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Is twenty-five the new forty? The world we know is changing. No, this statement does not have its roots in the ongoing pandemic, but in a newfound business sense, that's becoming all too common among today's youth. The money, security, and a certain degree of recognition that was the domain of men in their forties and fifties not so long ago are being taken over by people in their mid-twenties. With technology as their business strategist, so to speak, youngsters are starting businesses while studying. In this article, we'll try and understand the motivation and passion that helped 25-year-old Adam Nessim build a 6-figure education consulting business while still in medical school.

Adam Nessim

Nessim was born in Manhasset, NY and is currently a 4th-year medical student at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Growing up, Nessim 'was always in and out of the orthopedists’ offices or operating rooms.' "This was my first real exposure to the healthcare field as no one in my family is a healthcare professional. Once I started looking further into the profession, the pieces really just started to fit together." As he gained interest in the field of sports medicine, all he had to do was equip himself with knowledge. So far, his plans were predictable – join college, get into medical school, start practicing, and help patients. However, when starting medical school, Nessim saw "a need to develop an all-encompassing advising program that helped develop and guide pre-medical students from early on in their careers." So he started an educational consulting company called 'The Premed Consultants' that would help "students across the country get into medical school. The program is meant to not only make better students but better people." Noble and well-received, his company's success encouraged Nessim to pen an e-book titled 'My Premed Advisor Told Me I Couldn’t Do It, So I Did It Anyway.' The book was an instant success and he has also garnered over 50,000 followers on Instagram and 70,000+ followers on TikTok.

Nessim is a hard-working individual and left himself no choice. As a medical student, he had to spend numerous hours studying, working on research, and taking exams.

Nessim is a hard-working individual and left himself no choice. As a medical student, he had to spend numerous hours studying, working on research, and taking exams. To be a successful entrepreneur along with that requires strategies that aren't for the weak of heart. And Nessim is anything but that. To keep his work-life-study balance, he had to make some uncomfortable decisions. He says, "The best habit I ever picked up is waking up early. I think you'd be shocked at the amount of work you can get done by waking up at 5 am and hustling for three straight hours before the rest of the world wakes up. Also, weirdly being an entrepreneur is what keeps me balanced."

Although he runs a 6-figure education consultancy business, his goal wasn't to make money. According to him, "If you have plans to start a business while also earning a doctorate, it can't be about the money. You need to be so passionate about building your business, that this is where you should want to spend all of your free time."

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What we do with our time is what we do with our life. Nessim, says he wants to make the most of his time, and his mission is to help his students to do the same while achieving their dreams.