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Everybody’s journey as an entrepreneur is different, yet unique. Some become wildly successful in a short period of time, while other stories take years to develop.

Jay Jay, founder of Ace of Spades Agency, shares his journey to success as an international speaker and PR and social media agency owner.

Starting at the mere age of 15, Jay Jay decided he wanted to travel the world and get on stages.
He began as a magician, performing tricks in front of crowds, and soon after started a YouTube channel.

He was able to grow his channel to over 350,000 subscribers and 57 million views, but didn’t feel fulfilled. As an entrepreneur, he shares that you often just need to discover who you are and what you’re meant to be doing, and Jay Jay didn’t feel like he was where he needed to be.

So he decided to make the switch speaking for corporations, rather than performing magic tricks.

His success was truly remarkable as Fortune 500 companies started hiring him and flying him out all over the world for events. Jay Jay traveled to over 30 countries during that time, but largely credited his success as a speaker to his former success as a magician. “Because I had millions of views on YouTube,
I had people hiring me left and right, even though I was there to speak, not perform magic! It’s crazy how it all plays together in the big picture, and how important it is to have influence.”

With large gatherings no longer permitted, Jay Jay lost all of his contracts and confidence and was out of over a year's worth of work.

However, things took a turn for the worst when the pandemic hit. With large gatherings no longer permitted, Jay Jay lost all of his contracts and confidence and was out of over a year's worth of work.

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“I remember feeling scared and not knowing what I would do. Everything I had worked for, all my success seemingly went down the drain.”

But he didn’t let that stop him. With his ambitious and creative nature, Jay Jay observed what was happening with the world and decided to use his past experiences to help those struggling around him.

“I have over 15 years of experience learning how to grow my influence, get people to like me, trust me, and do business with me. I figured, why not take what I know and do this for others?”

So Jay Jay went on to start his own marketing agency, Ace of Spades, with a goal of helping entrepreneurs become the #1 in their niche through social media and the press.

In this short time, he shares the successes he has already had with his agency. “Ace of Spades Agency has already helped hundreds of personal brands in over 12 countries, which is amazing. We have got clients verified on social media, got them millions of followers, plus most importantly got them clear on who they are, what they do, and how they can help others!”


Long term, Jay Jay shares that he would like to see his agency in global offices and help one million people leave a legacy on this planet.

To learn more about Ace of Spades Agency, you can visit their website and find Jay Jay on Instagram @jayajaylive.

Tiqua Jackson