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Dig this! White Christian males (such as I) are an oppressed minority. This I never knew!

White Victimization

I suspect that - subtly at least - the "white victimization" fantasy will, once again, be a key part of the right wing's attempt to appeal to the clueless American people. It's always worked so well in senate and congressional races; not so much in the presidential contests - for the simple reason that it was never really necessary.

2016 is going to be different, though. The GOP is these days facing some unsettling realities. And the nastiest fact of all it that they've rendered themselves unelectable as far as the presidential contest is concerned.

How do you think that an African American politician from Chicago was able to get elected? Sure, the guy was loaded with substance (no argument there). But so were Al Gore and George McGovern. Everything has changed.

Where is this white-Christian-male suppression coming from? Who is instigating this mass persecution? Why am I not able to perceive it? Am I really that dense? Some of the folks who know me might agree with that last assessment (I can almost hear the wisecracks now) but I think I'm a fairly perceptive guy. If I have ever once, during my fifty-six-and-a-half years on this sad planet been discriminated against because I am a male and a Christian, I'm not aware of it. In fact, the only person in my life who ever put down due to the fact that I'm Irish Catholic is me! You know how we Irish are with our self-deprecating wit!

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Here's what's happening:

Because conservative policies are doing such serious damage to the people of this country (particularly in the South and the Midwest), the right wing SCREAM machine has these jackasses convinced that they're suffering because they're being persecuted by those nasty LIB'RALS who would like nothing better than to elevate the KNEE-GROW at their expense. Call it "the vast, left-wing conspiracy". Hence their nutty persecution complex. Ain't that a riot?
Okay, okay; I'll come right out and confess: It's all true. If we progressives have our wicked way (and we will have our wicked way) within five years, after you white Christians are humiliatingly defeated in the race war that is now in the final stages of preparation, your young daughters will be forced into cohabitation with black men. Be afraid.

This is where I do my sinister-evil laugh. But seriously, folks....

A few years ago I predicted that the most crucial thing to watch in the next 30 years or so will be how white people in this country react to the unstoppable sociological fact that they will one day no longer be in the majority in a relatively short time. By all accounts they're (we're) not reacting as maturely as we should be.

C'mon, fellow honkies! Let's act like grownups, okay? There's no way we can stop what is happening short of genocide. And although a few of us may very well be contemplating such an atrocity (white supremacy is not quite dead) it's not in the cards so put it out of your minds. Just sit back and roll with the changes. That's what I've been doing and I'm perfectly content with it thank you very much. It's not the end of the world. Take a minority to lunch and chill out.


Tom Degan
The Rant