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Alex Duarte

Alex Duarte is one of New York’s well known visual artists’. She has been around for over a decade and risen to fame like no other artist. She is a force to be reckoned with. Alex’s forte are pop art and abstract her. Her mediums are as varied as her themes, she delves in canvas, paper, mixed media and digital art. The “Alien” series has caught on really well with America’s new breed. It would be naive to bracket her patronage to only the younger generation but the exploration of themes beyond human understanding resonates well with teens and late millennial of our times. She is respected as the maverick that took to art to not only find meaning in her life, but also use it to express her creative soul while making it her source of livelihood.

Angst, curiosity, rebellion and anti-authoritarian undertones dominate her artwork. This is done not only with the imagery but also through the medium.

Angst, curiosity, rebellion and anti-authoritarian undertones dominate her artwork. This is done not only with the imagery but also through the medium. She believes there are no rules, and in standing by this belief,Alex has come out with mousepads , stickers, shower curtains, bags and even key rings. Alex and her art are omnipresent, just like the thoughts and emotions she chooses to express.

This omnipresence is further validated by her merchandise. It has taken college dorms by storm. Alex’s fans stay connected with her through their daily life in this way. The merchandise is not just a proud badge of honour for her fans but is also a good advertising tool that adds to her ever growing brand of revolutionary art. The personification of her art or rather being able to wear the artwork on their person, in the form of stickers on their bag or being able to show it off as their mousepad or key ring, gives a sense of connection and community within her patrons. It is not more than just a topic of conversation, it is a means to connect. That is the beauty of all artistic choices. The connoisseurs of art not only relate with each other by possession of particular piece of merchandise but also through their thoughts and emotions. Their choices speak for them.Their love of Alex’s renditions is a bonding thread.

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Alex Duarte has a bold and quixotic style. The merchandise she sells is in the same league. It reeks of her persona. It tells her story. She has an immense following on Social Media, mainly Instagram and her new Discord account. The merchandising of her specially designed artworks lets her fans hold a piece of their favourite art in their hands, it gives it tangibility. The exposure to a potpourri of rich heritage rubbed well on Alex.The moment you buy her merchandise you can use it as your own. However, she retains copyright to the artwork. This enables her to prevent reproduction by any outside entities. Her fans and customers can thus; rest assured about the novelty of the artwork. There is no scope left for plagiarism and remakes. The production of all the merchandise is carefully done by industry professionals to assure the best of quality yet the merchandise is pocket friendly. Alex as an artist , and a person has chosen to be certain of being able to be part of every patrons life, irrespective of the socio-economic demographic that they belong to. She believes it should be accessible to everyone who loves her and appreciates her. This is easily visible in cultural diversity of her fan base. The fanbase consists of people from all over the world, she resonates with every human being on a soul level. The curious mind that inquires about the deeper metaphysical aspects of our existence is enticed by her work.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Her artwork and merchandise is easily available on Shopify and Amazon. These platforms assure a good means of timely and hassle-free delivery of her merchandise.