Social Security and The Koch Lies

Social Security and Koch LiesThe first time I heard this gentleman interviewed, I was in my car listening to KPCC, a radio station in Southern California that broadcasts National Public Radio (NPR).

So compelling was his message that I had to pull over so that I could jot down his name — Eric Kingson. Mr. Kingson who is a professor of social work at Syracuse University’s School of Social Work, has a resume a mile long and is well respected in his field but he was being interviewed because he is also the Co-director of the Strengthen Social Security Campaign and his message about Social Security is one that every middle class person should hear.

I got a message from Eric this week announcing an event. Here’s what he had to say:

Guess who’s leading the drive to raise the retirement age and privatize Social Security? Billionaire oil company executives David and Charles Koch, who have played a leading role in gutting environmental regulations and defeating pro-consumer candidates for office.

Learn how they’re out to destroy Social Security as we know it. Attend a national town hall video premiere, hosted by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), Social Security’s champion in the U.S. Senate. The town hall will take place on Wednesday, June 22, at 8:30pm EDT.

The Koch brothers have poured millions of dollars into conservative think tanks that crank out studies claiming Social Security is going broke. Their solutions – raise the retirement age and turn your contributions over to the casino of Wall Street.

The short and gripping video from Brave New Films, “Social Security Echo Chamber,” traces the origins of these Koch-funded lies about Social Security and how Fox News serves as a mouthpiece for those out to hoodwink the public and dismantle the program.

To ensure you can participate, please register here in advance. Once registered, you will receive a reminder about the event and instructions for submitting a question.

Renowned film maker Robert Greenwald and Strengthen Social Security Campaign co-chair, Eric Kingson, will join Sen. Sanders in an online web chat during the town hall.

Don’t let the Koch brothers destroy Social Security. Learn how at the premiere of “Social Security Echo Chamber” on Wednesday, June 22 at 8:30 pm EDT.

Thanks for all you do.

Strengthen Social Security Campaign Team

Let’s join this online web chat and learn what we can do to protect Social Security.


  1. Ryder says

    I wasn’t aware, Ed, that Medicare was an institution that made this country great. I think it’s making it broke.

    I must have gone to the wrong school.

    Medicare is a government enforced system of redistribution that is in serious danger of dragging the entire nation to it’s knees… It’s like global warming, except the timeline is shorter, and the evidence is clearer.

    I have respect for ANYONE that tries to have a serious discussion on what to do about it. Ed, you’re not him.

    Social Security and Medicare are about to implode on themselves.

    I have an idea. For everyone that thinks that RAISING the retirement age for SS is a BAD Idea, then it has to be a GOOD idea to LOWER the retirement age… right?

    Let’s lower it to 50 years of age, junior social engineers of America.

    Show me what you got.

    Yep, nothing like a country that tries to convince people to stop working, and suck off the next generation. Sounds like a real good plan.

    I already assume that there’s not going to be any SS left when I am older… so I’m planning ahead to take care of myself, and when I can’t, I’ll have to rely on family if it comes to it. Or I may walk into a snow storm. Worked for the Eskimos.

    I thought that it was self-reliance, and the strength of the family that made America great, Ed.

    I think I’ll stick with that.

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