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Social and print media tends to inundate us with tales of violence, anger and racism. While it’s true that the world may be a dark place, the brighter side of humanity tends to get sidelined.

Acts of Kindness

While some actions are coordinated, like the NFL community charity events, among the teams in the top odds of football, others are just genuinely spontaneous. They come from strangers who open their hearts to solidarity.

So, if you’re feeling frustrated and angry with the way things have become, here are 6 heartwarming stories that may just restore your faith in humanity.

  1. The Mystery Man Who Distributes $100 dollar bills

So, if you’re feeling frustrated and angry with the way things have become, here are 6 heartwarming stories that may just restore your faith in humanity.

In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to try and make ends meet. Whether you’re struggling to make the rent this month or just looking to put food on the table, every little bit helps.

For the residents of Salem, Oregon, a mystery man known simply as “Benny” has been secretly distributing $100 dollar bills. From windshields and baby carriages and even the sleeping bags of homeless people, these $100 dollar bills with the mysterious “Benny” signature have brought joy to many.

To this day, it’s estimated that Benny has given away a total of $80,000. Wherever you are or whoever you are, Benny, we salute you for your random act of generosity.

Many who were lucky enough to find Benny’s $100 dollar bills often admitted that the money came at a time when they most needed. Whether they were struggling to pay for groceries or just going through a hard time, it’s almost as if Benny was waiting and watching somewhere. Like a discreet anonymous superhero.

  1. The Generous Shop Owner

As honest and decent members of society, the thought of a thieving scoundrel stealing from a hardworking business owner often fills us with rage. Oftentimes, when these thieves get caught or even shot, we applaud the fact that justice has been served.

However the story of Jitendra “Jay” Singh; the owner of a 7-Eleven convenience store in Toledo-Ohio, may make you think differently.

It was a day like any other when Jay spotted a customer trying to pocket some food. When he confronted the would-be shoplifter, the teenager admitted that he was just trying to keep his younger siblings fed.

Instead of calling the cops, Jay filled a paper bag with sausage, chicken and pizza before handing it to the teenager. That would have been that if it wasn’t for a customer who posted the entire incident on Facebook.

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When asked, Jay and his wife simply said that just wanted to help out in their community. While some have claimed that Jay was simply empowering a thief, the fact that people still care about others that much and hold no grudge is what warms our hearts.

  1. Making The Best of a Bad Time

By all means, weddings should be a happy occasion celebrated alongside one’s dearest friends and families. Thus, when a wedding gets called off, it’s perfectly understandable to feel down and out.

However for Tamara Fowler and her parents; Carol and Willie, they didn’t let something like a cancelled wedding get in the way for a good time. Unwilling to let a good meal go to waste, they reached out to the team at Hosea Feed the Hungry Charity.

From here, 200 of Atlanta’s destitute and homeless were invited to enjoy a lavish 4-course meal at the upmarket Villa Christina restaurant. While the guests were unaccustomed to the presentation and expensive cutlery, they nevertheless had a great time alongside Tamara and her family.

The event turned out to be so successful that the Fowlers were planning to make it a family tradition by hosting another one next year.

  1. The French Spiderman

The issue of immigration has always been a sticky one in the United States as well as all over Europe. However, the story of Mamoudou Gassama in France may silence some of the doubters.

On the 26th of May 2018, the 22-year old was passing through a Parisian neighborhood when he saw a crowd gathered. Stopping to have a look, he spotted a small child clinging precariously to life from a fourth-floor balcony.

Meanwhile, a neighbor was desperately trying to hold on to the child. Realizing that there was no time to waste, Gassama sprang into action. He began scaling up the apartment block via the external balconies. Within seconds, Gassama was able to reach the terrified crowd much to the relief of onlookers.

The video detailing the amazing rescue went viral and Gassama was invited to meet with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. At Macron’s behest, Gassama was then awarded with French citizenship and is now serving a 10-month internship in the French fire brigade.

While the world can sometimes be a cruel place, sometimes all we need is a small reminder that there is still hope for humanity.

Tomas Leščinskas