Socialism: A GOP Plan Signed by Obama

michelle and barackCalling ObamaCare “socialized medicine” truly lowers the standards on what could be considered socialized medicine. It’s like calling paved roads “government overreach”; a stop light a “government takeover of your commute”; or a neighborhood with speed bumps “a road to communism.” The law is really some regulations to help consumers buy private insurance coupled with a small fee if consumers decide not to buy said insurance.

Is it perfect? No. Could it be improved? Absolutely. However, ObamaCare is the opposite of socialism, it’s a market solution.

The right wing got a “free” market solution to health care. That was their cause – personal responsibility their mantra – now it’s law. They got an entire reform bill incentivising citizens to buy into private for-profit insurance plans. This is the Republican vision for America: Less government, more profits for giant corporations. This core of the Affordable Care Act was an idea floated by President Nixon in 1974, touted by the Heritage Foundation in 1989, introduced by Newt Gingrich in 1993 and implemented by Mitt Romney in 2005. And now? Now it’s a big festering albatross around Obama’s neck.

As former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said in front of the Supreme Court last week, “We have not waved the white flag of surrender on socialized medicine!”

So the decades-old Republican big idea finally gets Democratic presidential ink and now, if you ask a Republican, it’s an unconstitutional government takeover of health care Stalin would have loved. Mitt Romney wants to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with RomneyCare. Essentially repealing the Affordable Care Act with the Affordable Care Act. Leave it to a Republican frontrunner to vow their first act as president will be to waste time with redundancies while lamenting how ineffective government can be.

Now health care reform has reached the Supreme Court, we will have a ruling on the law in late June. Will it be overturned fully or partially or upheld?

It’s anyone’s guess. tina dupuyRegardless of the outcome, personal responsibility in health care is a Republican pet idea they’ve strapped to the roof of the car.

It makes the case that their ideas should never be law because if partisanship beckons, they’ll rally against them and call any Democrats who signed the bill, Hitler.

Imagine if Obama signed the most recent Paul Ryan Budget plan – a blueprint to cut taxes further for the wealthy and further increase the debt by not taking in enough revenues. If Obama embraced it, Republicans would storm the Capitol calling it a tax hike and a Maoist plot with Wall Street. People in tri-corner hats with signs reading, “Don’t raise my taxes!” and “Stop government takeover of business!” would swarm The Mall. The erosion of Medicare would make Republicans faint on the House floor. “It’s a tenet of Marxism to kill grandma!” They’d gasp.

Just remember, when George W. Bush took office the budget was set to be balanced in a few short years. Social security was actually its namesake – secure. And then he went uber-GOP-with-a-mandate – didn’t pay for any of the wars he started – just showered seniors with unpaid-for Medicare Part D and sent everyone in the country a rebate check. tina dupuyAnd when this “free market capitalism” failed? He bailed out the banks and the auto industry with taxpayer money, famously saying he “abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.”

Now? Now the Republicans blame the deficit, the debt, the recession, the bailouts and (wait for it) the wars on the Democrat in the Oval Office.

It’s a take on the Pottery Barn rule, “You break it, you buy it.” The Republican version: “We break it, we blame you … and call you a Nazi.”

Tina Dupuy
Taking Eternal Vigilance Too Far 


  1. Tyrannus Evisceratus says

    Tina I think you should try being a Republican we pay better and I bet you would be good at it.
    My problem is who is left holding the bag on this whole thing. They say the rich will pay for it and they will pay for some of it, but people like me are going to pay for a lot of it.
    I am 20 years old I don’t need health insurance now I need it or I pay a fine/tax.
    The medical device companies aren’t going to pay their share either they are just gonna up prices and then the government is going to spend more buying the same products and taxpayers and patients are gonna be left paying for the increased costs.
    It seems like this law was intended to punish the healthcare industry, and when you punish industry you might as well kick yourself since they send the costs right back at you.
    Republicans aren’t right about everything, but they are right about that.
    The best way to lower medical costs is tort reform, but no one wants to touch tort reform especially obama.
    As far as blaming Obama for the economy goes he knew what the economy was when he took the oath of office he knew he was gonna take the heat for it if he didn’t fix it.

  2. Jimbo55 says

    Tina, you are a joke.  How can you HONESTLY say Obamacare has in it what Republicans want, when the Republicans were virtually locked out of the closed door sessions that built that mess of legislation and do not include the biggest proposals that Republicans want:  1.  True free markets through inter-state competition.  2.  Tort reform to LOWER PREMIUMS  (remember the whole debate started on the COST of Healthcare).  3. Employer based benefit reform.    Next time you should actually tell THE TRUTH

  3. SeaClearly says

    Tina Dupuy is almost always directly on target.  This time?  Extremely disappointed. 

    “The law is really some regulations to help consumers buy private
    insurance coupled with a small fee if consumers decide not to buy said

    “[A] mandate isn’t necessary for Congress to exercise its legitimate role in regulating health insurance. . . .”

    Candidate Obama on Mandates:

    President Obama (after already having made secret deals to Kill the
    Public Option): It’s ‘only’ “one sliver” ‘of the health care plan.’

    Reprint: True, there are (forced) choices: 1) Even if you are one of the millions
    who did not have insurance previously, precisely because you could not
    Afford a single new dollar toward a New Bill, BUY a private/corporate
    policy.  If the subsidy of (say) 80% leaves you with a New $4000.00 a
    year Bill, and that is, beyond possibly making you one of the “New
    Homeless,” so egregiously Orwellian (“Affordable”) that you want to at
    least go on with a place to live, see number two.  2) Refuse the
    (Heritage Foundation) mandate – and face a $2000.00 to $4000.00 fine. 
    If the latter circle leaves you spinning because you could no more pay
    the $2000.00 fine (New Tax, or however they control the language at that
    moment) than the $4000.00 Bill, see number three.  3) “[S]imply” ignore
    the Full Force of the IRS when they “politely” come after you for
    payment – and all of the dominoes which will fall in your life
    thereafter.  At that time, try not to think of all those nonviolent OWS
    protesters who “simply” said “no” to the to the “[polite]” NYPD.

    Congressman Kucinich (before selling out): “If this is the best we can do, then our best
    isn’t good enough and we have to ask some hard questions about our
    political system: such as Health Care or Insurance Care?  Government of
    the people or a government of the corporations[?]”

    Individual Mandates Bootstrap the Homeless


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