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Being an artist by profession comes with a certain amount of stress owing to constant deadlines, economic uncertainty, and production pressure. On top of marketing and managing all the components of your art business, your to-do list as a business owner may seem endless. Alexis Fedor, the founder of Artists In Business, is committed to improving artists’ lives and careers by providing the necessary training and education to help them build successful online businesses.


What sets Artists In Business and its team apart from other business programs is their wholesome approach to driving long-term results for the artists they work with. They believe they have a special obligation to create a roadmap for each client, one that is based entirely on their life circumstances and what they hope to ultimately achieve with their art.

This unique approach allows AiB to create a personalized experience for every artist participating in their programs. Many of them are now excelling and earning six to seven figures. Artists In Business stays in touch with their clients, providing ongoing support and helping them connect the dots to achieve the best long-term business plan that would also deliver short-term results.

Alexis believes the artists themselves are not the company's main focus but the ability to deliver promised solutions to clients that would, in turn, help both the company and the artists grow. Satisfied clients share their positive experiences with their families and social circles, creating more opportunities for the artists. Additionally, Alexis advises staying consistent in one’s efforts. Being authentic and giving your customers complete honesty will earn their trust, converting them into guaranteed buyers.

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Helping the artist community flourish through her platform, Alexis believes one necessary trait to grow a business is to keep your integrity intact. When you can convey to people who you are and what makes your story unique, your art will have a stronger impact on your customers. Alexis says that at Artists In Business, the programs focus on helping the artists learn how to make everlasting and meaningful connections; this way, buyers will keep resonating with their ideas and business ethics long after the transaction is done. She also says, “It is crucial that artists allow their customers to align with their ideas, and it is even more important to be absolutely authentic and transparent!

Furthermore, Alexis believes that once you recognize your vision and stop limiting yourself, your subconscious begins to devise ways to make it a reality. This is due to the fact that our brains can generate unique connections and inspirational thoughts even when we are not actively thinking about our goals and dreams.

Craft a message that is true to its core and represents the real you – this is the motto behind the Profit Canvas Mentorship Program, the flagship program offered at Artists In Business. It focuses on helping artists at every stage of business - from just starting to ready to scale- create sustainable businesses with consistent and predictable sales. Alexis and the AIB Team ensure each artist has a customized business plan that is already underway when they finish the program.

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For artists, aligning their business plan with their artistic vision is key to running a business they are motivated to see through and that doesn't compromise integrity. Alexis believes that integrity breeds trust with your ideal buyers, strong and lucrative partnerships with like-minded businesses, and the ability to create the art you are meant to create.