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Amir Nasir

Amir Nasir Aghabek with the stage name Amir Nasir is a singer, composer, songwriter born on April 19, 1988.

In his last speech at the Isfahan Music Festival, Amir Nasir stated that music plays a very important role in his personal life.

He believes that Iranian music has developed a lot in recent years and new styles and new instruments have entered the art of Iranian music.

With his creativity, he has been able to combine rap style with original Iranian happy music and attract the attention of many of his fans.

In this speech, Amir Nasir considers listening to the sound of nature instruments as one of the factors of his progress and announced that the ears of a musician should be exposed to the sound of sea waves and the sound of the forest every month and use the energy of nature to innovate in music.

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He believes that the song shart mibandam uses an extremely relaxing frequency that attracted people's attention.

In this song, he performs a beautiful song with majid adib

In this speech, Amir Nasir, a resident of Sydney, Australia, announced his return trips to Iran and said:

I have left my heart in this Iran and wherever I live in the world, my heart stays with this country

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Finally, he thanked his family and music band and Majid Adib for accompanying him during these years.

He published the full video of the Isfahan Festival speech on his Instagram page at amirnasirmusic, which was well received by his fans.