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There are very few people who possess multiple talents to whom we informally call multi-talented personalities. These personalities are extremely rare and incredibly gifted to say the least! Especially if the talents level is high. A perfect example of such personalities is Dr Ali AlSaqoby ! The man that has proved his mastery as a versatile person. He is not only a celebrated dentist! He is also an expert in various other fields to be a leading example who is inspiring people with his achievements in social media, dentistry, sports, entrepreneurship and authorship. As a result, the talented doctor earned several prestigious labels by various reputable news outlet that crossed his local boarder and turned international! Techtimes labelled him as the “Epitome of global inspiration” whereas international business times elected him to be “Entrepreneur to watch in 2021” and many more!

Talented international soccer athlete transitioned onto a world class soccer freestyle performer and pioneer

Born in a well-established family in Kuwait, His love for soccer goes way back to his childhood. Despite meeting with injury in 2004, the doctor overcame all the odds to play soccer. Focusing on the skills aspect of soccer, his beyond impressive videos of him performing soccer skills had went viral on the internet and gave him immense recognition.

Freestyle soccer made him a popular player as he participated in the world championship and impressed everyone with his game.

Freestyle soccer made him a popular player as he participated in the world championship and impressed everyone with his game. Following, Dr. Ali AlSaqoby became recognized immensely by the media as a highly skilled athlete and sport pioneer. With no surprise, he later became a highly sought-after athlete for promoting brands and, for performing entertaining soccer skills shows worldwide. His performances involved various cities of the world like Dubai, London and the largest expo in Milan. All in which had proven incredible success for the large amount of people that were gathered and entertained by his incredible shows. Don’t miss on looking them up to be amazed!

Revolutionizing the sport as the current soccer freestyle president in Kuwait

Currently he is also playing a direct role in the development of the sport as an active soccer freestyle president in Kuwait! accredited by World Freestyle Soccer Association. This gave this talented guru from Kuwait a golden opportunity that was used to its full potential to revolutionize the sport, given the sport is relatively new and requires care.

He promoted the sport through various ways and created championships, a prominent one was the world renowned Redbull Streetyle World Championships qualifier! In which he was also the head of the judging panel, supported by his advanced expertise in the game. Currently, with the ongoing pandemic, such large events of championships are impossible to initiate, as it would not be safe in terms of increased likelihood of virus spread due to large crowds attending the event. However, this did not mean that Dr. Ali would stop creating championships. Thus, he made official championships online to keep the players safe and motivated, and of course to keep the sport alive!

Former Scholarship dental student and current leading dentist!

At the same time he was playing freestyle soccer, his journey towards becoming a dentist has been tremendous. He gained a government paid scholarship for his athletics and academic achievements. Proving he is gifted also in the brains hence was labelled as “Middle-east most intelligent man” by science times.

The extraordinary doctor graduated with outstanding grades from a top dental school in England with Masters in dental surgery! He also holds the second most talented dental student award. As a result, he is currently a fully certified dentist affiliated with the Ministry of Health and enjoys treating patients passionately along mentoring newly dental school graduates.

Currently his working pattern and way of lifestyle make him one of the most prominent and fittest dentists across the globe.

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Top social media influencer inspiring numerous people globally

Through his phenomenal works, Dr Ali AlSaqoby is influencing many people on how to be a multi-faceted personality. Social media has been an amazing platform for him to connect to a larger audience. On social media, he showcases his amazing lavish lifestyle with a hope to inspire his followers on how to become a successful person. Blessed with good looks and terrific style statement, the dentist is a perfect icon for the youth. His impressive looks have left many modelling agencies spellbound and also helped in attracting tons of followers across social media including Snapchat and Instagram.

Dr Ali AlSaqoby had made it clear that he aims to use his popularity to educate, empower and inspire people to be the best version of themselves. He says, ““Life is too short to let a single profession/interest represent you!” You are a human being with infinite capabilities, you just need to discover your passions and never give up”

New book soon!

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is currently busy with his new book which he will release soon. The announcement of the book was made on his Instagram story and it will majorly talk about freestyle soccer. A chapter of this book will also talk on how to make a living through soccer. However, the release date of the book is not yet finalized. It would be interesting to see this talented man he has to show.

Recent French boycott controversy!

Recently macron’s comments stirred anger across the Muslim world, leading hundreds of thousands of people – from Pakistan to Bangladesh to Turkey to the Palestinian territories – to join anti-France protests. Therefore, social media campaign has led several Arab trade associations to announce their boycotts of French products. As the Prophet Muhammad PBUH is deeply revered by Muslims and any kind of visual depiction is forbidden in Islam. The caricatures are viewed as both offensive and Islamophobic to Muslims.

Dr. Ali stated “I try to avoid negativity at all costs so of course I avoid speaking about politics but when politics crosses the line of politics and invades people’s religious beliefs and symbols, a peaceful action must be taken”

“Am sorry I am an open-minded person but will not accept this on any religion, I would never go out of my way to hurt someone’s feeling and then call it freedom of speech.”

 “Violence does not solve anything nor do being offensive! We are better than this! There are better and more effective ways to respond and boycott is a possible one!”

“I spend multiple thousands in luxury French brands annually and you possibly spend thousands in luxury brands annually and others do the same. Maybe even more! So boycott losses can send a message that it is not ok to offend our religious symbol”.

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

If boycotting was the case, this young dentist would definitely save hundreds of thousands worth of money that potentially would have been spent in his shopping sprees for luxury brands! This is how social media influencers should handle things and it is with peace! It is not the first time this talented young dentist got featured here but now it is sponsored so that it reaches more people! To spread the message of that we will not progress unless we promote love and compassion rather than hate under false symbol of freedom of speech.

Sources of the quotes is from his official Instagram , Snapchat and Arabic media outlet علي الصقعبي