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Most of the people do not know what bail bonds are, unless or until them themselves or their loved ones get arrested for a crime. The main process of bailing from the jail cell, how this system works, how to approach a bail bond company, and the cost of hiring them are some of the things that make them worried as they do not know the basics.

Learn Everything About Bail Bond Business

This article attempts to provide complete layman information and description on all such confusions. It includes all about the bail bond business and the bailing process through the company’s assistance. Given below is the detail of each, but first, learn about the bail bond business.

Bail Bond Business

Bail bond business basically helps the criminals to get out f jail cell. Just like any other type of business, the main idea behind bail bond business is also to make money. The bail bond companies pay for the bail amount of the criminal that court set for them to get out of jail. In return, they get their fees which is almost 10 to 15 percent of the bail amount. In this way, they get their profit and the criminal get out of jail.

This is a risky business because it can get the company into trouble if the defendant fails to appear in front of curt. In this condition, the bail bond company will have to pay the bail amount to the court. However, the company tries to minimize such risks before handing over the bail money to the defendant through agreements and collaterals.

The benefit of Bail Bond Business

The main benefit of bail bond business is to the criminals who get caught for their wrongdoings and do not have money to pay for their bail. But, by using the services of a bail bond business, they can get out of jail. In return, the defendant needs to appear in the court hearing and then after the case is closed, get his collaterals back. However, in opposite situation, the defendant would have to leave the property set aside as collateral by the bail bond company.

Working of Bail Bonds Process

When a person is jailed for some serious outrageous crime, then until the court calls the hearing, that person would stay behind bars. When the day comes, and the judge hears the verdict of criminal, then an amount of money is announced for the jailer to pay and get out of the jail. This is what we call as ‘bail amount.’ Bailing does not mean that the justice is not guaranteed, but it is done with an agreement that the criminal will come back for court proceedings in the future until the case closes.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the bail bond process.

What if the jailer does not have the money to pay for the bail?

Now if that person fails to pay the set amount of the court, then he will have to stay in the jail for the whole period, until the last hearing. At this point, you must have one option in mind of hiring a good lawyer, such as Orange County DUI Lawyer, etc., but fortunately, there is another option that the criminal can avail at this time. This is to hire a bail agent for yourself who will pay on behalf of you.

When the bail agent is contacted, then make sure you have all the necessary information about the jailer, that is, his full name, the location of the jail, the booking number of that person in that jail and the charges that he needs to pay for the bail. The bail agent will now arrange a meeting with you and hand you over the ‘bail bond.’ If you live in another state, then you can communicate with them over the phone or internet also to get the bond and to pay for its charges.

What are the charges of hiring a bail bond agent?

Most of the times that bail bond companies remain open for 24 hours a day and they work very hard to help their clients. Also, they try to provide almost every type of comfort to the client even those who live far away in other states. In return, it is fair for them to ask for handsome money for helping you out in difficult times.

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Mostly the charges of bail bonds are between 10 to 15 percent, but this is not a standard. It varies from company to company and from state to state. This money will not be returned to the customer after the case is over. The complete amount of money given to the client for bailing is taken back by the bail bond company.

Can I get discount on premium from the bail agent?

Well, for most of the bail bond companies, their rates are fixed and a few of them flexible when they deal with their clients. Also, sometimes it also depends on the rules and regulations of a specific state. In case of few states, the premium is just 8 percent, while in others it goes up to almost 10 percent.

In case of bail bond companies, it is not at all easy for them to offer discounts to get more customers and to compete with others in the industry. This is because there are 90 percent chances that the company will lose its license by doing it.

It is also now become a common practice that the bail bond companies try to convince their customers to get their bail bind by saying that they will get discount on the premium. Wile, in reality, they charge them whole money at the end.

The clients can see the chart of rates that a company is prescribed to take. This can help them get the satisfaction of not being overcharged.

Do you need to sign an agreement to get bail bonds?

Yes, definitely. The bail agent will ask the client for this before handing over the bond. Collateral is signed by the defender, which include jewelry, car or house, a piece of art, etc. The agent takes this to make sure that the defendant will regularly appear in front of a court of law for every hearing.

After the collateral is signed and the premium amount is paid, the bail agent will hand over the bailing amount to the defendant. In this way, that person comes out of jail.

Keep in mind that the defender would be required strictly to attend the case proceedings. In case he fails to appear, then the bail agent will pay the bailing amount to court and will bring the criminal back to the jail cell. Also, the defender will lose the collateral signed in the bond agreement.

Considerations to Start a Bail Bond Business

First of all, if you want to start a bail bond business, you must get the required education for this. After that apply for a license in the state where you want to start your business. Another thing to consider is your age because, in most of the states, there is a minimum age of 18 years required to start such a business. Also, it is highly recommended that a person who wants to start a bail bond business, must first work with some other established company for some time to get the exact idea how the whole system works. It will help you learn a lot of new tricks to handle your personal business.

Another important thing which is probably the most crucial one to consider is that you must appoint an insurance company if you do not have enough money. In case a client comes for help or may escape from the scene after getting the bail bond, the insurance company will pay the amount on your behalf.

Misconceptions About Bail Bond Businesses

Now as we know that the bail bond businesses are established by people to help other people who somehow to get inside the jail bars. A common misconception attached to this business idea that the criminal who comes for such services are not appropriately evaluated, and without any criteria, they are provided with help. However, this is not the exact case. Whenever a person goes, contact the bail bond company for hep, the history of that person for criminal activities and the level of crime for which he is right now in the jail. By carefully evaluating the situation, the bail bond companies offer their help. It is not at all done randomly for everyone.

Keeping in mind all the above give description about the bail and business and the process of bail bond to get a person out of jail, you can easily guide someone who needs help in this regard. Also, if unfortunately, you get into such trouble, it will be easy for you to get out of the jail as you know the process clearly.