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alex ketchum

Viral videos are hard to come by. With 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, it takes something rather special to grab the public’s attention and become part of the cultural zeitgeist. There’s no formula for it (despite what some enterprising entrepreneurs will try to sell you) and it comes down to a mix of skill, luck and online savvy. It’s such a rare phenomenon that we’ve seen whole careers launched off the back of viral videos and only the very best of the best are able to do it consistently.

Canadian YouTuber Alex Ketchum is one of those creators who has been able to create a number of viral videos that have sent shockwaves across the internet. The video that really put him on the map was his hilarious ramen noodle repair job where he fixed a whole in his wall with, you guessed it, ramen noodles. Inspired by the online trend where people were shown fixing everything from kitchen sinks to picture frames with ramen noodles – he took it upon himself to bash a hole in his own wall in order to test the theory for himself. Injecting his trademark humour into the experience, he then proceeded to walk his viewers through the whole process – showing exactly how he was able to repair the damage he had himself inflicted with the staple diet of many a college student around the world. The video got picked up by a number of outlets, most notably the juggernaut LADBible where it picked up over a million views in no time – creating energetic debates in the comments section about this DIY experiment.

Most notably, Ketchum has repeated the feat, with several other videos of his going viral as well. A video about his pet lobster which he subsequently released back into the wild as well as a video review of the worst rated motel in his hometown, Toronto, just to name a few.

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In the motel video he unveils the horrors of the space, including exposed wires, holes in the walls, dingy bedspreads and plenty of other rather unpleasant touches. Viewers are able to vicariously experience this ‘can’t-look-away’ motel disaster and it proved so engaging that it was picked up by LADBible again who shared it with their huge audience for their enjoyment. 

The lobster video gathered wide acclaim after it was picked up by Right This Minute where they bantered about Alex’s lobster friend and his release back into the wild after some of the most wholesome lobster-human content you could ever hope to find. In no time, it was all over the internet – entertaining people around the world.

These videos are examples of what is possible when you tap into a cultural nerve and Ketchum has shown that he can do it again and again. As one of the most exciting new creators on YouTube, it won’t be surprising if we see many more viral videos coming from him in the future. He’s definitely one to watch.

Britta Hedlund