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Ali Pourmohamad

In his recent speech, Ali Pourmohamad used topics and references that can be used as the main sources of directing training, which we will discuss in the following part of his speech:

He began his speech by asking, "Have we made a mistake in teaching art, directing, documenting, and acting?" He went on to say yes! If we look at the honors and achievements of our directors in the past years, we will find that other countries have surpassed us, but this is not a cause for concern, because we can give our young directors the opportunity to participate in festivals by training and running various courses to win various international awards.

 The most important thing that Ali Pourmohamad believes in is that quality is paramount, he said, new directors, documentarians and actors spend their time only on content and storytelling in order to gain acceptance by their fans.

Instead of focusing on people's daily interests, directors should research new quality films and avoid duplication.

He believes that in today's world, it is not difficult to learn techniques and skills in filmmaking and documentaries, and these skills can be acquired by referring to different courses and training centers, but the technique alone DO NOT gives us honors and Achievements.

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Instead of focusing on people's daily interests, he says, directors should research new quality films and avoid duplication. He believes that young directors today are talented and motivated, but they do not know how to create masterpieces, and we can solve this problem by creating creativity in young directors. "The young director should be given the opportunity to try and make mistakes."


 Since Ali Pourmohamad has won many awards and honors during his film making career and has won most of these honors at a young ages, he criticized the young directors and expressed his criticism out of sympathy. He continued that in the Middle East, and especially in Iran, there are very good and professional directors and artists, but our discussion is not about technique and skill, our main discussion is the quality of art.

Instead of spending time researching to find people's interests, he suggested that directors search the academic and scientific resources of the profession to have many examples in their minds. As a result of this research, creativity emerges. He added that in the field of directing and documenting, as far as possible, watching famous works should be examined and used as scientific and academic references, because this will examine many points of interest to people and critics. And later it can be used in your next projects.

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This lecture was given at the Hafez Festival by a VIP guest, Ali Pourmohamad, one of the most successful Iranian directors and documentarians.

To watch this speech on the Internet, you can refer to the recorded videos and you can also follow Ali Pourmohamad on Instagram with the following link.