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All great people had critics but they still believe in the beauty of their vision, fully persuaded to stay focused and determined to realize their dreams. Become more valuable. Do more. Give more. Be more. Serve more. Mr. Andreas Szakacs from Sweden followed a similar path and today stands on top of his game. He started his financial career around 2014 and today, he is the CEO of OmegaPro World – a FOREX trading platform, a Bank owner, a Venture Capitalist and an enthusiastic traveller.

Andreas Szakacs

He worked extensively with European financial institutions and triumphed in delivering financial advising to East European companies. His intensive experience working with European customers has given Mr. Szakacs a unique vantage point when it comes to figuring out the primary challenges that customers face while transferring money from one country to another. Under his leadership and mentorship, several start-up banks and financial institutions have been able to turn a seemingly impossible idea into a tangible banking system that benefits people around the globe, including developing nations. He is also an avid financial investor in companies from the East European market. Who can narrate the story better than writer himself? Mr. Szakacs did the same by answering some of our questions about how he conceptualized success.

  1. How did your journey start and what counts as your major work experience along the way?

It all started with a budding dream and contemplating the simple secret to wealth: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else does to become more valuable. Having worked extensively in the European and offshore markets, I understood customers’ pain points when it comes to making transactions between countries. Post unravelling a prick in a lot of palms, I started working together with my partners and co-founders to solve it. I believed we could develop a revolutionary banking system that will benefit people from all parts of the world, especially when they are trying to transfer money across country lines and OMP Money was born.

  1. What are the maxims for a fulfilling career and life?
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Find something that you don’t feel fatigued working for and then find a way to monetize it. Never stop learning and understand your market. Find mentors who can guide

There is no guidebook to success and as subjective as the topic is, I’ll answer this with what drove me in pointers to make it crisp and digestible.

  • Find something that you don’t feel fatigued working for and then find a way to monetize it. Never stop learning and understand your market. Find mentors who can guide
  • Prepare to make sacrifices. You will need sacrifice things in life to live and breathe your dream to become successful. If you really do want to make a dent in the world, you're going to have to make sacrifices. There’s no escape. It is hard and grueling but choose what you need over what you want always!
  • Don’t be afraid of rejections. Stand on the face of it and devise a vivid plan. Things seldom go exactly as planned but always look at the big picture. There is always a solution for a
  • Grab every opportunity you can. Get your hands dirty, some events will lift you and some will teach
  • Never losing sight of yourself and your priorities in life. I learned the hard way that you can't wait until the end result to figure out if you're happy or not. You need to work towards the end result in a way that makes you
  1. What are your avocations except besides work?

My pure passion to explore the world and numerous business trips served me well to travel the world several times visiting all continents. I cherish experiencing different cultures and learning from different people. My immense love for long drives also makes me an enthusiast for high performance cars. Night drive is the best therapy for me as steering on open roads cascades to steering clear of clogged thoughts.