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Amne Suedi: Harness the Power of Investments for Development In Africa

Her country is brimming with talented individuals who have the potential to end poverty in the blink of an eye.
Amne Suedi

Amne Suedi, a leading women entrepreneur, promotes investments on a global level in Africa.

Investments are a lucrative way of earning an income by investing in different ventures and projects. Be it an entrepreneur or government, everyone invests in someone or something to get greater results or profits in return. However, this is not only a tool for earning but also a tool for development. Investments can greatly transform the picture of a poverty-stricken country into a prosperous one in a short span.

Amne Suedi is a passionate entrepreneur with a gleam of hope to harness the true potential of Africa and uplift its status to a developed country. Her drive to achieve this goal has inspired her to become a medium through which the world will believe in her country too and invest in the alternatives present there. To guide and attract investment from such people, she opened the Shikana Group. It is the one-stop boutique advisory firm specializing in investments in East Africa and services foreign investors from all over the world. Her company is set out to venture into the technology space too and diversify the portfolio. She is also set to make trembles of her success in the jewels & gem business ‘Zambarau’ which is set to astonish the world this month.

Emergence of Idea

Poverty is an evil that is still persistent in many countries of the world. To overcome it, individuals like Amne have come forward and taken the initiative of restoring the integrity and regality of their home country. Her dream to end poverty in Africa has led her to this eccentric idea of creating an investment advisory group.

Her country is brimming with talented individuals who have the potential to end poverty in the blink of an eye.

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She believes that poverty will end in Africa through the creation of jobs, bringing positivity in the lives of people, spreading the word about the importance of education and hard work, etc. She wants to create sustainable ventures there, and attract foreign investors to aid in the development of the same.

The Inspiration

Amne derives her inspiration from the resilient people of Africa. Her country is brimming with talented individuals who have the potential to end poverty in the blink of an eye. All they lack is the correct guidance and resources. Amne inspires herself by seeing the hard work that goes into every activity of the African residents.

Africa’s youth accounts for 50% of its population, and Amne believes that they deserve to lead a life that is free from impoverishment and suppressed status in the world. She wants to prove the world wrong, and show them the real picture of the new and emerging Africa.

A Personal Brand

Nathalie Nicole Smith states that working hard and staying true to yourself are sure ways to win in life.

Amne wants to lead the movement of change in Africa through her distinctive knowledge as a lawyer and investment expert. She is working on the front lines, and individuals like her are in charge of this major transformation. Besides helping her country, she is also scouring various African investment business opportunities. The technology education space is also a keen interest where Shikana group will invest in the future.

She is working from the ground in the country to recognize the potential avenues for foreign investment. She is also guiding people on a global level to invest in the country, and taste the true power that lies beneath the picture of pity. To know more about Amne’s passion-driven work, visit her website here.