Breaking Silence on New Face of Employment Discrimination

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Why it’s going to take more than a college degree and a clean criminal record for Shameicka to get a job today

When the first African slaves stepped off the ship they were given two things—Christianity in the form of The Holy Bible and a new language English.  Two hundred years later, the descendants of those slaves are now being punished for Mistah’s English-Only law.

Unemployed African-Americans have more than just “ethnic” sounding names, criminal records, and their educational background working against them now when trying to pass the first phase of the employment process.  Today, almost all job postings here in Southern California either require applicants to speak Spanish or make it clear that they prefer those who do to applicants who don’t.

Like with Toby Waller—or I mean Kunta Kinte in Roots—Black slaves were forced to assimilate into American culture. Whatever God we prayed to, African names we had, and languages we spoke were taken away from us and replaced with whatever Mistah told us.

Two hundred years and many generations later, the majority of Blacks are so far removed from Africa that when asked where they are from they either answer with their city of birth or the “set” they’re from and have no idea what tribe their ancestors hail from let alone their native language. For most African-American’s today, our native language is in fact English.

And while African-Americans were forced to assimilate and learn English, the same can’t be said for our Latino brothers and sisters who have found it easier to just make America learn Spanish and since there’s money to be made—America has seemingly obliged.

But like our President, most African-Americans don’t speak a foreign language.  For most of us educated in America’s public education system, learning a foreign language was never a requirement in order to graduate from high school.

Now with over 16% of African-Americans unemployed nationwide, African-Americans like many other Americans, are finding out the hard way that more and more employers are adding to the job description: Must be bilingual or Spanish speakers preferred.

And this mandate isn’t just with entry level “may I take your order please” jobs.  More and more employers from Main Street to Wall Street are giving preference to job applicants who speak Spanish.

I don’t personally have a problem with people who come to America from Central American countries and choose not to learn English.  What I do have a problem with is turning around and saying to generations of English-speaking Americans, in particular African-Americans, that because you don’t speak Spanish, you somehow aren’t qualified to do any job.

Yes, I agree that there are a lot of Spanish-speaking Latinos in America and there are some jobs where it helps if employees speak Spanish, but does that mean it should be the industry norm for employers to require that all job applicants speak Spanish in order to even be considered?  And if it is, how does this help our Spanish language only friends learn how to assimilate into American culture, which I thought was the goal at the end of the day?

With hundreds of thousands of Blacks unemployed this is not an issue Black lawmakers and civil rights leaders can continue to ignore or one that we can let them continue to ignore.

Simply put–jumping up and down and screaming that Blacks need job is not going to get it; neither is playing both sides for fear of being called a racist.

As uncomfortable as it may be for Black leaders to talk about this latest form of employment discrimination against Blacks, it is what it is and no matter how uncomfortable it is for them, it doesn’t come close to how thousands if not millions of unemployed job applicants feel who don’t make it past the initial application process because, while they may be qualified for the job in question, are overlooked because they don’t speak Spanish.

Uncomfortable is having your lights turned off, car repossessed, and losing your home because you haven’t been able to find a job through no fault of your own.

Yes–it’s common for anyone anywhere who brings up anything even remotely negative about Latinos, no matter how true it may be, to be automatically labeled as a racist, but this isn’t a popularity contest.

That said, cable television news sound bites about jobs for Blacks is not going to get it, because if and when those jobs come, if 90% of them require applicants to be bilingual, then what? Exactly.

It’s hard to take Black lawmakers and civil rights organizations seriously when they were among the first to champion and support The DREAM Act legislation paving the path to U.S. citizenship for illegal immigrants, but haven’t found the wherewithal to address this latest form of employment discrimination that has a direct impact on the very people they are supposed to represent.

At the end of the day, all of the job development programs, job fairs, and town hall meetings mean nothing if employers aren’t hiring us.  It’s all for show.


By the same token, lawmakers need to recognize that ifemployers are going to mandate that job applicants be bilingual in order for employment consideration, lawmakers need to get with the program and require high school students take and pass four years of a foreign language, preferably Spanish, in order to be eligible for a high school diploma. Not doing so amounts to setting up future generations of non-Spanish speakers for the same failure faced today by their parents and grandparents.

jasmyne cannick

Is it racist to ask that employers hire non-Spanish-speaking Americans for jobs in America?  It’s no more racist than it is to ask that job applicants in Mexico speak Spanish or those seeking employment in China speak Chinese.

Last I checked, this is still America and until Wikipedia changes it, English is still the official language.

Jasmyne A. Cannick


  1. Sea says

    What our ancestors did or had in the past has no bearing on what we are now. We who are alive today were all born into this country through no fault of our own and raised to be American. So it is definitely discrimination to then tell the citizens of the country that they are racist for not learning a language that is NOT the default language taught… whether you are latino yourself or not, you must see that there is an issue…

  2. Derrick l.Brown says

    I am a african american and i can not find employment due to discrimintory hiring practices that companies are using in the san fernando valley,ca area. most companies are 90% latino and they determine who is hired for the companies they work for and black people are not welcome to share a common work place with them.

  3. Tyrannus Evisceratus says

    I am gonna side with the hispanics on this one. Black people crossed our border albeit not of their own free will, but Hispanics got crossed by our border. Also being bilingual is a marketable skill not a new way to discriminate against blacks. I mean it isn’t any harder to for a black person to learn spanish than a white person.

    • Aaron says

      You my friend are an idiot!! Spanish speaking is not a skill that should be REQUIRED anywhere in the United States. If it is REQUIRED or even PREFERRED, then that business should take on the responsibility of training you on that language. Like most businesses will do when they are looking for a particular skill. SPANISH is not an easy language to learn when you have a learning disability. I am white and I went to some of the best schools, but never could grasp spanish in high school or college. So yes these businesses are discriminating against non-spanish speakers or the better yet, the learning disabled. They should be required to train individuals in the language. Better yet, the United States needs to grow so balls and make the official language English. Schools did not prepare and still do not prepare our kids to speak spanish. This is BS!! It is discrimination, plain and simple!!

  4. Razadan2 says

    I am Chicano. My Ancestrors have lived in the Southwest long before this country was stolen from me and my indigenous brothers and sisters. I am a Marine Viet Nam Vet and a lawyer and an activist. I have paid my dues to Amerikkka. Assimilate into what kind of America? The racist one? The capitalist one that stole land from indigenous people and stole Africans from their homelands? That is foolish BS! We don’t want to fully assimilate and no one can force us to assimilate. It is just not in our interest. I used to work in a couple of multi-racial coalitions, but the fear and the anger I felt from some in the African American community towards Latinos, and especially immigrants who are the most vulnerable to exploitation, did not justify my continued involvement. I also know African Americans who did the math and learned Spanish on their own. They got jobs that allowed them to use their bi-lingual skills, just like an immigrant from America would have to do in a non-English speaking country. It is what it is, My Sister.

    • SnoopDawg says

      What happened to your ancestors is honestly irrelevant. Spaniards and Indians lost a war, they lost their land and they forfeited any claims to sovereignty over the lands that were taken from them in the process. I would remind you that America’s gov. could have sacked the entire nation of Mexico when they bombarded Mexico city, but they stopped with taking the West as a matter of concession.

      The fact of the matter is, America was an Anglo nation when I was a child (which wasn’t that long ago). That doesn’t mean that as Anglo’s we have a superior culture, but that if you want to at least get along with the Anglo’s you should at least attempt- make an effort- to learn English (which is a start). Go ahead and eat Mexican food, go to the Catholic church, do whatever else you feel you have to do to show your “culture” but when it comes to being able to communicate with the locals, South Americans need to speak English because having to implement so many “bilingual” education classes, bilingual legal statutes, bilingual lawyers, bilingual ICE interpreters, bilingual boarder patrol interpreters, bilingual police interpreters, add extra classes for illegal immigrant children, add extra public infrastructure to accommodate unprecedented immigration growth etc. does put a strain on our tax base – whether you recognize that or not. I’m not sure if the roles were reversed and Mexico was rich and Americans were poor if Mexico, or in fact any other South American nation (for that matter) would be as accommodating as the American gov. has been to the recent arrivals.

      it’s unreasonable to ask us Anglo’s to simply drop everything we do in life and learn Spanish to further accommodate immigrants who refuse (especially in South Texas where they want to remain Mexicans yet leach off the tax payer and avoid death via cartels) to learn English.

      I would remind you again that as a South American, you are in a land that is not your own, whether you want to feel “butthurt” about it is your own decision. You are a guest (as far as we Anglo’s are concerned) and history has shown that when guests violate social policies they are thrown out or gotten rid of. We all are human, let’s try to somehow find common ground within reason. Is it unreasonable that the guests learn English? I don’t think so.

  5. Eddie says

    Odd that this post was published by a progressive and presumably enlightened site catering to an educated audience. There are so many ignorant statements in this article that I can only assume no one bothered to read it prior to posting. I will point out only one major flaw. Cannick assumes that African-Americans came well before Latinos and that, therefore, valuing bilingualism in order to better serve the latter is an affront and unfair to the former. But do you realize, Ms. Cannick, that California was a Spanish colony well before Anglos and African Americans arrived? That Spanish was the “official” language well before English displaced it? That the names California and Los Angeles themselves are evidence of Spanish primacy? I’ll stop there. But, wow.

    • California says

      It seems the hundreds of Indigenous languages in California should be recognized and prioritized over Spanish or any other language in California. The Spanish were horrific invaders to the Natives people of California, so please do not glorify Spanish. The Spanish occupied California a short while. English is an International language and anyone coming to this country should feel its an opportunity to learn it and use it easily anywhere in the world. Germany passed a law if new residents do not learn German they will not receive social benefits, because of the economics. China is now implementing Mandarin as the national language to unite and have better communication. I believe it has always been enriching to learn many languages.

      • pClark says

        My opinion is… about requiring the ones who decide to come to America to speak English….simple solutions, rather than the Americans accomodating them. As the old saying goes…”While in Rome…does as the Romans do. Point Blank, so unfair to us.

        • pClark says

          Apology…….A typo was made and it should read “While In Rome….Do as the Romans do.” So frustrating to call an company or establishment and the person on the other line cannot speak English or barely much less help you? And I am forced to asked them to please put someone on the phone who I can understand. But yet they want someone who can communicate and speak clearly on these jobs at the same time, quite contradictory you think? Doesn’t make since to me. There are have always been a large percent of African American females who have resorted to the administrative, clerical and medical field for years and have made a living this way, excelled and progressed into other positions in government and private industry, if in fact they did not have a college degree in the beginning, now if you are seeking a position in this field 6 out of 10 of these positions available are requiring, preferring or suggesting that you speak Spanish. And in some of these positions you do not need to know anything…just speak Spanish and the rest will fall into place or in other words…(we will train YOU) on anything else you need to know about the job. Most are requiring it, so you say to yourself…nope this is not it, I thought it was but at the bottom of the ad you see the usual lingo: ” Must Speak Spanish”. I got it….We’ve are being replaced…your services are not longer needed. Got It!

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