  1. Progressiveliberal says

    Sharon, this girl needs to find an attorney.  Perhaps you can refer her.  It seems that of the 184,000 attorneys practicing in this state, none cares to help domestic violence victims who continue to suffer losses from their rich abusers  If you have worked with progressives in Southern California, you probably know this girl.  She got caught in a system where that has been devastating.  Her grandmother died last year begging for help from the same abusive male and no attorney cared to help. The authorities certainly didn’t care.  There was just overwhelming evidence that didn’t matter to anybody.  I have searched for two years to find an attorney to help her and I cannot find anyone and because her abuser knows how to misuse the system to get back at victims who stand up to him, she could wind up losing her freedom or her life if she doesn’t get help in the next week.  I don’t know if this will reach anyone who cares but I’m hoping.

  2. annieR says

    Speaking of slavery, as viewers toast Tom DeLay’s appearances on “Dancing with the Stars,” I can think only of the women who are indentured servants in the U.S. Marianas, thanks to Tom DeLay’s collaboration with Jack Abramoff to prevent enforcement of U.S. labor laws in our territory in the Marianas. (Check CNN’s “The Real Scandal of Tom DeLay.”)These women from southeast Asia, many very young, even as young as 14, paid thousands of dollars for “good jobs in the U.S.” and wound up in the Marianas, living behind barbed wire, working in sweatshops for pennies. Because they couldn’t pay for their transportation, many were forced into prostitution. Pregnancies were ended with forced abortions. Some were forced to perform sex acts on stage to entertain tourists, including many from the U.S. Tom DeLay made a speech (audio available) saying that the labor laws in the Marianas should be a pattern for the whole U.S.

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