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The Best Sites to Follow for All Things Sports

Rather than wait for night time news, one can head up to one of the popular websites online dedicated to covering the happenings in the sports world, and here are some of those that are excelling in the same.

In the olden days, sports fans had to wait for the evening television news to catch up on their favourite teams and players. The same case applied to games, with those that were not important enough only having a section of the action showcased. Fast forward to today, which is the age of the internet, and such information is the click of a few buttons away. Rather than wait for night time news, one can head up to one of the popular websites online dedicated to covering the happenings in the sports world, and here are some of those that are excelling in the same.

All Things Sports
  • ESPN

ESPN, which is the acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Channel, is a popular name in the American sports realm. ESPN started out as a cable channel in 1979 and has enjoyed 40 years of success on the platform. The firm has maintained relevance in the current world with the adoption of an online website that covers news. The site is well-designed to feature the latest news at the top of the page while readers can single out specific topics as they scroll further down. ESPN mainly focuses on American football and basketball news. Even so, it does venture into the world of soccer to feature European leagues and teams.

  • Yahoo! Sports

Yahoo! may have failed to knock out Google as the most used search engine, but it is thriving in the world of sports. Researchers indicate that Yahoo! Sports sees an estimated 125,000,000 million visitors every month, and it sits among the top ten highest-ranked sources of sports information. The site functions much like the ordinary search engine would, but this time, it is geared towards providing information related to sports. This is different from ordinary gambling dens, where punters can only play free slots no download no registration. News articles are updated almost every hour, which keeps readers up to date with what is happening around the globe concerning games. The reported news also features things outside happenings of the field such as scandals in the industry along with peculiar facts that keep readers entertained.

  • Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has been a common name in the industry since 1954 and runs as a magazine that covers sports lifestyle. Like most long-standing companies that have seen a lot of success in the business, Sports Illustrated has adopted the use of the internet to maintain its relevance. In an age when newsstands are hardly being given enough attention, Authentic Brands Group continues to sell issues by printing them for the online consumer as well. On the website, one can find news on the NFL, NCAAF, NBA, soccer, NHL, and even fantasy sports.

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  • NFL

NFL is the popular acronym for the National Football League of America. This club consists of 32 teams whose popularity goes beyond the US borders. NFL stands among three other prominent sports leagues and is the highest rank in professional American football. Therefore, it goes without saying that the league would have a site of its own that covers all things football. This website gets a tremendous amount of traffic, just like during the football season with fans trying to keep up with the status of their teams. Despite its focus on USA teams, the NFL website is accessible all across the globe considering the popularity of football, particularly the coveted annual Superbowl event.

  • CBS Sports

CBS is an American television network that has been running for the past 64 years covering everything from global events to sports. CBS Sports stands as a division of the network and has been running for as long as the cable channel. The sports segment has adopted the use of the online platform to deliver news to a broader market like its parent company. The website provides much more information than one would get in the evening news with regular updates. The NFL is the most covered league on the site, but it also ventures into the world of cricket, boxing, and basketball.

  • NBC Sports

NBC Sports is similar to CBS in the sense that it is a division of a major cable channel, this time, NBC. The website focuses on more in-depth topics that are not entirely covered in the television news segments. The popularity of the site and the news it covers earns it more than 30,000,000 new visitors every month, which ranks it high among other similar websites. Like CBS, NBC Sports focuses on American sports more than any other, especially the football league. The site also covers European soccer, which attracts a global fanbase and earns NBC the big online name it brags today.

Parting Shot

Sports stand as a multi-billion-dollar industry, which makes it obvious that hundreds of websites would be dedicated to covering happenings within it. Those mentioned above are the sites that have thrived at the practice. A lot more can be found online that focus on specific sport such as soccer, golf, cricket, and many others.