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Long ago, when people lived in caves, the key task of the mind was to ensure survival. Then the roar of a saber-toothed tiger was not just an irritant, but a signal to mobilize all the forces of the body.

In the 21st century, the mind is still in the mode of constant defense and attack. Like millions of years ago, it is all too busy collecting, storing and analyzing information about the world and looking for a potential threat in any event.

Yet our mind can become a perfect tool for solving any life problem. It may be too selfish, but we can deprive it of the right to endlessly scroll the same stream of thoughts, blame us for the mistakes of the past, worry about the future and make life unbearable. The choice we make determines what role we have to play: a selfless sufferer or someone who has found true freedom.

Aaron Civitarese built a sound understanding of energy, his paradigm, and the connection to his spiritual form.

Aaron Civitarese built a sound understanding of energy, his paradigm, and the connection to his spiritual form. Today, Aaron is a successful entrepreneur, a salesperson, an enrollment coach, and shares the message of business and personal Growth through his famous podcast.

“Steps towards inner balance can be taken at any time”, Aaron tells us. “Start listening to the voice that is mumbling in your head, and try to do it as often as possible. Pay special attention to any repetitive patterns of your thoughts: most likely, these worn-out records have been spinning in your head for many years. Once you are able to observe them celebrate that, then begin the process of re-aligning them for your greater good."

Use the 40% Rule

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“The 40% rule of mental toughness or the ‘Navy SEAL Rule’ suggests that when your mind tells you that you have completely exhausted your mental and physical abilities and cannot possibly move another inch, you have only used 40% of your efforts. This means all those times you thought you had pushed yourself 100%, you had only exhausted 40% of your potential. This rule works against our tendency to give up too quickly instead of pushing ourselves harder every time we ought to take on a challenge”, explains Aaron.

The Power of the Present

Do one thing at a time. Working on a document? Close unnecessary tabs. Watching some training content or relaxing with a movie? Put the phone down. Talking to someone?

“Fully immerse yourself in communication, most people don’t listen, they are just waiting to reply, when you listen and truly understand you will have deeper connections and help each other grow. Instead of worrying about how a challenge may keep you from moving forward, grab the present moment, and think of how you can utilize it to the best of your abilities”, says Aaron.

Be Appreciative

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“Thank the universe for giving you the strength to face challenges with a smile. While this is difficult to do, when you nurture gratitude, you give signals to the field you are happy and want more. Practicing morning meditations introduced to me by Chris Duncan has drastically increased my mindset throughout the day since I do it FIRST. Before anything else enters the mind, capture and feel gratitude”, says Aaron.

If you want to learn from some of the brightest minds on these subjects, listen to Aaron’s podcast to deepen your spiritual transformation today.

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