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Angus Onisforou

In 2018, Angus Onisforou amazed everyone with his smart brain when he created a gadget that would help people riding a quad bike, golf cart and mobility scooter. The device called Quad Safe Early Warning System gives the rider a heads up when they are about to enter dangerous territory. Angus was just a high school student at that time.

Currently, he is pursuing his degree in Business/Law at the University of Technology Sydney. But he is still passionate about his love for motors and vehicles. His determination has been such that next month, he is all set to launch his new auction house specialising in Cars and Collectables that will be an online format. He will launch the business in Melbourne.

Ever since Angus Onisforou decided to start his business, the budding entrepreneur has spent his days talking to potential future consumers and further expansion. When asked what inspired him to start such a unique business, Angus shares, "I was inspired to start my business, due to being an avid watch collector as well as the motor enthusiast. I had the idea to start this platform due to the benefits it provides to both the seller and buyer in having a large variety of cars and collectables in the one place with competitive rates."

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Angus has also thought about how he will fetch clients for his Cars and Collectables business. He has also decided what his plans with the venture will be. The entrepreneur shares, "The business will work with many clients and has been critiqued through many web designers, lawyers and professionals. It has been fine-combed to ensure the best possible product come launch next month. My future plans are to develop this business further as well as take it to an international level to become a prestige auction house."

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