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Crisis management, or as it is more commonly known, risk management, is a process in which an organization [ordinarily a company or business] puts in place preventative measures and strategies to overcome disruptive and unexpected circumstances and events that threaten the organization or its partners. 

Crisis management originated after the large scale industrial and environmental disaster of the 1980s. Every single company employs crisis management professionals, from the smallest to the largest, and it is an industry that is thriving at the moment. Being prepared for any potential crisis is something every business must be.

This page will hope to tell you seven key steps to aid in effective crisis management. Crisis management can be stressful, the work can be hard, but with this page, you will now have seven steps that will help you toward more efficient and more effective crisis management. Here are seven key steps to effectively manage any potential crises that may come your way.


Training your staff in the art of crisis management, and don’t ever be fooled into thinking that it isn’t an art, is absolutely essential for any company, from the smallest to the largest. You can find crisis management training providers throughout the business sector. Training is essential for all of your staff, the reason being that a crisis will occur unexpectedly – there will be very few times in your life when you know a crisis is imminent, and rather, it will strike like a bolt of lightning and take you off guard. Train your staff to deal with crises as effectively as you can.


Building chains of information is a crucial method of improving your company’s crisis management. If knowledge can get from one place to another quickly, a crisis can quickly be resolved; if information stagnates and cannot be transmitted, then it is unlikely you will be able to circumvent an imminent crisis, and rather, it will take you. Information and communication chains are very important for any business that is hoping to be better equipped to deal with any potential crisis. Information channels are important for any aspect of your business additionally, and they can benefit you in many ways.

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Management Plans

Putting crisis management plans in place can be a sure-fire way to deal with any crisis or potentially damaging situation as soon as it arises. Depending on the nature of your business, and your sector, you may be able to predict types of crises that could occur, and because of that, put plans in place to deal with them. Management plans are one of the best ways for you to protect yourself against a crisis, and you should have plenty of them thought up and drawn up.

Efficient Response

As soon as a crisis occurs, respond to it. Many businesses are delayed in their responses, and as a consequence of this, suffer more. Respond as soon as a crisis arises so that you will be able to properly deal with it and quickly deal with it.

When you do respond, be efficient in your responses. When a problem occurs, it can be easy to throw everything at it without any thought, but this can be a big problem and is not recommended. Deal with the problem according to your means and try not to go too over the top with your response. It is best to deal with it by any means necessary, of course, if your company is in danger, but at the same time, try to be efficient and careful in how you respond.



In times of crisis, you will need a face to speak for you. It is best to have a spokesperson already arranged so that you do not frantically have to look around and pick the first employee you find. Delegate the position of spokesperson to an employee beforehand and instruct them that when a problem arises, they will be the face of the company.


When bad news arrives at your company’s doorstep, try not to hide it. Hiding bad news will just cause more problems, as bad news always gets out of control and spreads. Concealing the bad news will make your employees distrusting of you and contemptuous. Never conceal bad news.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Now, with the help of this page, you know how you can deal with a problem as soon as it arises. Crisis management is an absolute must-have for any business. Being adequately prepared for any problem is a great way to manage and maintain your business, and a sure-fire way to see it last many years.