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The "White's Only" Sign Has Been Removed from the White House. Today We Are Truly the United States

Today, my 99yr old grandmother voted. She was born Louise Katherine Bailey, on Oct 1, 1909 in Durham, N.C.. She is kin to the great abolishionist Frederick Douglass and she is the grandaughter of slaves (I, too, am the decendent of slaves).


I am overwhelmed with emotion. Just a month ago we had a 99th birthday celebration for Granny. I asked her then if she ever imagined that one day she would vote for a black man to be president of the United States. She answered, "never in a million years".

My grandmother marched on Washington with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Up until today, she thought that that was the most memorable act of civil engagement she would ever be a part of. I think today, voting for Barack Obama, will rank up there with marching with Dr. King.

I am a black woman who was born and raised in the United States but for the first time in my life I really feel like an American! Barack Obama is the President Elect!

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Barack Obama is the President Elect!------ Barack Obama is the President Elect! ------ Barack Obama is the President Elect!

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