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The actors featured in the Marvel series are popularly known to be included in the supreme names in the Hollywood Film Industry. What marks the success of this series is Marvel’s potential of acquiring consistent and faithful talent. The statement which declared Brie Larson to be Captain Marvel keeps on expanding the idea and advises a greater promise to the Marvel fans for the future after the dissipation of the present star group. The actors in Marvel are oftentimes asked to reach up to vast lengths for inhabiting their roles, even if that refers to any kind of workout or makeup routine. So, here are the 10 richest actors and actresses who'll be seen appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: 

  1. Robert Downey Jr. - $300 Million

There’s no surprise in the fact that Downey deserves a mention at the top of the list. He has been featured in almost all Marvel films and Marvel fans have always seen him more than any other Marvel character. Downey has an estimated worth of $ 300 million and is has been rising ever since. And, it is undeniable that the actor is deserving of such a paycheck. He along with Marvel challenged each other during the launch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Iron Man in 2008. 

  1. Vin Diesel- $ 225 million

Though he has shown his appearance only in just one Marvel movie and was never seen in the flesh, Vin Diesel also has a wonderful film series which are responsible for positioning him at the top of the list. Having a net worth of $ 22 million, he has also been the star to get featured in the star of all the seven films of the Fast & Furious series along with their combined gross which is enough to explain his credibility. 

Downey has an estimated worth of $ 300 million and is has been rising ever since.

  1.  Scarlett Johansson - $165 Million

Scarlett Johansson is the wealthiest woman enlisted here. She is one of the biggest movie stars in the world and her net worth is the witness of the fact. Scarlett was included in the cast of the Marvel universe in its opening. She was presented as the Black Widow. Apart from the Marvel universe, Scarlett has been a worthy start in films such as The Jungle Book and Lucy which smashed the records of the box office with the help of this very popular actress. 

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow- $ 150 Million

Although the role-playing by Gwyneth in Marvel Universe is not that huge she is considered to be one of the wealthiest actors casted in Avengers' series. Her net worth, for now, is $150 million. However, the excellent way in which she works has helped her in winning an Emmy and Oscar, along with equalizing her to Tony Stark. She has also created a lifestyle brand of her own which is known by the name Goop. 

  1. Chris Hemsworth - $130 Million
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Chris Hemsworth is very popular as one of the richest members of the Avengers series. He is realistically associated with other actors like Paltrow and Cooper. His net worth is $130 million. He also presented himself as Norse God in Thor which was released in 2011. There are several other movies associated with him like the most recent Ghostbusters and Snow White and the Huntsman. Hemsworth was able to create a different era of films apart from the Marvel universe which is also a great achievement in itself. 

  1. Bradley Cooper- $ 100 million 

The excellent rise of Cooper towards prominence is the most wonderful in the entire history of Hollywood. However, there is no wonder that he deserves a mention here. His estimated net worth is $ 60 million. 

  1. Natalie Portman- $ 90 million 

Natalie Portman has been one of the many Thor actors who are the first to enter this list. Her career has been signified by very smart decisions that she had taken throughout her career. Her decisions have led her to win eminent awards like the Oscar. She has an estimated net worth of $ 90 million. Portman was seen in both films of the Thor series as the scientist Jane Foster who seeks a romantic interest in the Thor series and gradually can become an important figure in both the films. The work done by Portman has helped her in reaching a realm that is out of Marvel. 

  1. Chris Evans - $87 million 

Captain America by himself has performed well for himself since the time he started to wear the red, white, and blue together in The First Avenger which was released in 2011. The reported net worth of Chris Evans is $87 million. The main reason behind such a net worth is his performance in the Marvel films and also the different roles that have been taken amidst the short breaks taken in between the Marvel films. 

  1. John C. Reilly - $50 million 

John C. Reilly had played a little role in the Guardians of Galaxy. He only had a few lines to say and most importantly, his existence is to provide a unique plot of comedy. Yet, the role he played is just enough for him to be mentioned in the top lists. He also has a long career because of which his calculated net worth is $45 million. The career of Reilly has provided him with a list of different roles to be played, from comedy films to arthouse fares.

  1. Glenn Close- $ 50 million 

Despite her trivial role in the Guardians of the Galaxy, Glenn Close has constructed a stellar-based career in the lengthy-time being an actress, which earned her a net worth of $ 50 million. She is also an actor who is not supposed to give credibility to Marvel for getting such a great success. Instead, her success is now at least an aspect of the reason why Marvel considered her as the best for the unique role of Nova Supreme. 

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

So, these are the names of the 10 richest actors and actresses who can be seen in the Marvel Universe. Each one of the above-mentioned actors and actresses has a high net worth and is outstanding when it comes to showing their performance in Marvel as well as other films too.