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The ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar is unarguably one of the best FIFA-organized competitions in recent memories. Aside from the early controversy surrounding the host country regarding their rules against alcohol and LGBTQ, the competition has lived up to the expectations of fans worldwide with beautiful games of football and unpredictable results from progressive countries.

Talking about progressive countries, some of them are in Qatar competing for the world's most important football trophy — the FIFA World Cup. These nations are known for supporting causes that promote economic development, social organization, and innovation through science and technology. Their goal is to achieve a stronger and more prosperous humanity.

Some of these countries are competing in Qatar just like every other nation. In fact, you can wager on their World Cup odds as provided by different online sportsbooks if you want to make some money from their matches. Suppose you are not aware of these nations, this article looks at five of them currently competing for the World Cup title in the Middle East.

United Kingdom (England)

The English team is one of the progressive countries participating in the quadrennial football competition and is majorly tipped by pundits as one of the favourites to lift the trophy.

Although they had quite a good first game, where they ran riot against Iran, they were held to a goalless draw against fellow progressives, USA, in the second match. However, the Three Lions still sit comfortably at the top of the group ahead of the final match.


Another progressive Country playing in the World Cup in Qatar is Germany. Germany has a history of springing up surprise wins when it matters most; you can anticipate one of those moments. Although the odds of Germany winning the tournament have significantly reduced after losing to Japan and playing a draw against Spain. Yet, every football fan knows you can never write off the 2014 winners.


Japan is also a member of the progressive countries playing in Qatar. The Asian team architectured a beautiful win against one of the competition's favourites and 4 times winners of the World Cup, Germany, after the latter failed to convert their chances.

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Although they lost to Costa Rica, which reduced their rate of progression, they can go all the way to the next round if they get a result against Spain, which seems highly unlikely. But if there is anything we've learned about the Samurai Blues, it is never to rule them out.


Another progressive country participating in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar is Canada. In a group containing Belgium, Morocco, and Croatia, it's clear that the Canadian team has a massive challenge to qualify. Therefore, their elimination after 2 games in the competition didn't come as a surprise.

Despite giving their all, they weren't just a match for their opponents, and they are guaranteed to return home irrespective of the result of their last game against Morocco.

United States of America (USA)

The USA is another progressive country playing in Qatar. The team has had quite a remarkable outing in Qatar, playing 2 hard-fought draws against Wales and England, respectively. Although the odds of qualifying from the group are minimal, the Americans are expected to defeat Iran to book a place alongside England in the knockout stages.


The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has some representatives from progressive countries. While some head home after the first 3 matches in the competition, others would progress into the knockout stages and possibly win the title.

Regardless of the outcome of their results, the world will always respect and thank these nations for the impressive contributions they have continually provided to ensure a stronger humanity and a better world.

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The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is in full flow, and some progressive nations are also in action. This article looks at these nations and their performances so far.