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United states armed forces are one of the largest and most engaged forces on the planet with estimated 2,141,900 military personals, 13,398 aircrafts (fighters, transports and trainers), 5,760 helicopters (971 attach helicopters), 6,287 combat tanks, 39,223 armored vehicles, 992 self-propelled artillery, 864 towed artillery, 1,056 rocket projectors and 415 naval assets (24 aircraft carriers, 22 frigates, 68 destroyers, 15 corvettes, 68 submarines, 13 petrol vessels and 11 mine warfare) according to ‘globalfirepower’. Surely to provide defensive and offensive capability and to operate and maintain mighty military equipment, monstrous money is required, which Pentagon has asked for their 2020 budget.

2020 Defence Budget

The $718 billion budget include $544.5 billion base budget, $9.2 billion for emergency border funding and $164 billion for overseas operations aka war on other countries.

US military protects US from foreign invaders and has actively involved in middle east and Pacific Ocean. Costly Iraq and Afghanistan wars which failed to achieve objectives like eradication of Taliban and terrorists’ regimes in middle east are example of US military going head to head with these terrorists all the way to the other side of the earth. Recently US is after Iran, they have put many sanctions on Iran to stop their nuclear programme. They even mobilized their naval assets in Pacific to obtain strategic position in the ocean in case they need to attach Iran. As US forces are kept engaged in other parts of the world, hiring, training, buying equipment for soldiers and maintaining their aircrafts, tanks, carries and transports require a lot of money which the recent move by Pentagon asking for colossal $718 billion shows.

With the current best exchange rate $718 billion is equal to £ 570 Billion and € 639 Billion. UK defence spending is budgeted to be £ 49.7 billion for fiscal year 2020, while Russian budget for 2020 is not clear but Russia spent $61.4 billion on defence in 2018, US budget is significantly larger. Pentagon is asking a 5% increase in their defence budget then approved by Congress in fiscal 2019. White House has released the details of Donald Trumps budget for 2020 which includes a request for massive $750 billion for national defence that is even $32 billion more than what Pentagon asked for. Saying it a defence budget is quite dramatic as most of this budget is spend on operation conducted in other parts of the world that does not affect US at all. The $718 billion budget include $544.5 billion base budget, $9.2 billion for emergency border funding and $164 billion for overseas operations aka war on other countries.

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What’s more is that department of defence is asking congress for additional $14.1 billion to invest in space programme, which is the key to move forward with space force plan proposed by Trump. Pentagon will need to spend $72.4 million to establish Trumps proposed space force head quarter. U.S. Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told CNBC that the new military branch “space force’ will cost approximately $13 billion. Out of total $14.1 billion space investment, $1.6 billion will fund improvement in current space missile warning system and $174 million will fund missile systems for hypersonic threats. Us is making this move due to the new threat of hypersonic weapons being developed by China and Russia.

Jasmine Angeli