The Snowden Debate: Liberal Versus Liberal

Snowden Good or BadThe battle seems to be pitched among the libs as to who’s the purest.  Ed Snowden = hero = “good” lib; Ed Snowden = lying attention-seeking cowardly traitor = “bad” lib.  It’s as though some in the liberal community have suddenly grown handles and spouts, rivaling the tea party for its small tent.  Remember the tea party in its heyday, when one had to hate “big” government, taxes, and Obama or be kicked out of the tent?

Jeez, libs.

I figured that once the smoke cleared around the Snowden mess, most liberals would come around.  A lot of people jumped on the first “Snowden=hero” bandwagon that rolled by, but remarkably few jumped off when it became clear that Ed Snowden is a dishonest, calculating, sneaky, traitorous, anti-Obama, none too pleasant wannabe who is nobody’s hero and has – and always has had – only his own best interests at heart.

So here’s your boy, libs, the one you’re name-calling (“fake liberal!”  ”deluded and brainwashed!”  ”naive!”) people like me over.


Your boy was warming quickly to being some form of a jet-setter when he lied about his education to get this dream job, bragging about being the “straightest” looking guy in Switzerland and fretting about looking “gay”.  When Bush was president, he thought people who leaked classified information should be “shot in the balls,” and thought spying programs were A-Okay.

Snowden, back in the day before he became a liberal’s hero, apparently thought this country should “cut this social security bullshit.”  In fact, Snowden allegedly said that the elderly “wouldn’t be fucking helpless if you weren’t sending them fucking checks to sit on their ass and lay in hospitals all day.”  Your boy was, back in the day before he became a liberal’s hero, a Ron Paul supporter and a victim of Obama derangement syndrome.

T. Steelman over at Addicting Info wondered, “Is this whole thing a ruse to make the President look bad? If so, who is funding it – who is paying for all his travel and hotels? Or is Edward Snowden, a man who has completely destroyed his own life, just stupid?”

Edward Snowden is probably not really stupid, but misguided enough to be the victim of his own massive misfire.  If you read some of his chats, it’s clear that he’s really quite a dickhead – albeit a dickhead with an enormous ego.  On some deluded level, he believed that he’d be everybody’s hero as a result of his grandstanding, media whoring “leak.”

julie driscollProbably didn’t count on being charged with espionage, and probably didn’t anticipate that a hell of a lot of countries would say “no thanks” to his entry.  Kinda doubting, too, that he envisioned a life for himself in Bolivia, banished from the United States until he’s willing to step up to face the consequences of his actions.

So libs, you hero-worshipers, you, there’s your guy, Ed Snowden, the hero of the piece (while those of us who view him with a jaundiced eye are apparently “fake liberals”).  Maybe Snowden is actually stupid – and maybe the water is busy seeking its own level.

Julie Driscoll
Smoking Hot Politics

Monday, 8 July 2013


  1. jk2001 says

    So a young white guy making a lot of money with computers turns out to be a libertarian Paultard. Is that even a surprise? Membership in male whiteness has its privileges, and one of them is being able to join a cult of money-worshipping solipsists who are considered a legit political movement.

    Just because it might have been a plot to make Obama look bad doesn’t render the information irrelevant.

    The Monica Lewinsky scandal was an effort to make Clinton look bad. The Iran Contra scandal was an effort to make Reagan look bad. The difference was that the latter was relevant, serious, important, and had it been more effective, would have helped the country.

    Snowden leaked relevant, serious information: the internet is a surveillance tool. Granted, the whole surveillance angle has a strong libertarian party bent – but that’s what this guy was.

    If anything, his work and his status have been more influential in shaping the new “libertarian” ideologies around privacy and transparency than the other way around — having access to all your coworkers’ emails makes you mistrust the system, mistrust the bosses, and mistrust the government.

    We should take these material conditions seriously, because, as Marx said, ideologies arise from them.

  2. Laurel Hardy says

    A wonderful oversimplification, Julie. Whatever Snowden’s personality or motivations might be, the more one focuses on those things or the resulting conflicts is to miss the truly important thing, which is REGARDLESS OF WHO IS IN OFFICE, THEY MIGHT AS WELL BE DICK CHENEY given the conduct we are witnessing. Pretty shocking behavior from the former community activist become legal scholar the better to ensure rights for the disadvantaged. But as a two-term president, Obama has expanded upon the destruction of individual rights that we saw from the preceding BuCheney administration. I don’t know about you, but I find that deeply troubling. Because it’s clear that the government that once existed to protect the rights of the individuals has given itself (or perhaps a shadow government that exists behind and beyond the one we ‘elect’ IF we are permitted to cast a ballot) permission to ignore them at will and dole them out per whim. So I while I very much understand the desire to rally around Obama (I voted for him twice because I very much wanted the change and transparency he promised) but just because we like him is not sufficient reason to pretend his administration isn’t as lawless as the one before. So as you can see, your hero/villain paradigm isn’t all that great or even pertinent.

  3. vlhamilton says

    I love this woman’s motto! “Make sure people are safe, healthy, housed and fed–and screw the cost.” I agree with her. This article has made me take a broader look at Snowden. There are always two sides, even if it s liberal vs liberal.

  4. TheFuture1776 says

    This post by Julie Driscoll is truly idiotic. She wants to dissect the personal behavior of a very young man, and thinks some past emails that Snowden allegedly wrote somehow impugns the importance of the brave act he has done, not only for all Americans but for people around the world. Jeez Julie, grow up, will you? When you find the perfect hero out there, let us know, won’t you? I am surprised that the fine folks at LA Progressive bother publishing this sort of drivel. Next!

    • says

      “Dissect the personal behavior of a young man” and “impugns the importance of the brave act he has done.” When I quit heaving, I’ll ask you what planet you live on, that we are not what our behavior reflects. Heroes in your world must be in short supply if you picked THIS guy.

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