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Going back as far as mankind itself, there’s been a direct relationship between the level of risk and the level of gain.

Adam Ibrahim

Whether this was for hunter gatherers looking for a massive but dangerous food source or Hannibal crossing the Alps, humans weigh the potential gains against the potential losses. In the past, these losses and gains were much more concrete and localized. With increasing technological advancement and societal progression, these variables can often appear not as serious as they are. Whether it’s political nightmares or economic collapses like in 2008, it seems as a culture we have cemented our love of great rewards and therefore even greater risks.

This sense of big risk is seen so dramatically in the stock market with its recent collapse. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted as much as 40% from its highs in recent trading, and many people had their portfolios decimated, companies folded, and lives ruined. But somehow Adam Ibrahim’s 365 fund reported a maximum loss of only 2.6%, despite having significant exposures to the US and Global Equities. How is this possible? He has flipped the principle of risk and profits on its head with his unique asset management and investment philosophy coupled with excellent strategic thinking. Most of all, his unique understanding of traditional property assets and ability to uniquely leverage them allows him to mitigate risks for his clients while still opening them up to significant benefits.

Somehow Adam Ibrahim’s 365 fund reported a maximum loss of only 2.6%, despite having significant exposures to the US and Global Equities.

In 1992, Ibrahim was born in New York City and a small, closet-like apartment to a single mother teaching art in the public school system and a sister. He understood the value of property and land immensely, and after winning a lucrative internship on Wall Street, he saw asset management as the way to achieve his dreams. He attended Binghamton University, specializing in economics while working for a few companies to build skills and experience. Helping a local law firm as a paralegal, he began to develop his legal knowledge of real estate and property assets which he later used in starting his own real estate empire. As a student in college, he became the principal and manager of over 20 properties. He understood that fundamentally and in the long run property was a much safer investment than typical stock market moves and began purchasing more properties for himself and institutional clients. Beginning in 2014, Ibrahim expanded his empire to over 50 properties and offered full-service property management and maintenance operations.

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With this unique understanding of asset management and properties, Ibrahim is able to construct his fund in such a manner that it captures value in times of stability without risking too much in crashes. In other words, he’s proven that there’s a false dilemma in risk and profit. Ibrahim has found a way to have his cake and eat it too, all at the benefit for his institutional and high-net-worth clients. Many high-level asset management firms are looking into Ibrahim and his unique investment system and philosophy that creates significant value without opening up the portfolio to tremendous risk through leveraged holdings of properties and other assets.