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Adam Goodcoff

MySpace was the new black. It had everything you wanted and needed, including access to your favorite celebrities (when they were still cool). But alas, it all came crashing down as we transitioned from flipping through a magazine at Borders to scrolling on our phones in bed.

This is why social media has become such an integral part of so many people's lives: MySpace paved the way for what would eventually be platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Whether you're posting about how great your dinner last night went with friends or trying out that weird green lipstick trend going around online these days, social media will always have its place in society because without it there wouldn't even be anything left worth checking out anyway.

What’s the hottest new thing in social media? Influencers. Dr. Adam Goodcoff, an Emergency Medical Physician with a creative streak, has taken his skills from medicine to developing apps that are used all over the world today because he found himself fascinated by how people use technology and what interests them around it — especially when they need medical attention.

Dr. Adam Goodcoff, an Emergency Medical Physician with a creative streak, has taken his skills from medicine to developing apps that are used all over the world today.

As our society becomes increasingly dependent on smartphones and other devices equipped with apps, there is more demand than ever before for innovative ideas related to their usage or design — and not just from tech geeks.

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Dr. Goodcoff is on a mission to teach medical professionals all over the world through his innovative app, The Med Life Live Simulations. By streaming live and interactive sessions free of charge on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, he’s given anyone with an internet connection access to education that was once only available in med school classrooms around the globe.

Goodcoff wanted to create a platform that would inspire and educate healthcare providers around the world.The Med Life Live Simulations is an app for mobile devices, which allows users to use their skills in medical cases by interacting with various treatments such as defibrillation or medication administration. The app is showcased across Goodcoff’s social media with interactive tutorials like his “You be the Doctor” series where audience members vote on what treatment should come next.

After experiencing firsthand the potential of internet fame, Goodcoff wanted to help others achieve their goals. He founded MedFluencers in order to teach aspiring medical influencers how they too can become successful on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. "I cover not only the basics of photography and social media but also all aspects including marketing," says Goodcoff about his work with MedFluencers.

“It's been really exciting watching people go through these courses I've built out for them because it is a lot more than just having an online presence. You have this opportunity that we see happen every day where you could potentially change someone else's life by living your dream," said Dr. Goodcoff as he talked about what inspired him to connect social media and medicine.

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After 20 years of providing the world with a platform for socializing, innovators such as Dr. Adam Goodcoff are developing new ways to inspire and teach others using their own unique approach. Thanks to his audience of nearly 2 million, many of whom are medical influencers like himself, he's paving way for other entrepreneurs looking up at him from below on how they can follow in his footsteps one day soon too.