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Everyone knows at least one person in their life who is hard to shop for. Even if they're your closest relative, it can be difficult figuring out exactly what they'd like and how to truly surprise them with a gift. Then, there are the occasions where you have to buy a present for someone you aren't particularly close to, and all the go-to generic offerings feel insincere. You want to leave a good impression and, most importantly, make your recipient feel good. These five tips will help you choose the perfect gift for everyone, every time.

Think of the Experience First

Giving someone an object that ultimately provides little value to their life creates a lackluster memory for everyone involved. Some gifts are so bland that people shove them in a closet and never think of them again; you want your gift to bring some meaning into your recipient's life, even if it's just a brighter day. When selecting a present, think about what it symbolizes to them. What type of experience will they have with it or upon receiving it? For example, tokens of ongoing love and affection for a partner could come in the form of flowers, as there are monthly subscriptions available that will deliver handpicked, farm-grown arrangements to your loved one.

Choice Is Always a Good Option

A lot of people shy away from gift cards because they think they're lazy, but they actually tie in with our first tip well.

A lot of people shy away from gift cards because they think they're lazy, but they actually tie in with our first tip well. If you know someone loves to shop or you know they want something but can't pinpoint what that is, an eftpos gift card for online shopping can work wonders. You not only give them the happiness of receiving the funds but also the experience of buying whatever their heart desires. You can go the extra mile with gift cards by purchasing ones designed to create memorable experiences; it's hard to think of anyone who would turn down a spa day or free meal at their favorite restaurant, isn't it?

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Focus on Their Style, Not Yours

You may get caught up deliberating what to buy because your own preferences are interfering. Remember that this gift isn't about you; stay attuned to what your receiver would enjoy the most even if it's nothing you'd want in a million years. The more you pay attention to their interests and style, the better your final gift will be.

Make It Tasty

If you aren't sure what material item someone wants, you can't go wrong with a sweet treat or decadent drink. Just make sure they don't have any food allergies that could render your gesture useless. You can even get hands-on and prepare the food and packaging yourself. Chocolate-covered strawberries and macaroons are two gift-worthy recipes that are much easier to make than you think.

Add a Thoughtful Sentiment

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Whether it's a small line of appreciation or a heartfelt letter, attach some meaningful thoughts to your present. It goes a long way to let someone know that you acknowledge their hard work or take notice of something they're doing. Often, people remember the messages of an exchange more than the package they receive anyway. Even if you only bought something small, you can always make an impact if you speak from the heart.