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Letter to Diana: Obama Can Only Be as Progressive as the Progressives Show Themselves to Be

A very important person to me is named Diana and it is to her I address this letter.


Diana, is no less than the goddess of "the heavenly light that illuminates the darkness" and "a protector of children."

Serious stuff and someone in no way would I want to contradict.

And yet Diana, like many progressives, is very worried about the Obama election and fears that he is yet more of the same "stuff" we have suffered for the past many years (how many? that is a question worth answering!).

This is what I say to her.

I agree with you Diana, that things are very dire. I see it like a massive earthquake has occurred, around 9.9 on the Richter scale, and all around us is destruction in its wake. The very "roof above our heads" is like a massive concrete slab, damaged by the "quake" (the "quake" of senseless, greedy government), which hangs teetering in the balance, vulnerable to the next aftershock.

What will be the aftershock that makes it fall?

On Thursday, the L.A. Times reported that the CalPERS fund, the largest public pension fund in the country, is in serious danger.

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Is this the fatal "aftershock"?

Every day's news brings yet another potential one!! (and then there is the problem with the news itself...)

Which is why we owe it as progressives to have hope in this new administration.

First of all, you must recognize that this is a historic election that broke serious race barriers, this a victory right there. Secondly, how long has it been since progressive's have allowed themselves to hope? And what is "hope" anyway, but a mobilizing force for the good - i.e. "hard work" (something I know you know all about).


But how about if more people than ever, mobilized for this new "good"?

I think plenty of people see, it can't get any worse!

Its time I believe, Diana, to energize (and be energized by) the Left. Change will only happen if we work together.

Virginia Hoge

Republished with permission from the Pasadena New Progressive